Learning from home was prevalent even long before COVID-19. However, homeschooling, E-learning, and other methods of acquiring education from home have taken a steep rise ever since people adopted social distancing, self-quarantine, and finally lockdowns all over the world. While there are several ways to homeschool your kids during these times of crisis, adults have enough access to online education as well.

Amongst other sources of learning from home, CouponCodesME presents to you one of the finest— Almentor, an E-learning site that aims to “create hope and develop people.” It inspires and empowers you to achieve your professional and personal learning and development goals by offering you knowledge from top mentors and instructors. You can use our coupon code “startnow50” to avail of 50% off on your first-course purchase from Almentor. Thank us later, but here’s all you need to know.

Why learn from home right now?

Learn from home CouponCodesMe

In the wake of closures of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions due to COVID-19, education, and completion of academic courses have become a major subject of concern all over. While the current ongoing situation has disrupted a lot of our normal activities, receiving education and keeping our learning on point is definitely not on top of the list.
All this is possible thanks to online learning classes and courses— like the ones offered by Almentor. Moreover, with learning from home, there’s flexibility and comfort too.

Why do we think Almentor is the best?

Learn from home CouponCodesMe

If you are looking to achieve your personal and professional goals, this site is a commendable solution for you. Their courses offer interactivity with video-based continuous learning, offering you the knowledge that enhances your learning experiences. Their instructors strive to deliver the best, and it is empowering you to achieve personal and professional learning.

What does Almentor offer?

Almentor provides self-learning and aids it with video-based courses. These courses range from computer basics for kids to personal and professional learning such as human resources project management, mini MBA, and many others. They also have a set of motivational videos.

Courses to learn from home

A team of skilled mentors has compiled various courses depending on the needs and interests of their users. These are some of the notable categories of courses Almentor provides. Learn from home and get all you need to know in these categories:

Media— to help you achieve your career in media, there are many courses here for TV News Production, Public Speaking Skills, VFX, Animation Filmmaking, TV Presenting, and Correspondent: Skills and Techniques.
Kids Development— homeschooling your kids is not an easy task. Here are some courses to help your job get easier. They provide courses ranging from Mental Maths, Computer Basics for Kids 8+, Programming for Kids, Montessori Math for Kids 8+ and also a course on The Art and Science of Etiquette for Kids.
Soft Skills— here they have courses like Business Etiquette and Body Language, Mastering Effective Communication Skills, Effective Writing in Business Communication, The Perfect Presentation, Negotiation Skills & Tactics, Wealthy Teacher Key Skills amongst others.
Lifestyle— this covers courses on personal issues like Stress Management, Self-Esteem, Life Coaching, Positive Psychology: Fundamentals & Applications, Etiquette & Fine Manners along with many others.
Business Management— for the businessmen or the aspiring ones, they have courses on business management like Introduction to Managerial Economics, Foundations of Project Management, 100 Management Concepts, Project Risk Management, Effective Inventory Management, The Art of Business Negotiation, and many others.
Humanities— a course on the History of Ancient Near East Civilizations is available here. Another one is: Youssef Zeidan Unveils The Roots of Philosophy and Logic.
Entrepreneurship— for the ambitious ones starting out on their own, some of these courses offered here are: From a Dream to Business in 7 Steps, The Basics of Entrepreneurship, Business Plan Writing for Entrepreneurs, The Keys to Attract Investors along with various other start-up guides.
Health & Fitness—these are some of the courses offered for health and staying fit: The “Must Know” About Your Own Kids’ Health, Weight Loss for Teens, Weight Loss for Adults, and many others on general and specific health conditions.
Languages— we all know the importance of learning languages is the key to communication. Almentor offers courses on English Pronunciation Intermediate, Montessori Arabic Language for Kids, Introduction to Spanish Language, Parliamo Italiano: Let’s Speak Italian!, Sign Language, and others.

Talks on professional fields

Besides online courses, Almentor further provides its users with influential and educative talks from professionals on various subject matters like business, health, media, lifestyle and many more so you can easily learn from home. From these various talks, go for one that suits you or the one you think you need.

Course Bundles: learn from home

Almentor also offers course bundles with 3 or more courses in one package. They can be anything from courses on entrepreneurship to parental guidance and the English language.

They also have a collection of books you could go through.


You can look for their welcome package and other selected packages with the expertise of the top mentors and instructors. Select your preferred Almentor deals to avail discounts on various courses. A savings tip would be to apply CouponCodesMe coupons and discounts on your purchase value.