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Best reviewed East by Noon items you need ASAP

Best reviewed East by Noon items you need ASAP

In less than a year, East by Noon has won over the UAE customers, thanks to its wide range of products. The home-grown e-commerce has challenged the likes of Amazon in the region, and the winning streak happens to be their own brand; east.

Launching with over 100 items, noon was aware of the competition and swiftly beat the competitors at competitive prices. Customers have loved the ‘east by noon’ collection because of its simplicity and sensibility. The designs are classic and suits anyone with a fine taste.

CouponCodesME handpicks nine noon’s east items for you to check it out. It may be hard to resist, but it is totally worth it.

Your entire kitchen set only at AED 135 or less!


East by noon VoucherCodesUAE

Just name the kitchen essential and you’ll have it in this set. From saucepan to casseroles, to steamer and heat resistant mat, this set includes 18 kitchen items in total. If you have recently moved to a new house, or revamped your kitchen, then this is a must-buy noon’s east collection. Grabbing the product now will help you avail 50% off on-site, and with added discounts from VoucherCodesUAE, this mirror-finished sets will be worth every money spent and saved.


East by noon VoucherCodesUAE

We often underestimate the importance of power banks in our lives. Your phone dying on you just when you need to make an urgent call is definitely an alarming situation. For safety reasons and more, a power bank can come in extremely handy for travelers and for those who need to be on top of their game. The higher the power capacity, the simpler the design and portability, the better the power bank is. Noon’s east 20000 mAh high capacity power bank is lightweight and long-lasting. The dual charge power bank comes in four brilliant colors; black, white, green and grey.


East by noon VoucherCodesUAE

Want to make a lasting impression when guests come over? Then don’t hesitate to invest in a good set of teacups. Noon’s east has a unique fusion tea set comprising of porcelain cups which holds 70 ml of beverage and comes in gold and silver variety. The jar looks a bit like Alladin’s lamp, perfect for an Arabian tea experience in the comfort of your house.


East by noon VoucherCodesUAE

The brand has surprisingly excelled at home décor, and the King Black bedsheet is the clear winner. The dynamic black bedsheet and pillow cover adds the aesthetics to any given room, but more importantly, the microfiber fabric is ideal for winter weather. The soft texture of the sheet not only makes you have an endless love affair with your bed but also helps modulate temperature similar to that of a weatherproof jacket. If black isn’t your color then there are pastel alternatives that will have you raving for your bedroom’s makeover.


East by Noon VoucherCodesUAE

The evolution of backpacks has taught us that bags aren’t just meant to be carried. Backpacks need to protect all your belongings and keep them safe from any harmful exterior conditions. East by noon’s lightweight backpack is water-resistant and features multifunctions that includes multiple pockets for extra security and spacious compartments for sufficient storage capacity.


East by Noon VoucherCodesUAE

This cable isn’t the one that will cost you your expensive iPhone. The MFi certified Noon’s east cable ensures hassle-free and efficient charging. The braided black cables come in various lengths and is made of sturdy materials so there is no damage incurred despite the reckless bending. The highlight of this charger is the super speed syncing capacity and data transfers at the speed of up to 480 Mbps simultaneously.


East by Noon VoucherCodesUAE

Never underestimate the power of good hygiene at home, made effective by clean towels. Noon’s east’s cotton towel set for face, hands, and body is a must-buy if you are using a worn-out towel at home. The 8-piece face towel set is designed to make a lasting impression with its plush fabric. It is super absorbent and extra soft to prevent skin from chafing. Available in exotic colors including Aubergine and Anthracite.


East by Noon VoucherCodesUAE

Make the most important meal of the day the best meal of the day with Noon’s east’s 5-in-1 Breakfast Maker. Made of stainless steel, the set includes interchangeable plates for toasting sandwiches, making burger patties, waffles, hash browns, donuts and grilling food items. The non-stick body makes the plates easy to clean, making the breakfast ritual easy and efficient. With 54% off on the products, this breakfast maker is definitely worth it.


