Ramadan 2024 is just around the corner. This ninth month of the Islamic calendar holds special significance for Muslims all over the World. It is regarded as one of the five pillars of Islam. Here are the official dates for the observance in UAE:

  • Beginning: 9th March
  • Eid AlFitr: 8th April

Can you give someone a gift during Ramadan?

People of the Islamic faith dedicate themselves to obligatory fasting known as Fard. It’s a period when many also abstain from a hedonistic lifestyle and practice a humble routine. This is believed to be a form of spiritual cleansing through which people show gratitude and kindness towards Life and Humanity. Practices include consistent fasting, prayer, and even charity.  The idea is to inculcate a spirit of spirituality, service, and simplicity that can help one live a happier life.  So, the custom of gift-giving during the holy month is relatively new.

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Looking for an appropriate Ramzan gifting idea?

We present the best gift guide for you to explore. From traditional islamic gifts and exciting gift sets to ramadan hamper and chocolate gifts, our list has it all.

The holy month is a time for spiritual cleansing. So, something to help people pray and practice their meditation is thoughtful. Most of them are easily available on e-commerce platforms across the Middle East. So, it will be well under the budget. To save extra while shopping for your online purchases, use the coupon codes from CouponCodesME.

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What is a good gift for Ramadan?

1. Prayer rug

prayer mat

noon -AED 60

Shop here

Consider a calming emerald green Sijadah as an ideal selection for Ramadan. The intricate embroidery on this Islamic prayer mat adds a touch of refinement to its design. Currently, noon is offering a 34% discount on this item, making it a worthwhile Ramadan gift option for those who are seeking one.

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2. Tasbih Beads

Ramada tasbih beads

noon. AED 50

Shop here

Gifting tasbeeh beads to your loved ones can be a thoughtful gesture, especially during Ramzan and Eid al fitr. These emerald, green prayer beads are made with natural stones. So, their cooling effect can lend a tranquil feeling whenever you pray. 

3. Quran

quran gifts

Amazon. ae – AED 48.

Shop Here

The blessed month is a special time to invest in reading the Quran. This hardcover edition is embellished in beautiful white and gold. Gifts such as these can make anybody’s prayer time surreal and also aesthetic.

4. Incense

eid gift ideas

Amazon.ae-AED 139

Shop here 

Scented candles and perfumery are an essential part of Ramadan Mubarak gifts. These Bakhory incense at Amazon makes for a budget-friendly yet thoughtful Ramadan gift. Its musky fragrance will surely help your friends and family cleanse their aura.

5. Incense Holders

amazon uae ramadan gift

Amazon. ae -AED 110.17

Buy Item

Don’t miss out on this special incense stand that comes from Chulucanas Peru. It is a hand-made piece by Luis H. Sandoval. The pocket pinch is just AED 110.17 and whoever you present it to will cherish it for a long time and will perfect with your Islamic wall art.

The Perfect & Proper Ramadan Gifts for Friends

 6. Gifts boxes and baskets

Godiva Finesse Belle 75 Pcs: AED 260

Shop here

A delightful treat to share during Ramadan, this selection of scrumptious chocolates comes in a beautifully designed gift box. It includes 75 delicious pieces individually wrapped in both milk and dark chocolate flavors.

7. Giftcards

eid giftcards

Max Fashion Giftcard

Confused about what your friends and acquaintances are abstaining from during Ramzan? Gift cards can be a perfect gift for them. They can retain it well after the observation and use it to order exactly what they need for Eid 2024! Get these gift cards at budget-friendly prices from Algiftcards.

8. Flowers

Florence Box, AED: 306

Shop here

When it comes to universally accepted personalised gifts, flowers are always a good idea. This showstopper Flower box by 800 Flower is styled in gorgeous shades of purple. It’s going to brighten anybody’s day during the Roza period. In contrast to artificial flowers, fresh flowers possess the natural beauty, fragrance, and vitality. While they may be more durable and longer lasting, they cannot replicate the same sensory experience that fresh flowers provide.

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9. Home-cooked food for Eid Party

arab dish

Handmade is always precious. Home-cooked meals reflect your willingness to dedicate time and effort to make your friends smile. Whether it’s an elaborate biryani for an iftar party or even some hand-whipped hummus, delicious food is always meaningful.

10. Iftar Recipes

The 30 days of Ramzan involve a lot of meal preparations for Iftar. Don’t let your friends run out of ideas. Sharing family recipes that they especially like is priceless. It will also help you carry a legacy forward. 

