Being a sports and fitness enthusiast isn’t easy, especially when you have to keep updating and upgrading your collection of necessary apparel and accessories. Whether you are an amateur in this field or have been into it for some time now, with Sun & Sand Sports it is now easy to get hold of all your sports and fitness essentials along with extra savings provided by CouponCodesME.

Considering oneself a fitness freak without the mandatory essentials will do you more harm than good but worry not, here’s a list of top items you should own in this journey of yours. Get up to 80% Off plus up to 30% off when you shop from Sun & Sand Sports using the code “CCME” at checkout. Read the following article to know more.

Men’s Sports and Fitness Essentials

  1. Running T-Shirt

men running tshirt

Adidas Men Running T-shirt from SSSports.

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One of the most important and useful apparels any fitness or sports enthusiast needs to have is the Running T-shirt. How often have you come across the dripping sweat in your body not being able to absorb properly by the t-shirt you are wearing? That’s simply because it is not a running t-shirt.

Running t-shirts are made with Nylon/Polyester fabric which is one of the best non-absorbing breathable and lightweight apparel wear perfect for running or working out. Grab this Adidas Men’s Running T-shirt from SSSports at just AED 98 to give yourself the lightweight run and workout that you deserve.

Sun & Sand Sports

3. Gym-Gloves

gym gloves men fitness

Nike Men’s Gloves

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Gloves can benefit your workout routine in a variety of ways, whether it’s to protect your skin from rips, tears, blisters, and calluses, or just for hygiene purposes. Many gym-goers may have never considered exercising while wearing gloves.

A pair of gloves, on the other hand, can make a major impact not only when lifting weights, but also when completing activities like pull-ups or utilizing the rowing machine. Get this Puma gym glove from SSSports at AED 70 only + get up to 30% Off by using code “CCME”

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2. Men’s football shoe

mens foot ball shoe

Adidas Men’s Football Shoe from Sun & Sands Sports.

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If you are an active sportsperson and are a football player then it’s no doubt that a football shoe is one of the most important pieces of sporting equipment to have and adding one more would do no harm. Having a football boot is important as football boots are designed to make playing football with your foot easier. 

The boot is meant to be worn on a standard football field and is light enough to allow for easy running and ball control. Grab this Adidas Men’s Football shoe for AED 881, use code “CCME” at the SSSports checkout page to get up to 30% Off your shopping.


3. Men’s Tracksuit

mens tracksuit mens fitness

Nike Men’s Color block Tracksuit from SSSports.

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Tracksuits have come a long way, from being solely used for jogging, working out and running, today it’s worn casually as well, however that doesn’t mean that you as a sports or a fitness enthusiast should limit yourself from getting more of these. Add more to your collection and wear it not only while working out but when you are out and about as well.  Grab this amazing tracksuit piece from Nike at Sun & Sand Sportswear at AED  630 only.

4. Running Shoes

mens running shoes dubai uae

Adidas Men’s Running Shoes from SSSports.

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We’ve spoken about Running T-shirts here and it is as important as to speak about Running Shoes too. Running is one of the most effective ways to increase one’s health and longevity. It strengthens the bones, muscles, and cardiovascular system.

While they may not always help you run faster, they can help you avoid pain and the repeated strain and stress that high-impact activity places on your joints. Avail of these Adidas Men’s running shoes from SSSports at a retail price of AED 482 to keep them running.

Sun & Sand Sports

Women’s Sports And Fitness Essentials

1. Sports Bra

women sports bra dubai

Reebok Women’s Sports Bra from SSSports.

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The significance of a sports bra cannot be overstated: it is one of the most important pieces of fitness gear you can own. Because breasts are made up of tissue, they are supported mostly by the skin and weak ligaments, necessitating additional support during exercises and activities. No matter what size breasts they have.

As a result, every woman, regardless of size, should wear a sports bra when jogging or exercising. Grab this sports bra from Reebok at AED 29 only, perfect for running, working out, and exercising this summer.

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2. Workout Dumbbells

Women Workout Dumbles 4kg

Women Workout Dumbbells’ 4kg from SSSports.

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One of the most essential items, if you are someone who doesn’t go to the gym but still likes to workout at home. Dumbbells can be a great addition to your workout routine and help you tone up. It’s must-have equipment for every fitness and sports lover. This 4kg body sculpture dumbbell is the perfect fit for all the women fitness and sports enthusiasts only at AED 75 from Sun & Sand Sports.

Sun & Sand Sports

3. Tank Tops

women tank tops dubai workout

Under Armor Women Tank Top From Sun & Sands Sports.

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Whether you are going out on a run, practicing after school, or hitting the gym, Tank Tops are the must-haves when you are into sports and fitness. Perfect for the hot and humid summers of UAE. Get this tank top from brand Under Armor at SSSports only at AED 38. Don’t forget to use the code “CCME” at check out for up to 30% Off. Visit our website to get more deals and offers by tapping on the button down below.

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4. Workout Leggings

women workout leggings

Nike Women Workout Leggings at SSSports.

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The epitome of comfort, flexibility, and casual wear be it at the gym or while doing other sports-related activities, I think we all can agree as to how good and important having leggings is if you are into fitness and sports. They are long-lasting (provided it’s from a good brand), stretchable, body fitting and they help you keep everything tucked in while on the go. Make your workouts and activities more fun with is Nike women’s leggings at AED 200 only via CouponCodesME.

5. Workout Shorts

women's work out shorts

Nike Women’s Workout Shorts At SSSports.

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If you are someone who is not much into wearing leggings while exercising or doing any other sports activity then this Nike Women’s workout stretchable and tight-fitting shorts is the perfect fit for you. Workout apparel is made with a specific purpose in mind. Whether it’s sweat-wicking, keeping you feeling warm, or cool during activities. Check out Sun & Sand Sports on CouponCodesME to avail various deals & discounts using our voucher codes.

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Being someone who is into sports and fitness isn’t a cakewalk considering the amount of money it goes into buying your workout clothes, sports gear, equipment, supplements, and more but with Sun & Sands Sports, you don’t have to worry about it at all. Shop from SSSports and avail up to 80% Off + extra up to 30% off when you use the code “CCME” at checkout.

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