Another cycle of Ramadan is upon us.  This auspicious occasion commemorates Muhammad’s first revelation and is considered the fifth pillar of Islam.  As the 9th month of the Islamic calendar slowly approaches, Muslims all over the world are getting ready for the five practices of Ramadan.  For people who find transitions hard, adapting to a new routine during Ramadan can be difficult. A Ramadan planner can help. But how many times have we invested in those planners only to leave their pages unfilled when the motivation dies out?

CouponCodesME presents some methods and tricks that can help you remain consistent and fulfilled in the month of Ramadan or otherwise.

First, what are the five practices of Ramadan?

Muslims reading from the quran

  • Fard or Fasting: From dawn to sunset. A pre-dawn meal called suhur and a nightly feast of iftar
  • Prayer:  Fajr (5:26 AM), Sunrise (06:39 AM), Dhuhr(12:34 PM), ASR(15:52 PM), Mahgrib (18:24PM), Isha(19:37 PM)
  • Quran-reading
  • Reflection
  • Charity

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Adapting to a New Routine

Got a full-time 9-to-5 job while fasting? Or are you a primary caregiver at home? If you have a lot of commitments on your table already, the transition can be difficult for you too. So, what can you do? There are plenty of Ramadan planner ideas on the internet that you can try. But choices can be overwhelming, so how do you go about it? Okay, let’s find out.

How to stick to the routine?

time management

Are you somebody who lives life in bursts of spontaneity? Then I’m sure you’ll disagree when I say that routine can be fun. Wait, don’t run away already! Hear me out:

People are most likely to give up on their routines when it is externally imposed. The sense of obligation takes away the joy of self-autonomy and can become an obstruction to consistency. But how do people follow a month-long and rather strict routine with ease? Well, the secret lies in their perspective.

People who believe in the Islamic faith, think of Ramadan as an opportunity rather than an obligation. They get an entire month to do over their diet, practices, and perspectives. The idea of renewal at the end of the month is surely what keeps them motivated. 

Understand that Motivation is a design flaw

Sometimes, when our motivation dies out, don’t we all feel wearied out and lost? Well, motivation is a positive energy response, but it can quickly die out. Then we’re left with the ordinary, the mundane. This realization often leaves us feeling guilty for giving up on our commitments. But hey! What’s there to be guilty about when you’re trying, right?

Guilt is not a moral failure

A very insightful sentence I read recently is that you don’t need to feel bad for ditching a routine. It’s not a moral failure, but rather a failure in design. All of us are designed and built differently. The executive function is some individuals are improperly developed; it can be especially hard for them to stick to a routine. 

Trick your executive functions

Executive functions are the cognitive regulators of the brain that helps you execute your task. While people can mostly keep a tab of their day-to-day activities and workflows in their minds, some people can suffer from time blindness or haphazardness due to the slower development of executive functions in the prefrontal cortex. This can keep them from getting a task completed at all. So, what can be done? 

First, know that help is always available. Then, go ahead and seek it:

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1. Create visual cues


Visual cues such as display boards, calendar reminders, and sticky notes are some effective ways to streamline thought processes and prioritize tasks.

2. Find an accountability buddy

ramadan planner

Are you afraid of quitting your commitment to read the Quran during Ramzan? Find an accountability buddy to ask you every day if you’ve done your task. The mere anticipation of answering will help you accomplish your task.

3. Structure your day


Planners for the win! right? Jotting your tasks down and breaking them down by the minute is the surest way of building consistency. 

What is a Ramadan planner?

A planner especially tailored to create an easy Ramadan routine. Now, this month comes with its special requirements and an already laid-out structure that is guided by the time for prayer and meals.  At all other times, you can customize your Ramadan planner so that you succeed in achieving your personal and spiritual goals and also manage your day-to-day activities with ease. Here is an interesting step-by-step Ramadan legacy planner.

Fool-Proof Ramadan Planner and Journal Ideas

1. Bullet Journal

Ramadan Journal & Planner: AED:36.98

Developed by  Respect SHarif Publication, this type of journaling is an effective way to prioritize tasks in order to complete them successfully. A Ramadan journal can become your master planner to envision your entire month and then break them down by the week, day, and hour. The trick is to keep the journal succinct and easy to follow. So, abbreviations, keywords, and color-coding can help.

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2. List Planner


Lists are the easiest way to streamline stuff. If you keep forgetting to buy something during your grocery runs or get overwhelmed by meal plans, lists can help you save the day! To-do lists are also effective for keeping track of your day. Besides, the feeling of crossing out a completed task is surely gratifying.  

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3. Mind-map Planner

ramadan planner ideas

Amazon -AED 54.99

Everyone has a different way of explaining and understanding ideas. If you respond better to images than words, you can try mind maps and draw your flow. Art and doodle journals are a creative method of taking charge of your day. You can also easily download the Ramadan planner pdf on the internet. 

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4. Spiritual Ramadan Planner

Are you setting the month of Ramadan for taking a break from the routine? While it is a noble thought, not having a definite roadmap for taking a break can also be counterproductive. Instead, try simple ways to keep track of your spiritual goals. Here are some ideas.

shadowwork journal

Amazon – AED 91.46


Ramadan journal idea
What it is
Gratitude journal
A reminder of all the little things you are grateful for
Free-flow writing
A heart-to-heart with yourself can sometimes help you solve many problems
Quotation collection
Collect ayahs from the Quran that resonate with your
Letter Writing
Had a tiff with someone? Write them a letter of remembrance
Shadow work
Shadow work is difficult. It requires you to delve in the darkest parts on your own personality. The rewards can be gratifying.
Reflection journal

Observe day-to-day happenings, your own behaviors and triggers, and reflect on them
Random acts of kindness tracker Help someone have an easier day. Mindfully tracking these habits can help you consolidate your self-esteem

How do you make a Quran Journal?

Another rising trend is the Quran Journal. You can start one at any time of the year, but Ramzan is a good time. Be mindful of your intention for journaling and jot them down first. Once you’re clear about it, dedicate a portion of your time to reading the Quran. You can then pick quotes and verses that resonate with you. Write them in your journal and reflect on them. 

What should be included in a Ramadan Planner?

Ramadan Journal: AED:59

Depending on your requirements, your planner can include as many or as few items as necessary. If you’re not one for customization, you can always opt for ready-made Ramadan planners like this one on Amazon. It has an interesting all-encompassing content page that contains:  

    • Ramadan at a Glance – a one-page overview
    • Full 30-Day Daily Action Plan – to track and reflect
    • Ramadan Goals
    • Qur’an Recitation Checklist
    • Du’a List
    • Sadaqah List
    • Suhoor & Iftar Meal Planner + Grocery List
    • Post Ramadan Reflections – with prompts
    • Some pages include Qur’an verses, Du’a, and Hadith (in English) 

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How can I study while fasting during Ramadan?

forest app

Forest App for Android (Source: Pinterest)

Studying while fasting can seem like a mammoth task. But don’t you worry With the above tips and tricks, you can surely make it. Don’t forget that a journal is your friend. So, keep it close and glance through it as the day progresses.  

 Fasting can sap your energy quickly. So, eat mindfully and include foods that release energy slowly such as fiber, nuts, and proteins. Concentrating on textbooks can be taxing on energy. So, try flashcards and visual cues.  Take enough time for rest and recuperation. If you’re having a hard time focusing, you can read more about the Pomodoro Technique. Downloading productivity apps such as Focus can also help. 

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