East by noon VoucherCodesUAE

Yet another kitchen item, because Noon’s east has pretty much excelled in rendering affordable and high-quality kitchen items. The marble coated aluminum cookware set is one of the best-selling Noon’s east items, thanks to the specialty of 3 layers of granite hybrid coating with its non-rusty and non-sticky quality. The PTFE and PFOA free utensils make it safe to use over time, and it is very interesting to look at.

Best Diwali deals for the gifting season

Best Diwali deals for the gifting season

It’s that time of the year when the earth is seen glowing from outer space, thanks to Diwali, the festival of lights.

The great Hindu festival which is celebrated across the world enjoys massive deals and discounts because it is often considered auspicious to spend money and buy gifts at this time of the year. While celebration definitely calls for some spending, we at CouponCodeME and VoucherCodesUAE have compiled the best saving deals for Diwali, because that is what we do – give you the best experience at affordable expense. 

Rayna Tours

Traveling somewhere this Diwali? Fret not for soaring travel fares. Rayna Tours is offering 20% off on all travel services. Our pick is definitely India to witness the record-breaking festival of lights celebration in Varanasi, but if you are thinking of silent Diwali, the one away from crowd, then head to Baku and enjoy a full-fledged tour from Rayna Tours. Added to that, there’s up to 60% off on attractions around Dubai if you are planning to celebrate around town.

Use code: Diwali20


Experience the festival of lights in the country of its origin, India.  Whether you are planning a trip to North India to see the Diwali rituals and firecrackers or venturing to South India to see the burning effigies of demons. Here is our exclusive offer for you! With Tajawal coupon code for the month of October, save AED 100 per person on a return flight from India.

Use Code: INDIA


Doesn’t matter if your Diwali plan is to go around the city and explore what Dubai has to offer this Diwali. Cabone’s got you covered on restaurants, entertainment, beauty, and fitness activities. Get Diwali deals starting from AED 29 while enjoying over 75% off dining deals and fun activities. Our pick is definitely a family night out at the Diwali Night Buffet, Ibis Al Barsha Hotel at AED 75, with pampering options for kids.

Get deal here.

Jumbo Electronics

Prior to Black Friday, Diwali time opens its doors to an online shopping celebration. Jumbo Retail has it labeled as ‘Diwali Amazing Offers,’ which teases a combo of 30% off on selected items plus AED 200 Diamond voucher at Joyalukkas. Jumbo is also giving you a chance to win a diamond pendant worth AED 12000. So are you in for a Diwali shopping experience at Jumbo?

Get deal here.


Who knew Diwali time would be a perfect time to digitize your home? The irresistible Eros Digital Home discount codes and deals is giving up to 50% off on selected items and 5% off on Bose Sound Sport. Encouraging you to get fit during the festival time, there’s also an extra 10% off on Fitbit Versa 2 and 20% off on all fitness items. A separate Diwali deal can even give you a discount of up to 70% off.

Get your deal here.

Here are the best deals and offers for Diwali. If you cannot find the offer you are looking for, simply head to websites because we always have best ones for you no matter the date, time, year or the season.

Happy Diwali!

Ways you can save money on online shopping


What don’t you get online these days ? You name it and you have it. The technologies has provided us with the services unbelievable. Online shopping has made our lives easier.

Isn’t it great, with the help of online shopping you don’t need to set a foot out of your house when all the products you want will be shipped right in front of your door.

Although online shopping has made it convenient, money can slip away from our hands super easily.

Here are ways to save money on online shopping:

Comparing from different sites gives you a lot of information about the retailer and reviews on the product.
Comparing prices of products from different retailer can help you get the products at a lot cheaper price.
You can compare the prices by yourself by going through different sites, also there are many price comparing sites where you can decide from which retailer you should get the item at a right price.

Online stores often offer coupons for the consumers. By giving out coupons, it helps the retailers to gain the attention of the customers and also helps you consumers to get the product at a good price.

Sites like CouponCodesMe offer you with great number of deals on different e-retailers. from grocery to fashion CouponCodesMe got you covered.