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Kitchen Appliances

Elaborate meals are an everyday ordeal in a Muslim household during festivities. So, shopping for kitchen appliances that make it easy to cook Eid recipes can be helpful. Here are some that particularly stand out during this season:

 11. Air fryers


best ramadan gifts

Amazon. ae- AED 199

Iftar meals can be heavy on fried items such as pakoras, samosas, rolls, etc. Air fryers can be a healthy alternative for relishing fried food without the extra calories. This Black & Decker Airfyer has a capacity of 4 liters and can fit up to 1.2 kg of food.

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12.  Coffee Maker

coffee maker

noon.com– AED 44

This solo coffee dispenser by Krypton comes for just AED 44. It is a perfect gift for any occasion but can be especially helpful in the holy month when everybody needs more energy to go through a day of fasting. 

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13. Juicers

ramadan juices

Jumbo Electronics – AED 139

Ramzan juices are an essential energy provider during the month-long fasting. So, a juicer will come in handy. You can order this on Jumbo Electronics and enjoy timely delivery.

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14. Microwave ovens

Ramadan gifts

Amazon.ae, AED: 349

As most people are fasting, quick meal preps can help them conserve energy and dedicate the time for spiritual ruminations. A microwave oven saves time and helps whip up food faster.

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15. Mini Refrigerators

mini refrigerator

Carrefour-AED 85

The weather in UAE around the time of Eid is hot. So, if you’ve got a friend or acquaintance who doesn’t own a fridge, a mini fridge to store their juices and fruits in might be the best idea. This cute car refrigerator is priced at just AED 85.

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Table Decor & Serveware

Ramzan is usually a time when friends and family sit together and eat their one-time meal the iftar before another day of fasting.  So gifting servers can be special for the iftar hosts. 

16. Ceramic Bowl

Pottery barn Ramadan collection

Pottery Barn -AED 49

You do not want to miss out on the Pottery Barn Ramadan Collection 2024. The team has curated Ramadan and Eid decor items that will enlighten you with the brightest Ramzan gifting ideas. Our pick is this exquisite ceramic dinnerware set from the Jenna collection.

17. Tagines

tagine gifts

Amazon. ae -AED 547.76

These eye-catching clay pots that originate in Morocco, not only make for a centerpiece but can be used to cook delicious Middle Eastern dishes. It’s a perfect choice for cooking enthusiasts during Ramzan. 

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18. Eco-friendly cutlery

Ramadan is all about conscious consumption. Making the switch to eco-friendly Eid gifts is surely a smart decision. Also, check out these sustainable gifting ideas for your friends. 

19. Lanterns

ramadan lights

Light accents can add a warm and homely feeling to any nook. They form a quintessential symbol of Eid celebrations. Shop these wooden lanterns to usher in brightness in your loved one’s life.

Snacks & Edibles

Since most people are fasting throughout the day, the iftar is usually a heavy meal full of variety. Extra stocks of groceries, fruits and vegetables, and even snacking items can be lifesavers.

20. Assorted Dates Boxes

luxury dates

800Flower- AED 105

Luxury Ramadan gifts don’t always have to be expensive. These assorted chocolate dates by 800Flower come at a budget-friendly price. The chocolate coating and the fancy packaging lend a feel of effortless opulence.

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21. Grocery Delivery

The Pandemic era has brought so many changes into the World as we knew it. So, if you’re far away from friends and family during these times, you can always brighten their day with some home-delivered groceries. 

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23. Ramadan cookies

Bespoke cookies are the all-new trend among Gen Z kids. Spoil them for choice with a pack of Ramadan and Eid themed cookies. You can get them in almost every Dubai Bakery or can even bake them yourself!

24. Fruit baskets 

ramadan gift baskets

noon Groceries – AED 95

These are a popular choice for Ramadan Mubarak gift exchanges. Fruits are a quintessential part of Iftar. noon groceries is offering this curated basket laden with strawberries, kiwis, bananas, grapes, and more. 

Buy Basket

25. Iftar Dessert Boxes & Gift Packs

ramadan cookies

Bliss Flower Boutique Dubai – AED 220

Want to send a sweet message of gratitude to your special ones with Ramadan Kareem wishes? What could be sweeter than chocolates. As you celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, let your loved ones know how much they mean to you with a thoughtful Ramadan gift box of delicious chocolates. It’s a sweet and thoughtful gesture that is sure to be appreciated and cherished!

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The Best Ramadan Décor Gifts

During this time, people usually spend in mindful contemplation. So, an ambiance that echoes with the spirit of the holy is most welcome. Cool shades of blue and white, along with soft light accents, and helal decorations for home are ideas that you can bet on.

