The Holy Quran mentions dates more than 20 times. They are a symbol of wealth, abundance, triumph, and faith. Apart from that, dates possess a considerable amount of nutrition. In addition to the minerals and vitamins, the fiber content in dates is very substantial. And since carbohydrates and glucose are crucial contents to the many nutritional benefits of dates, they are also a quick energy source.

Consuming dates helps normalize our body’s blood glucose level, particularly after a long day of fasting. Eating dates before a meal will satisfy the sensation of hunger, which then helps to avoid overeating. As per the Islamic teachings of the Prophet, dates are popular during Ramadan. Additionally, served at Suhoor and Iftar, many Muslims make it a point to break their fast with this Ramadan staple.

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It is fundamental to buy superior quality dates, from the best brands for maximum benefit. Therefore, we have constituted a list of premium dates available at the best price. So, humble your souls this Ramadan and break your fast with these best quality dates.

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Best Premium Quality Dates To Serve During Ramadan 2022

1. Bayara Majdoul Dates

Dates for Ramadan

Bayara Majdoul Dates, Unit: 500 gms AED: 40, Country Of Origin: UAE

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This package of dates by Bayara contains superior quality Majdoul dates. Originated in the United Arab Emirates, these dates are fresh and full of goodness. Incorporated with the myriad of nutritional profits, these dates are the best energy source. Enjoyed for their natural sweetness, these dates, in particular, are fresh, which makes them the perfect dates for Ramadan.

These dates are much larger, darker, and more caramel-like in taste, than any other common types of dates available in the market. So, purchase this box of holy deliciousness this Ramadan.

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2. Mabroom Dates KSA

Dates for Ramadan

Mebroom Dates KSA, Unit: 1 kg, AED 44, Country Of Origin: Saudi Arab

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When it comes to tasty dates of excellent quality, Mabroom dates are the ideal choice of dates to break your daily Ramadan fast.

These premium quality dates will keep you energized up to the sunset. They are rich in potassium, and magnesium, unlike other types of food products which are just high in sugar and fat.

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3. Jomara Premium Organic Dates

Dates for Ramadan

Jomara Madjool Dates, Unit: 700 gms, AED: 29.50, Country Of Origin: Saudi Arabia

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Specifically, grown on its own Al Ghat farm in Saudi Arabia, Jomara dates are organic and favorable for vegetarians and vegans. These dates contain high protein and iron benefits, which help maintain healthy bowel function and also enhance bones masses.

These dates include no trans fats, added sugar, artificial flavors, and coloring or preservatives. They are soft, chewy, and delicious, making these dates an ideal serving at Suhoor and Iftar tables.

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4. Kingdom Premium Dates Tray

Dates for Ramadan

Kingdom Premium Dates Tray, Unit: 1kg, AED: 17.55, Country Of Origin: UAE

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Established in 1994 with a 100% U.A.E capital, Kingdom dates is one of the largest companies working in the dates field. The company’s policy is to spread happiness through their Jewellery dates, Kingdom dates are certified with premium quality dates with high client satisfaction. These dates are handpicked with great care and are free from trans fats or any harmful preservatives.

Comprising various nutritious benefits, these dates are the ultimate healthy dose for your family and loved ones this Ramadan.

5. Organic Deglet Noor Sun-Dried Whole Pitted Dates

dates for ramadan

Organic Deglet Noor Sun-Dried Whole Pitted Dates, Unit: 1 kg, AED: 59

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Handpicked and sun-dried in the heat of the Mediterranean sun, Delyssa’s Deglet Noor organic whole pitted dates are soft, moist, and fresh. With the richness of sweet caramel, these dates satisfy the cravings of a sweet tooth. High in fiber, these dates deliver an adequate boost of energy, which makes them a suitable Ramadan pick.

Apart from that, they are gluten-free and excellent for any vegetarian or vegan diet.

6. World of Dates Mars Gift Box

Dates for Ramadan

World Of Dates Mars Gift Box, Unit: 2.5 kg, AED: 289

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Unlike any other packaged dates, World of Dates Mars is more like a meticulous gift box, suitable to be gifted on any occasion. This box of deliciousness may fall on the expensive side, but it’s filled with an adequate amount of nourishment and free from any preservatives and artificial flavors.

These dates are hygienically prepared in a handcrafted premium box and packaged under sentry conditions in a handcrafted premium box. The box is draped with maroon velvet cloth and embellished with a delicate drawer pull.

This box not only contains dates rich in sweetness and nourishment, but also a variety of savory nuts.

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7. Falaj Dates Premium Khalas Dates

Dates for Ramadan

Falaj Dates Premium Khalas Dates, Unit: 1 kg, AED: 50

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These are recommended highly and are one of the client’s favorite dates. Packaged in a box of elegance, these dates are a perfect blend of Arabic heritage and premium produce. Falaj dates are another perfect hamper or present, ideal to be given on any occasion.

Harvested and packed with meticulous care, these dates are delightful refreshments, full of the highest nutritional value.

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8. Date Crown Ajwa Dates

Dates for Ramadan

Date Crown Ajwa Dates, Unit: 220 gms, AED: 20, Country Of Origin: Saudi Arab

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Launched into the market in 2009, Date Crown is Al Foah’s first international brand. They deal with supplying premium dates from Emirates to the national and international market. Highly inspired by the Arabian culture, the dates from Date Crown are packed in a very attractive design, reflecting the wholesomeness of the dates.

These Emirate dates are rich in iron, calcium, and magnesium, making them a natural, and instant source of energy.

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With the commencement of Ramadan, purchase any of the dates from the multitude of choices mentioned on the list. Don’t forget to follow the safety measures, and celebrate the holy month with your loved ones in safe surroundings. Your safety is in your hand.

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