Retailers provide you with many types of sales throughout the year and many people are really familiar with these types of sales. There are many types of sales to excite you, some of them End of the season sale, Black Friday sale, Mid Season sale and many Festive sales and many more.
During this time, you can find exclusive discounts on the product that you wanted but was a bit too much for you pocket.
Shopping products at the right time is really important. So watch out for those exclusive offers.

There are some card company offering you price protection, great cash back deals or discounts on certain stores. Take advantage of these card and avoid on spending more money.

There are lot of retailer who offer you some great deals when you make purchase on higher amount. Offers like that can sometimes land you on great discount or you can grab onto some really nice products.

Some shopping sites provides features that notify you when there is a price drop on products, which are really helpful to save money on the product that you had your eyes on for some time.
there are also many apps and browser extension to help you to get notified.

Google shopping is very helpful, it lets you search what you are looking for, it also helps you to compare prices between different retailers.
Type the name of the product or any description and decide which retailer should you go for.

Making use of social media; keep track of the brands, retailers you prefer.
It really provides you with lots of information about the discounts or sales these brands, retailers are offering.

One should really keep this option in mind; there are cases when you purchased an item from a retailers platform and you realised that the price of that particular item went down within few days, if you inform the situation within few days from notice some companies refund you the difference.

Retailers provide some of their customers with coupons, new customers especially.
Sign up to the multiple brands, coupon sites, these will help you to score big on the coupons, score more with multiple e-mail addresses.

8 ways to avoid spending all your income on baby care

8 ways to avoid spending all your income on baby care

You learn about love, affection, and sacrifice when you become a parent, but you also learn that babies can easily rob you of your life savings. A recent study states that parents spend almost 60% of their income on the child annually. And on a baby, even more. So besides the life values you realize about parenthood, the most important lesson you learn is that parenting is a skill, and you need to nail it.

Agreed, it can be tough. It is definitely challenging. Who doesn’t want the best for their kids? But giving the best doesn’t mean spending thousands. It simply means being smart about giving the best that you can without burning a hole in your bank account.

Little savings a day can go a long way. You don’t need to compromise, just tweak, adjust and be smart about your baby care decisions.

Here are a few quality ways to save money on baby care

Save money on essentials by buying it on sale

First things first- diapers are baby essentials that you will be needing for years to come. The smartest way to save money on diapers is to never pay the full amount for it. Go to a wholesale store or find sales online. Compare with as many diaper stores as you can to secure the best deal possible. Apply the same technique when purchasing wet wipes, tissues, and cloth diapers. It is advisable to buy in bulk as it saves you time, energy and money.

Purchase baby items online

Thanks to the competitive e-commerce market, baby products are the cheapest when you purchase online. However, limit your online purchase to the must-have items and don’t browse for unnecessary items. Chances are, you will get easily tempted to put a fancy toy in your cart. Moreover, ensure you meet the minimum requirement to qualify for free shipping.

Moreover, the benefit of online shopping for a new mother is such a 21st-century boon. Since you have to be constantly present for your newborn baby engaging in online shopping saves you time and resources.

Use coupon codes

The best part about shopping online is that you get extra deals and discounts. The brick and mortar experience may showcase the same discount as online deals, but the joy of using coupon codes when checking out online is a cherry on top. CouponCodesME gives you exclusive discounts in over 500 stores across the Middle East, so we vouch that baby deals here are the best.

Prepare your own baby food

After the breastfeeding phase, when your baby can take in solids, opt to prepare baby food at home. It will not only be economic but also healthy and nutritious. We recommend trying out pea and banana puree for your 4-6 month baby.

Don’t spend too much on baby clothes

Provided you are not an Instagram mom, it is seriously a waste of money to put a lot of money on baby’s clothing items because they outgrow them real fast. Purchasing good and comfortable clothes mean much more to your baby than a fancy, expensive and uncomfortably stylish attire. You can always dress your baby up regally on important occasions, and when taking pictures, but on a day-to-day basis, get your baby something comfortable and affordable to wear.

