The holy festival of Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. It’s a religious celebration significant to Muslims all around the world. The blessed festival brings a perfect time for feasting and social gatherings with lots of cheer and appreciation. Like many religious festivals, Eid also has traditions of its own. Islamic people celebrate Eid through special morning prayers and greet each other with Eid wishes.

A typical form of greeting is a formal embrace and wishing ‘Eid Mubarak,’ which means ‘Blessed Eid.’ Giving gifts is also a form of Eid celebration. It is one way of letting loved ones learn that we’re thinking of them. Traditionally it was in the form of money usually given to kids. However, these days people prefer sending gifts like eid gift boxes, baskets, or eid hampers to their loved ones.

So this year, wish your dear ones Eid Mubarak by sending them special gifts loaded with warmth, blessings, and sweetness. We have curated a list of some of the best Eid & Ramadan Mubarak gift boxes perfect to gift.

Best Eid gift box to celebrate the holy occasion of Eid

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1. Super Mix Sweets Box

LE DAMAS Mix Baklava Premium Box 600g, AED:132

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Enjoy the rich flavors of the Middle East with our 96-piece assortment of premium Baklava Arabic Sweets. Filled with high-quality pistachio and cashew nuts, these treats are low in sugar and free from colorants, preservatives, or additives. Perfect for indulging yourself or sharing with friends and family, our Baklava promises a delightful taste experience without any compromise on quality.

2. Le Damas Sweet Mixed Baklawa Box

eid gift box

Le Damas Sweet Mixed Baklawa 600G, AED: 119

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Popular for its rich taste and crispy consistency, Baklawa Arabic sweet is known to be one of the people’s favorites. Additionally, it is a box loaded with health benefits as it contains the goodness of nuts such as walnut, pine nuts, and almonds high in unsaturated fat. The box is divided into three sections, and each of the sections is served with individually wrapped sweets to keep it fresh and delicious.

Gift this luxurious assortment of Arabic sweets to your close ones and wish them a happy eid.

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3. Dates and Dried Fruits Gift Box

eid gift box

Dates And Dried Fruits Gift Box 950g, AED: 120.75

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This box features high-quality dates and premium dried fruits within four compartments packed in an elegant box.  This small gift box not only has the goodness of Ajwa and Khudri dates, but it also has the sweetness of apricot loose turkey and fig rope brought together. They are rich in energy and provide a variety of health-protective bioactive mixtures. Ideal as an eid gift box, send this brilliance of healthful foods to your friends and family this Eid.

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4. Moon Shape Flowers and Chocolates Box

eid gift box

Moon Shape Flowers and Chocolates Box, AED: 299

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If you are looking for special gifts to gift on the festive occasion of Eid, this luxury piece by ferns and petals makes a perfect eid gift box. The flowers arrangement is done beautifully with Gypsophila which symbolizes eternal love and innocence. The flowers along with green Skimmia and dry leaves are organized in a moon shape Additionally, these flowers adorned sleek black box can also be used as a table decoration for the eid party. The box also contains delicious chocolate balls which make a perfect Eid treat.

It is a perfect combination of beauty with a pinch of sweetness. And, if there’s anyone close to you who loves sweets and flowers arrangement, then this box is perfect for them. You can also send them exotic eid flowers with a vase, or stunning bouquets.

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5. Fruitful Hamper

eid gift box

Fruitful Hamper With Smiley Balloons, AED: 249

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If gifting sweets doesn’t sit well with you, you can always opt for a fruit basket. The freshness of fresh fruits carefully packed in a basket with a personalized message is a perfect eid gift. Send this basket of goodness, and let your loved ones know you are thinking of them on this blessed month of Ramadan regardless of the distance. This gourmet fruit basket consists of the sweetness of fruits and chocolates. Furthermore, the smiley balloons will surely bring a smile to their faces.

5. Godivas Belgium Goldmark Assorted chocolate

Guylian The Original Belgian Chocolates, AED: 32.98

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Savor the indulgent experience of our iconic Seashells. Each one is a masterpiece, featuring a marbled shell of dark, white, and milk chocolate filled with creamy hazelnut praliné. Made with the finest ingredients and crafted with precision in Belgium, our Seashells promise a moment of pure luxury with every bite.

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6. Americana Choco Cookies

eid gift box

Americana Choco Cookies Tin Org 605G, AED: 19.95

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Ramadan and Eid is a perfect time to deliver happiness to your family, friends, and co-workers, so send this box filled with freshly baked cookies and wish time Eid Mubarak.

Cookies are a great delight. They are delicious and flavorful snacks perfect for any time munching. They are also one of the most common festive delicacies during Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr enjoyed in most Muslim households. In some parts of the world, women get together to bake Eid cookies as a long-standing tradition.

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7. Flavoured Tea Box

eid gift box

Flavoured Tea Box Small, AED: 279

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This Eid offers this token of the great delight of healthiness to your beloved ones. This gift box contains blends of strawberry & cream tea, geisha tea, and mogo tea, making it an ideal Ramadan & Eid gift box.

Prepped with the wellness of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and much more, tea makes a wonderful and healthful tribute as a gift. There exist thousands of varieties, each with the quality, flavor, and aroma of its own. And when you gift tea, you’re also gifting good health. It can bring people together, which is why it is often considered the perfect gift for any occasion.

8. Box of Assorted Wafi Gourmet Salty Biscuits

eid gift box

Box of Assorted Wafi Gourmet Salty Biscuits 855g, AED: 199

Surprise your dear ones with this assorted treat of gourmet treats that are bound to make them happy. This thoughtful pack of salty and crispy biscuits is bound to be loved by the recipient.

When it comes to tastebuds, you can’t get enough. Even during festive seasons, we crave something sweet one minute and instantly start craving something salty the next minute and vice versa. The reasons are partly psychological and partly because we have been conditioned from childhood to want certain foods. However, both tastes go hand in hand and almost all foods center on these two tastes.

9. Tekbir’s Islamic Gift Box

eid gift box

Tekbir’s Islamic Gift box, AED: 139.57

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Suitable for Ramadan and Eid, this Islamic gift box contains a soft and sturdy prayer mat, a Surah book wrapped in a matching velvet cover, and stunning tasbeeh beads. The box is crafted using good-quality acrylic and embellished with an elegant ribbon. It is extremely lightweight and can be used at both home and office which makes it a perfect Eid gift box.

10. Premium Quality Lavender Aroma Gift Set

eid gift box

Premium Quality Lavender Aroma Gift Set, AED: 111

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Want to gift something other than sweets and flowers this Eid? This aroma burner set is a great pick. It features an elegant design and comes with two lavender candles, incense cones, and lavender essential oils. This exquisite set can also levitate home decor schemes either as table decorations or room decorations. So, manifest your  Ramadan and Eid wishes to your family and friends with this set of aromatic tools. 

Buying gift items for the festive occasion is not an easy task. And not everyone is good at that. We hope that our list of Ramadan & Eid gift boxes was helpful and has lessened your concern in this regard. Celebrate the holy festival with your loved ones in a joyous ambiance, and spread the cheer and love this year. Happy Ramadan! Happy Eid!

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