Easter 2023 will happen on Sunday, March 31. Easter is the single-handedly most significant festive for Christians, as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ- a prominent sentiment and focal juncture of their faith. Christians celebrate Easter in manners that are both personal and universal. The holy day is not only about chocolate eggs, marshmallow bunnies, good food, and spring flowers. But it is also one of the most significant observances of the year for Christians across the globe. They honor the festive day with special church services, music, candlelight, and the ringing of church bells.

The festive event is a joyous time for everyone to get together with their friends and family. And among the kids, Easter baskets are usually the most talked-about forte. The decorative baskets are typically used to collect candies, Easter eggs, toys, and other exciting goodies.

So, on this Easter gift your kids something beyond just candies— be it the Easter celebration or the gifts, your children will love these presents the Easter Bunny is going to leave for them!

We have found the best Easter presents to please your kids, from accessories to plushies, puzzles, books, and toys.

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1. Bunny-themed Easter baskets

Easter Basket

6 Pieces Easter Bunny Basket Bags for Kids, AED: 147.98

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The kids will need a basket for the Easter hunt to store all their favorite items sneakily into their baskets and munch on them later.

And, what would be better than a bunny-themed Easter basket to receive gifts from the Easter bunny himself?

Our pick is this Easter Bucket Basket, available in four lovely colors. They are the perfect pick for the kids to go Easter egg hunting within the neighborhood.

2. Stuffed Bunny Toys

Easter gift for kids

Soft Stuffed Bunny Plush Toy, AED: 30.49

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Every kid in the history of being a kid loves stuffed animals— be it a bear, a car, or just anything at all. Everybody loves these soft cuddly plushies.

Bunny is one of the cutest animals on the planet. Your kids can have one all for themselves. These cute stuffed Bunny plushies will surely receive a lot of hugs and kisses from your child.

Our pick is this Cute Bunny Kid Plush Toys, available in varied colors.

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3. Bunny ears headwear

Easter gifts for kids

Rabbit Ear Headwear For Kids, AED: 0.55

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A chance to hop around like the Easter bunny! Which kid would possibly like to miss such a chance? To jump in their outfit, flopping those ears around, give your kid the adorable Easter bunny look with cute Bunny-eared headbands.

An Easter gift as sweet as this would surely bring a toothy smile to your kid’s face. Who knows, they may be the next Easter bunny!

Our pick is the Fancy Soft Bunny Ear Headwear.

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4. Bunny portable toothbrush holders

Easter gifts for kids

Cute Rabbit Toothbrush Toothpaste Holders, AED: 6.24

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Can you believe it? Such a cute collection of portable toothbrush storage bottles for your kids! These toothbrush holders will make brushing teeth fun. They are easy to carry and can keep toothbrushes free from any dirt.

Designed for both daily and travel use, this bunny toothbrush, and toothpaste storage bottles will surely come in handy. Especially when you are traveling with your little ones or when they go camping.

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5. Easter cookie cutter set

Easter gifts for kids

8pcs/set Easter Cookie Cutters 3D Rabbit Egg Bunny Molds, AED: 31.92

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Baking cookies is an enjoyable kitchen activity to spend some quality time with your little ones. With the Easter cookie cutter set, you and your child will surely have some memories of baking and eating those Easter cookies.

It’s a perfect opportunity to teach them important life skills like following instructions, working in a team, being patient, and showing their creative aspect. Apart from delicious cookies, many rewards will come out of baking with your kids.

6. LED night lamp

Easter gifts for kids

LED Night Light Luz Kids Bedroom Lamp, AED: 51.20-56.20

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A remotely accessible night lamp in the shape of a bunny would excite your kid! A perfect night lamp for your kid’s room, it is portable and easy to operate.

It can be an addition to their bedroom and they can use it even after Easter. Kids are going to enjoy playing around with this Easter gift in their room.

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7. Candy Snack box

Easter gifts for kids

50pcs Rabbit Ear Bags Cookie Bags & Candy Gift Bags, AED: 11.72

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No more jelly beans in a sack this Easter. This Easter gift will make sure the candies are delivered properly to the kids and in a cute way.

The kids will love this bunny ear-themed candy bag filled with goodies from you. They can seal it, keep it away, and satisfy their sweet tooth whenever they want. You can’t say anything, as it’s from the Easter Bunny himself!

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8. Rabbit hair clips

Easter gifts for kids

Super-Cute Rabbit Hair Clip For Children, AED: 13.59

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These colorful and fluffy hair accessories are surely eye-catching. Kids will surely love these plush bunny hair clips.

These cute hair clips will make your kid’s hairstyle look oh-so-pretty! Everyone will be gushing over this Easter gift, even after Easters.

9. Bunny charm pendant

Easter gifts for kids

3D Crystal Bunny Pendant, AED: 17.41

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The missing piece of your child’s Easter outfit, this gift will add the perfect Easter vibe to the OOTD.

After all, wasn’t Rabbit the most stylish one amongst everyone in Wonderland?

Our pick is this pretty natural pink chalcedony bunny pendant.

10. JoyGrow Easter Eggs Chicken Toys

Easter gift for kids

JoyGrow Easter Eggs Chicken Toys with 12 Matching Eggs, AED: 36.99

JoyGrow Easter Eggs Chicken Toys are cute and colorful toys that kids will love! These eggs are designed to open up and reveal a cute little chicken inside. Perfect for Easter egg hunts or as a fun toy for kids to play with year-round.

Apart from spending a joyful time with your friends and family, Easter is also about giving gifts. A gift given is a gesture of pure love, affection, and gratefulness. Make sure you celebrate an amazing Easter with the gift we have listed above— the gift of time.

A playroom for your kids will be more than delightful. Set up a great playroom for your children with this simple guide. Learning is just as important for children and what’s better than fun learning.

We wish you and your family an amazing Easter!

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