Be a part of local mom groups

How comforting is it to know that you have someone with you on your motherhood journey! Connect with new moms in your community and be a part of a bigger group. Share tips, discuss ideas and plan a swap party. The baby care products that you are considering to discard may come handy for some mothers. The items they are planning on throwing away maybe the item you are looking for. So build communication and grow your connection. This way, you are not only saving your money but also promoting a sustainable environment.

Opt for hand-me-downs

There’s nothing to be ashamed about when asking for hand-me-downs. Getting a pre-used product at a low cost for a baby is a good idea since the baby will outgrow in a matter of weeks. Be it clothes, toys, gears or prams, second-hand products can save you hundreds of dollars. When your baby outgrows the product you can then pass it down to a new mother.

Shop in thrift stores

Local stores are budget-friendly and you get to immediately try it out on your baby and decide whether to buy it or not. Added to that, there’s no shipping expense. So in a way, local stores are more feasible than e-retailers. If you are a frequent and a favorite customer of the store, you may even land a great bargain which can turn into an anecdote with friends.

Make the Most of Your Summer with Cobone

Make the Most of Your Summer with Cobone

Summer typically means it’s time for fun, frolic and adventure. It’s time to work out, get that perfect body and just lounge under the sun. It’s time to head out with friends for long beautiful outings and to create some wonderful memories. If you haven’t gotten a head start on doing this already, we think we have you sorted. With Cobone offering myriad things to do and explore this summer, you are definitely in for a great surprise. To add the cherry on the top, CouponCodesMe is making this much easier by making available some of the best discounts. We think it’s time to take action!

Beauty and Wellness

Have you been thinking of getting a beauty treatment to acquire that perfect summer look? Your health and wellness should always be your top priority. How about a relaxation therapy to relieve you of all your stress and worries? This will not only rejuvenate you but will also prepare you for any future task that has to be undertaken in future. There are exclusive Ayurvedic therapies and grooming packages as well. CouponCodesMe is offering up to 80% off on all of these, and we couldn’t think of a more reasonable deal!


Cobone has come up with an array of services for you, which you can get at your doorstep. Whether it’s an educational course or getting your house cleaned, you can now gain easy access to all these services with special discounts. You can also get flowers and food delivered at the comfort of your home! What more could one ask for?!


Summer is incomplete without relishing some delicious meals to satisfy your taste buds! It’s the best time to experiment on your likes and dislikes as well. Take some time out for a brunch with friends to try out delectable buffets and icecreams, and get upto 46% Off!

Fun Summer Camps and Trips

Are you looking for summer camps for your little one? Or maybe planning on a roadtrip? It’s the best time to head out and see all that your surroundings have to offer. You can find all activities, water, indoor and more with Cobone. Don’t forget to use the promo code on CouponCodesMe to avail your discount.

Revamp Your Wardrobe this Summer, Only with Inseller!

Who doesn’t like to go fancy? We all do. If you’re bored of your old wardrobe and are looking for something new and exciting, you might be at the right place. Inseller is here to deck up your wardrobe and give you a whole new makeover. With dresses and accessories from the most coveted brands, it is only going to make you wish you had taken this decision earlier. Take a look:


  1. Clothing

Louis Vuitton or Prada, Inseller’s exotic collection will make you look your best, no matter what the occasion. Whether it’s a dinner party or just another night out with friends, with Inseller’s wide range in myriad colours, you will definitely find something that you truly love. Click here to make your purchase and don’t forget to use the promo codes.

  1. Accessories

No outfit is ever complete without accessories. From delicate silver pendants to fashionable wallets and belts, Inseller typically has everything you need to get the perfect look. You could get upto 66% off on ladies watches and save upto 17% on bracelets. We couldn’t think of a better deal! You can make your purchase here.

  1. Shoes

Looking for comfortable shoes this summer? Inseller’s variety of flats as well as slipons is sure to make you happy! Moreover, they are available in all sizes, so finding the right one won’t be a problem. The different prints make them very unique and we’re certain that they are a must have in your wardrobe. If you want to get in shape, Inseller also has Runner sneakers which could be of great help. You can get up to 20% Off on your purchase.