28. Flower vases

eid gifts

Amazon.ae-AED 44.99

Flowers add a touch of elegance to any space. This contemporary design makes for a classy offering. Find it on Amazon. ae at a budget-friendly price. 

Shop here

29. Door Mats

ramzan decor

Pottery Barn – AED 150

Are you in search of a unique idea? The “Open Sesame” doormat by Pottery barn is a quirky find. Its strong fibrous material will last for years and is a great investment.

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30. Rehal


People of the Islamic faith practice reading the Quran, especially during the blessed month. So, these rehals or Quran holders and stands are a well-thought offering. Most of them are carved in wood and polished for a shiny finish. 

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The Best Clothing Ideas Of The Holy Month

Though not a typical item for exchanging during Ramzan, you can opt for clothing for those to who you are closer, such as your children or spouses. Here are some ideas:

31. Hijabs


Modanisa Lilac Hijab

Shop here

Your search for that memorable Ramadan collection for your mother ends here. This soft lilac Hijab shawl by Madame Polo is on 40% sale at Modanisa. Order it now and save extra with us via coupon codes.

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32. Kurta

ramadan clothing

Namshi – AED 199

A cotton Ajrak kurta by Fabindia will lend a comfortable and cool feel to your closet.

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33. Pajama Sets



Bloomingdales UAE -AED 1250

Sure, this silk pajama shirt by Ganni is a little higher on the budget. But a good quality pair of clothing for lounging at home is healthy and hygienic. 

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34. Abaya


6th Street- AED 295

Fulfill your Roza in this breezy while Abaya. This double-layered dress comes with a lace design which adds a delicate element to the abaya. 

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35. Ramadan Kufi hat

kufi hat

Amazon.ae-AED 58.28

Covering the head during Muslim prayer time is necessary to the Islam faith. Choose from kufi hats, caps, topis, and scarves as budget-friendly and useful gifts.

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Ramadan Gifts for Kids

36. Books

Ramadan book

Amazon.ae-AED 42.66

Celebrate the spirit of the holy month with your kids. This must-have book by Bachar Karroum comes with 30 lessons on good deeds. It is a great way to teach your kids valuable life lessons while also initiating them into the habit of reading.

Buy Item 

37. Activity Calendar

ramadan calander


Tracking and updating a Ramadan countdown calendar is a super-effective way to keep kids engaged during the month of fasting. 

Buy here

38. Ramzan greeting cards 

Whether it’s digital or hand-made, greeting cards are always a budget-friendly yet personalized gifts idea for all.

ramadan mubarak

39. DIY Ramadan Crafts & Favor Bags

The month-long break can be a great time for kids to learn new hobbies. Get together with them to create do-it-yourself gifts such as craft items, paintings, greeting cards, and so on.

40. Jannah Journals

Ramadan journal

Amazon.ae-AED 61.38

This is a good time to initiate your children into the practices of mindfulness. A planner or journal is a great place to start. Kids can practice Arabic calligraphy, doodle, and so much more. 

Buy Ramadan Journals

Here Are The Best Ramadan Gifts for Family

41. Jewelry



Tell your daughter you care with the “Love, Mamma” collection by Swarovski. Jewelry is a rare but premium gift always meant to be close to your loved ones. 

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42. Saplings

This annual observation is all about starting afresh. Engaging in wholesome experiences can enrich your fard even further. This year, why not plant saplings or seeds together with your near and dear ones?

43. Tickets for umrah

Umrah or the holy Pilgrimage to Mecca is usually performed after the holy month of Ramadan. Suprise your elders by getting them a thoughtful yet budget-friendly Ramadan gift in the form of budget-friendly flight tickets to Saudi Arabia

44. Watches

gifts for him

Namshi – AED 694

Don’t let the loved ones miss out on their prayer time. A watch is a precious gift for Ramadan that will last the wearer a lifetime. Besides, watches also make for excellent corporate gifts. This Townsman Watch by Fossil comes in a regal blue shade and will surely appeal to anyone. Order it soon for free shipping.

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45. Time

In this busy era, time is a precious gift that you can share with your family. This year, get yourself away from stress by spending quality time with loved ones. 

46. Zakat-al-Fitr: The True Ramzan Offering

Zakat-al-Fitr is an important practice for Muslims. At the end of the observance, people usually break their fast by making offerings of humanity to the needy. These can be in the form of alms, food, or clothing. 

47. Donate to charity

If a cause is close to your heart, donating to its mission is a thoughtful gift idea to yourself and to society. Here are some interesting platforms that you can donate to:

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Hope you find exactly what you are looking for your loved ones from our list. CouponCodesME wishes you an auspicious March! Eid Mubarak!