The Easter Holidays are knocking at the door and so must be your thoughts around planning and executing it. Easter time is a great occasion to spend some with your family, especially the kids with an opportunity for having lots of fun. However, like any other special occasion, ideas for Easter gifts and other details can get quite expensive and fairly time-consuming. Easter saving isn’t as easy as it sounds.

From curating the food menu, décor items, sourcing for the Easter baskets, and many more, it’s not uncommon for one to overspend but with CouponCodesME you don’t have to. We have got some great tips and discount codes on celebrating the Easter Holidays on a budget, scroll down below and read to find out more.

1. Get creative with Easter treats

easter savings tips

When we think of Easter treats the first thing which comes to our mind is the Easter Eggs and boy! Do you too get disheartened about why easter eggs are so expensive? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Get creative with your Easter gift ideas this season and opt for DIY Easter Egg Moulds. They are on the cheaper side and come in cute little designs and are loved by the kids,  like this one from Amazon retailing at AED 36 only plus get extra deals & discounts with promo codes when you shop via CouponCodesME.

And if you are looking for compound chocolates to use for the Easter Eggs, we have compared the prices to find the best one out for you to fit your budget:

  1. Benoit Milk Compound Chocolate Block 500g – AED 8.00
  2. Benoit Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Nuggets 400g- AED 18.42
  3. Max Dark Compound Chocolate 2.5kg – AED 48.50
  4. Maz White Compound Chocolate 2.5kg – AED 48.
  5. Elvan Ti Amo Milky Compound Chocolate 450g – AED 13.52
  6. Toren Milky Compound Chocolate 52g – AED 12.68
  7. YSD Dark Compound Chocolate 2.5kg – AED 59.75

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2. Say YES to bulk buying

money saving ideas for easter gifts

Bulk purchases, not only for meals and entertainment but also for Easter eggs, can be a terrific way to save money during Easter. It’s always better to have enough food and groceries than to fall short of it amidst the celebration. Be it Easter eggs, Treats for the kids, Family Dinners, and more, stay stocked up with Noon Grocery. Get up to 60% Off plus an additional AED 30 off on all your purchases. Use code “Today46” at checkout to avail of the offer.

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3. Don’t  buy pre-wrapped Easter baskets

easter money saving tips

We know pre-wrapped Easter Baskets are so convenient to grab when you’re anxious and busy, but you’re squandering your hard-earned cash. Nothing of substance or utility, just cheap baskets, fake grass, low-quality toys, and chocolates. Instead, it’s better to DIY yourself to save some extra bucks and personalize each basket to the individual liking of your kids. For AED 119 Amazon has these budget-friendly Easter Baskets you need to get your hands on, these are also reusable which will inevitably save you a lot of money each year.

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4. Avoid buying special Easter clothes

money saving ideas for easter gifts

Although cute goods like ducks, bunnies, and eggs are adorable, your kids will only wear them once before hanging them in the closet for the remainder of the season. Instead, consider your list of requirements. A simple white dress or pastel blouse is ideal for Easter and may be worn for weddings, and other occasions throughout the following few months. Mumzworld has up to 50% off on select items and a flat 10% off sitewide when you use the code “AA337” at check out.

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5. Host a potluck 

Easter money saving tips 

You can opt to entertain your peers at your home for an Easter celebration. If your location is rationed, this means you’ll have to deal with a slew of expenses, including food, drinks, and water. Instead, opting for an open Potluck would be a far better idea in terms of saving time and money. It will not only bring more people together (because food always brings people together) but will also get to taste delicacies made by different people which will stand out in taste. Opt-in for Noon Grocery for all the last-minute grocery shopping and get flat AED 30 off by using the promo code “TODAY46” at check out.

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6.  DIY Ideas for Easter Gifts

diy ideas for easter gifts

Finding the ideal present that isn’t too expensive might be tough. But what about making your own gift? Knit a sweater, make Easter Eggs, or curate a necklace. You’d be astonished at how much sentimental importance the recipient places on the present. Moreover, you would have spent relatively little money on the ideal present. Brands like Amazon & Noon have a vast array of DIY craft supplies to get your hands on, with offers like flat 10% to 20% Off sitewide using CCME coupon codes, your Easter is sure to be a steal.

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7. Plan your budget

Take some time to plan for Easter time, just like you would on a vacation. Make a list of all the activities you want to do, taking into account your transportation budget and the amount of money you expect to spend on food and alcohol.

If you decide to go with someone, do some preliminary research on the places and types of attractions you could take them, just so you know how much is going from your wallet. TicketsToDo; an emerging online travel platform operating in the UAE  and internationally, is your best option here for a fun day out within a budget.

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8. Always check for coupons

easter savings tips

If you are someone who frequently shops online and isn’t using discount coupon codes then you are missing out on a lot of savings. Especially during occasions and holidays such when the expenses hit the roof, online coupons can really help you cut some slack. Check out sites like VoucherCodesUAE, algiftcards , TicketsToDo, and most importantly CouponCodesME  to avail of verified discount/promo codes for the top brands in the Middle East.

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