  1. Bags

 Inseller’s collections of bags are top-notch and will just add to that look of sophistication! From Louis Vuitton leather bags to Versace, these bags are long lasting and durable and huge enough to fit everything! Moreover, you could get up to 76% off on certain bags. So stop waiting and start shopping!


For best offers and deals, log onto CouponCodesMe.

Couponing 101- Everything You Need to Know About Coupons.

Couponing 101- Everything You Need to Know About Coupons.


What are coupons? We have all heard of the word and we’ve seen multiple retailers flaunt their newest coupon deals and offers. Here we take you through everything related to coupons with our crash course on why you should start considering couponing.

What are coupons? How are they beneficial to customers?

  1. Common consensus agrees, a coupon is a ticket or document that can be redeemed for a discount for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing when purchasing a product.
  2. Customarily, coupons, are issued by manufacturers of consumer-packaged goods or by retailers, to be used retail stores as a part of sales promotions.
  3. Coupons are beneficial to price-sensitive buyers as the sales of products that are of value or are sought out for in the market can be provided to a larger demographic. This allows customers who usually would have not opted to purchase a good or product to consider the options of purchase. By giving the power to the customer to make their own decision, you allow the customer to feel like the choice they have made was their decision. This allows the customer to view their purchase in a better light and increases the possibility of them making similar purchases in the future.
  4. By providing coupons to your customers you may increase your sales thereby allowing your revenue to gain momentum. This can also increase the price ceiling for your goods and services.
  5. The reason why coupons might be beneficial to customers is due to the time crunch or expiration date that these coupons have. They give customers a certain duration between which they are to decide whether they would like to opt for a discounted price. Providing this expiration date provides a sense of urgency to the customer in order to make quick decisions. Evading the possibility of procrastination towards their purchase.
  6. One of the foremost benefits of coupons is that they allow you to purchase items you may have not considered before. For example, you always wanted to purchase a pair of speakers for your home theatre. You’ve always desired to have one of your own but felt that they were too expensive, or the price of the product did not reflect its value and therefore never saw the need to buy one for yourself. Suddenly you are given a Souq coupon code for 50% off on the price of a decent pair of speakers that you feel will suit all your needs. What would you do? Here is where the likelihood of your purchase increases.
    Image Source: Soopeewee
  7. You may have previously not considered the option of buying yourself those speakers but now with the added benefit of a 50% off on the actual price of the speakers you realize that this purchase might be suitable for you. The price of the product is decreased, and you are now attracted to the product that you now see in a better light. Buying the product at a discount rate of 50% may not come your way every day. And you feel a sense of luck that you have managed to get the product for half of its price. Will you change your opinion of the speakers? Chances are yes. The brand has now encouraged you to purchase their item, and on your purchase not only do you enjoy your product and agree that it was of value for the amount that you have paid, you are now aware of a new competitor in the market. This is an advantage for the brand as well as they now have an increased group of new customers they can provide their goods and services to. This allows them to increase the customers that come back to their store to purchase their products.
  8. This encourages them to build a stronger market base for the introduction of new products thereby increasing their profit and profit margin. Coupons drive traffic to a store, that then encourage consumers to purchase non-discounted products. And is seen as a common marketing strategy for food and retail stores.Image result for online shopping
    Image Source: ScoopWhoop
  9. It introduces new products to customers as well as adds customers to the store allowing this to be a strategy that benefits both the consumer and the provider in the long run. Consumers are now aware of new offers through email or social media, and in turn keep both the consumers and brand aware of the change in needs and the increasing dynamic of the present market.
  10. Coupons also encourage consumers who are less inclined to shop to consider revising their spending habits and allow themselves to increase their spending budget. This allows stores to increase their inventory in turn increasing their sales. Using techniques to remind customers that they may have not purchased an item in a while, customers are now encouraged to browse through the newest offers and discounts creating a cycle of supply and demand that benefits both the spectrums of the chain.
  11. Certain business strategies benefit both the consumer and the brand allowing for a fine balance in supply and demand. This allows for a sales equilibrium by providing consumers the products they desire at reasonable prices as well as allowing companies to clear their inventory for newer and better products and services.

