Feeling low on energy? Ever since the pandemic, we have been home with nothing much to do besides eat, sleep, repeat. However, let’s not compromise on our fitness level.

Since working out has been scientifically proven to uplift our mood and make us more energetic, let’s do it indoors now. Besides, working out is said to produce endorphins (a.k.a. natural pain killers) that help in dealing with stress as well as reducing chances of heart stroke, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and even many types of cancer. Working out for even just 10-15 minutes daily is enough to keep our body fit and energized.

We at CouponCodesMe have personally curated four very useful and pocket-friendly home workout essentials that will help you enhance the process in the pursuit of your dream body.


Home workout essentials under AED 100 CouponCodesMe

The most important routine before jumping into an intense workout session is 10 -15 minutes of stretching and yoga. It helps to reduce fatigue by increasing blood supply and nutrients to your muscles which in turn reduces the risk of any muscle injury during intensive workout routines. A good yoga mat is an important part of the whole routine. The mat is more than just a tool employed by the yogi. The grippy yet not sticky material helps you to never lose traction while performing those yoga poses.

Our pick is the Skyland Yoga Mat which is made of PVC and is known to be slip-resistant yet non-sticky. It is also 30mm thick which makes practicing yoga for long hours very comfortable and convenient. This product is available on amazon.ae for AED 31.99


Home workout essentials under AED 100 CouponCodesMe

Pull up is one of the most effective workout routines to build up your upper body strength. When you perform a pull up with proper form and momentum, it engages all the back muscles that include your upper back, your shoulder, and your neck muscles which therefore improves posture.

The Intraditional Chrome Steel Pull Up Bar is made up of durable steel. Its maximum carrying capacity is 120 kgs and it also has foam padding that aids to grip for longer periods of time. The bar is very easy to install as it can be installed by just twisting the bar until it comes in contact with the two ends of a doorway or a wall. It is suitable for a door width of 62 to 100 cm. This product is available on amazon.ae for AED 73.99

Another push-up bar we recommend is the one with cushions.

Home workout essentials under AED 100 CouponCodesMe

The reason why push-ups are so extensively used by athletes and military personnel in their workout routine is because it is the only exercise that uses your body weight effectively. This workout engages the arms, chest, back, neck, shoulders, triceps and core in just one motion.

Performing a regular push up without bars may force the wrists into a state of hyper-extension that causes muscle pull or other injuries. This can ultimately lead to pain and nerve problems. With the help of a push-up bar, the wrists are kept in a neutral position, stabilized by forearms.

Push Up Bars have very good cushioned grips that inspire you to work out more. You can take them anywhere you want.  The sturdy design of the bar evenly distributes the weight of the wrists. Also, with the help of the vinyl rubber on the ends, you need not worry about ever slipping while working out.


Home workout essentials under AED 100 CouponCodesMe

Resistance bands are basically elastic bands that are commonly used to increase the difficulty level on your workout routine and exercise training. They also help recover from muscle or bone injuries. They are extremely compact, very lightweight and take up very little space.

This set of bands comes in 5 different resistance strengths ranging from very light to very heavy which are perfectly labeled and distinguished with different colors. So, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, these bands will serve you well in your workout experience.

There are a number of workout programs and routines available online that can help you get started in working out with the resistance band. This product is available on amazon.ae for AED 46.00


Home workout essentials under AED 100 CouponCodesMe

A simple act of jumping a rope can give you more results than jogging. Especially during these times where you have to stay home in quarantine, jumping rope is the best workout that gives you results even better than jogging while staying home.

The CrossFit Jump Rope weighs in at 110 gram and each handle weighs 28 grams each. It also has a 360 rotating ball bearing that inspires high-speed rope jumping. The rope is covered with an abrasion-proof PU surface, four times stronger than PVC which helps in the longevity of the product.

It has a significant weight which gives an improved feel and slower rotation that is important while starting out. This rope lets beginners maintain a good arc while jumping and it also provides an overall greater muscle engagement. This product is available on AED 41.00.

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So this quarantine get fit with these great and handy gym tools. Workout like a pro with these great clothing and comfort essentials. Take it a notch higher and get these best Treadmills and burn all the calories.  Stay fit and healthy.

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