Are you seeking the ideal Ramadan essentials for a comfortable and enjoyable fasting month? We have everything you need, whether prayer mats, lanterns, or traditional sweets and dates. Check out our list of the best Ramadan gifts and must-haves, available for easy online purchase from the night market. Start Ramadan shopping now to prepare for a special Ramadan! 

Ramadan 2024 will begin soon, and Muslims worldwide observe the holy month with fasting, prayer, and reflection. In several Muslim countries, night markets are famous for providing a variety of Ramadan essentials. These include traditional edibles such as dates, prayer mats, lanterns, and other decorative items. While not everyone can spare the time to visit night markets, the good news is that many essentials are now easily purchasable online.

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Ramadan Offer & Coupons 2024


Ramadan essentials

Jomara Majdool Dates 700g, AED at Carrefour: 24

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Dates are an essential part of the Ramadan diet, traditionally eaten to break the fast. You can easily access some of the most popular date varieties from the comfort of your home, such as Medjool, Ajwa, and Deglet Noor. This nutritious fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it a perfect food to provide the body with the necessary nutrients during Ramadan. Why bother going to a night market when you can find many options online?

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Prayer Mats

Luxury woven Turkish Design Prayer Mat, AED: 45

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During the holy month of Ramadan, prayer becomes even more significant, and having a comfortable prayer rug can enhance the experience. From traditional designs to modern patterns, prayer mats come in various sizes, colors, and materials. We recommend the Luxury woven Turkish Design Prayer Mat for those looking for a unique and luxurious prayer mat. This stunning rug features intricate detailing and bold colors that enhance the prayer space. 

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Night market

Yoawllty 11.8inch Large Ramadan Lantern with LED Candle, AED: 45 at Amazon. ae

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Lanterns come in various sizes and are a staple at the night market in many Muslim countries. However, you don’t need to search far and wide to find the perfect lantern for your home, as many options are available online. Our top pick is the Yoawllty Ramadan Lantern with LED Candle.

This bestseller from Amazon comes in a beautiful gold finish with an intricate crescent moon and starlight pattern. The LED candle adds a warm and cozy glow, perfect for setting the ambiance during evening prayers and breaking the fast. Additionally, its large size and sturdy build make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Holy Quran

Night Market Quran

Dar Al-Qalam Holy Quran Reader-Pen Multicolour, AED: 105 at Noon. ae

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Reading and studying the Qur’an is essential to observing Ramadan. Therefore, having a high-quality Qur’an is crucial for a meaningful and fulfilling Ramadan experience. The Dar Al-Qalam Holy Quran is an excellent choice for those seeking a modern and convenient way to study and recite the holy book.

It features a pen that reads and recites the Qur’an and a multicolored digital display for easy reading. It also includes a translation of the Qur’an into multiple languages, making it a helpful tool for those who may need to be fluent in Arabic.

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SEWAK Miswak Sticks, AED:44

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Miswak is a traditional tooth-cleaning twig used by Muslims for centuries, with its usage increasing during Ramadan. Apart from being a sunnah, it has many oral health benefits. Using them during suhoor and iftar can also help refresh your mouth and keep your teeth clean.

A highly suggested miswak brand is SEWAK Natural Toothbrush Sticks. It is also chewable, making it an excellent alternative to conventional toothbrushes. While finding authentic miswak at a night market is challenging, you can easily order it online and enjoy its benefits.

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Night Market Ramadan Essentials

Alwan 33 Count Muslim Prayer Beads, AED: 24 at Amazon. ae

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Prayer beads, also known as “misbaha” or “tasbih,” are an essential tool Muslims use in daily prayers and spiritual practices. The use of prayer beads can be traced back to the early Islamic period, and it remains a significant practice today.

The use of prayer beads is not limited to prayers only. Many Muslims also use them to remember Allah throughout the day, especially during Ramadan. It is a way of staying connected with the divine and reinforcing their faith. Get these 33-count prayer beads from Amazon today. 

Incense Sticks

Night Market

Bosidin Bakhoor A32 Oud Incense Sticks, AED: 19

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If you want to enhance your spiritual experience during Ramadan, consider adding incense to your routine. It is a traditional practice and can also help create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. You can easily find various incense options online, including those from a traditional night market like Oud.

One pick for incense is the Bosidin Bakhoor Incense Sticks. These sticks are made with high-quality ingredients and produce a long-lasting fragrance that can fill any room with a soothing aroma. Plus, the beautiful design of the sticks makes them a great ramadan decor idea for your home during the holy month.

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Prayer robes

Prayer robe

Islamic dress, Prayer dress for women, AED 45-50 at Amazon. ae

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A prayer robe is a traditional garment many Muslims wear during prayer time. It is designed to cover the entire body, allowing for modesty and focus during prayer. While prayer robes are often available at local Islamic stores, you can also find a wide selection online.

Our list features this prayer robe for women by Generic. Made from high-quality fabric, this prayer robe is designed to be comfortable and practical, allowing for ease of movement during prayer. It comes in various sizes and colors, making finding the perfect fit and style for your needs easy.

There are several Ramadan essentials from the night market that you can easily purchase online. Access to these items online has made it much more convenient to buy them without leaving your home. With a wide range of options, you can easily find the perfect Ramadan essentials that suit your preferences and budget. So, create a peaceful and welcoming ambiance in your home by incorporating these essential items into your Ramadan celebrations. Happy Ramadan 2023!

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