Head down to CouponCodesME.com and avail these benefits. It’s simple – find a coupon that’s relevant to you, use the code on the retailer’s website, and voila! Avail discounts and offers from your preferred brands and save!

Article Credits- Muskan Sukarchakia

Best Deals Of New Year’s Eve 2019

Best Deals Of New Year’s Eve 2019


New Year is almost here and everyone including me is looking forward to spectacular fireworks and amazing festivals that would become our beautiful memory for next 365 days. This year, If you aren’t sure where to celebrate last hours of eve, then brace up yourself and enjoy this time in a sandy lands of Middle East that are best known for gigantic deserts, lush oases, luxurious hotels, lavish resorts, and some incredible traditional destinations to spend your time.

New Year Deals in Dubai:

How can a list of New year‘s eve be complete without mentioning the stunning capital of UAE, Dubai  who  leaves  thousands of people breathless every year  by most outstanding and epic fireworks. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to start your new year. The city offers a countless celebrations and right amount of enthusiasm to move in New Year.

Check Our Amazing New Year Deals in Dubai

HolidayMe: Get 10% Off Flights + Hotels

Namshi: Get 5% Off Site wide

Rayna Tours: Flat 15% off New year Celebrations

Asfar Yacht: New Year Eve Cruise – Up To 20% Off Bookings

Ferns N Petals: Save 15% Off Site Wide On New Year Gifts

New Year Celebration In Cairo

The cultural capital of Egypt, Cairo celebrates the New Year with massive midnight gatherings, firecrackers and feasting.  Every Year, This city surprises the visitors with the great range of activities and unusual celebrations

Rehlat Egypt: – Flat 18% Off On Flight Bookings

Emirates: Take 10% Off Flights To Cairo

New Year Festivities In Manama

Very hospitable and friendly city of Bahrain, Manama is most modern and developing city who welcomes the visitors with warmth and love. Every year, this city displays most impressive and colorful fireworks on New Year eve and offers a plenty of entertainment and Vibrant festivals.

New Year Fireworks in Kuwait City

Surely this city has a lot to offer on this New Year’s Eve, there are so many luxury hotels and resorts that serves the finest food, lively entertainment to the visitors and welcomes the New Year with fun, food, fireworks and lighting around the city.

Rehlat Kuwait : Flat 18% Off Flights

Sivvi:  Flat 10% off Site wide

So Step out of your comfort zone and explore the beautiful capitals of Middle East and enjoy the New Year celebrations

Extraordinary Destinations For Festive Season

Extraordinary Destinations For Festive Season

This year celebrate Christmas with your special ones. We make this easy for you at very low price. We know the effort made for little happiness. We offer many discount deals, lunch, and dinner buffet this year from top airline and places to stay varieties of hotels are available at very cheap rates. Just visit couponcodesme.com to book deals. To avail these discounts within in no time you have to just plan your holiday place. We have prepared the listing of 5 great locations where you can celebrate Christmas

Try New York This Christmas

Christmas looks like a Golden Apple, thanks to huge discounts offered by top airlines and hotels available at couponcodesme. The world’s longest Christmas tree lit in December at the Rockefeller Center. Ice skating underneath it is a must for winter visitors, as the window displays in New York’s largest department stores. Complete the New York Ballet performance of “The Nutcracker” by Christmas straight from central castings.

Bethlehem, West Ban

With today’s emphasis on the current grab and overlap, it’s difficult to deny that the true meaning of Christmas often seems forgotten. By not comparing anything with pilgrimage to Jesus’s home for reconstruction. Energy in the Manger Square and in the Old Town at Milhead illuminates a Christmas tree. The 12 places where they were defeated was the Church of St. Catherine, for the midnight mass service.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Let’s chat with the turkeys by blowing the beach. Bondi is a field of anti-terrorism, clothing, sun, sand, red pepper and history. When it comes to December 25, the beach as a hug for the bag leaves the home with the “needy” believer. Many covered djs and djs, the atmosphere of all the songs and celebrations. Swimsuit, umbrella.

Visit Key West

You cannot be more relaxed than Key West. Warm temperatures, beautiful beaches and a lot of fun people make Key West a good choice during Christmas.

Reykjavik, Iceland

If you can cope with the cold, Reykjavik gives a lovely xmas metropolis christmas with a city that is filled with bizarre Christmas traditions (along with the thirteen “yule lads” which can be scruffy Santa).

Chicago, Illinois

Take a look at out the hundreds of thousands of excursion lighting strung up across the awesome mile, revel in the Christ kind market; a big out of doors German crafts market, and the navy pier’s iciness wonder fest; a vacation-themed leisure park with an indoor skating rink.

Castleton, England

Castleton, is a tiny stone English village dotted with stunning Christmas bushes. However, what makes this little city so captivating is its exercise of candlelight caroling interior caves.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

With a hundred foot tall embellished tree and about dozen Christmas markets Munich is a metropolis you need to visit at some point of the Christmas excursion

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a lovely city in its very own proper with sixteenth and 17th century homes adorning its streets. Add all type of lighting and decorations, and you’ve the right elements for an terrific Christmas enjoy.


Best Last Minute Holiday Deals Of 2019

Best Last Minute Holiday Deals Of 2019


Gone are the days, when everything in life was in slow motion. But now, the whole idea of life is instant. We would love to pick instant food over traditional cooking, instant messaging rather than waiting for someone’s emails all day and instant last minute holiday deals over wasting the whole year in planning trip.

Have you ever wonder! How? In one moment people are planning trips over Facebook and in the next moment, they are ready to fly to their dream destinations. And there you are, still plonking down on your sofa, seeing other people’s beautiful images on Instagram, and thinking you can’t go to even mini holiday because that could cost you a whole of year savings. This is where you are wrong. Frankly speaking, this is what I used to think when I talked to my travel agents about traveling anywhere. Then one day, I came across online travel website which was offering great deals on flights and hotels. I did some research and found out some more sites that were offering all-inclusive holiday packages to my favorite destinations within my budget. Today, I am going to share some great last minute holiday deals that won’t blow off your budget and rejuvenate your life. So get ready to pack your bags and jet off because it will only take few minutes to book a trip.

Last minute Holiday deals

Last Minute Holiday Deals Under AED 2000:

Musafir is a leading travel platform that gives you endless choices within your budget. If you are tired of your boring routine and want a break then Beach city of Thailand “Pattaya” is the ideal holiday getaway. You can explore the shopping centers or get warm in sandy beaches. This is 3-night holiday packages with a lot of free adventurous activities including parasailing, water-skiing, snorkeling, and deep-sea diving. This whole package would cost you only Aed 1,119.

If you don’t want to visit sandy places then don’t worry you can go to Istanbul. This city is the fusion of different cultures and civilizations. You can explore different mosques, old bazaars and also have dinner at Yacht. You can grab this exciting Istanbul Holiday for only Aed 1,799. You can also book with 6 months easy payment of AED 300.

With in Aed 2,000, You can also book a holiday for Armenia which is famous for its scrumptious food, spectacular monuments, and fascinating culture. Armenia is one of the best holiday destinations for this season.

Musafir promo codes

Last Minute Holiday Deals Under AED 3,000:

Within this budget, Musafir offers many destination choices including Malaysia, Bali, Baku, Jordan and many more. Plan your break now without any worries and enjoy our trip.

Magnificent scenic beauty, shopping heavens, and many glamorous places are waiting for you to discover. So get benefit from these offers and book your holiday today.

Holiday Deals:

Check out Amazing Holiday Packages and grab 5% discount by using exclusive Musafir Offer Code.