“Play is the highest form of research.” Observation and studies highlight the importance of playtime. If you don’t have a playroom at your house, lockdown is the best time to start the perfect staycation for kids. Even better, you can build a playroom within your budget.

Why is playtime important?

Play time

First of all, you need to understand how playing and your child’s development are connected. See, with the right educational toys, your kid can have education as well as fun. For you, it will be in your budget. Imagine, a playroom under AED 1000, in exchange for peace.

Your child sees rules while playing, and voluntarily complies with the situation. Even if it’s a make-believe one. This results in the neuron connections of their brain. Especially, in the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for thought analysis and decision making.

Now, a playroom you want to build will not only help with your budget but, in the overall development of the child. The benefits include:

  1. Self-awareness of his/her actions and care for others
  2. Regulation of emotions in a positive way.
  3. Development of problem-solving skills.
  4. Building confidence while engaging in various activities.
  5. Sports activities enhance physical strength and flexibility.
  6. Building blocks or fort building leas to improve hand-eye coordination and creative dexterity.
  7. Friendship can bud from doing activities together. It also teaches your kid to make their friend feel loved, comfortable, and safe.
  8. Social skills are really important, playtime adds to it. Helps them in language and communicating in a better way.

Why does your child need a playroom?


Yes, we are going to tell you why your child needs a playroom! We are giving you reasons to get a playroom. Because it’s good for you as well.

Because you might view playing as something not very important but for children, it is a serious business. We have already mentioned it above!

1. Ensure the tidiness of your home

Let’s start with that. Every parent who has cleaned up after their kid’s play party may have been stabbed by toys on their barefoot. Legos are the most painful!

With the introduction of a playroom, there will be no hurting encounters.

How? By defining a certain part of the house for the children to play, one can easily control the mess caused by misplaced legos and dolls.

It also teaches your kid about the responsibility of handling his/her space and organizing skills as well.

 2. Creative development

A playroom forms the basic necessity for a child’s creative development. It brushes the child’s creative skills through exploration and also has a positive impact on his/her decision-making skills.

For example, if your child wants to build a lego castle, she/he must first decide attributes like the color, size, and design of the castle. The ability to make such choices make him/her aware of his/her decision-making skills. This further contributes to the creative development of your child.

3. Early personality development

Watching your child at play can tell you a lot about his/her early personality. It helps you to know your child more and can even predict your child’s ultimate personality in the future.

For example, if your child shows frequent fondness in the alphabets and books section of the playroom, you can easily guess that he/she will grow into an avid reader. This might make your child someone who keeps to oneself rather than getting involved with others.

Similarly, if your child is more interested in ground equipment like toddler slides, you may presume that she/he might grow interested in outdoor activities. This may be indicative of the fact that your child has chances to be more outdoorsy.

4. Communication skills

When you set a playroom for your child, you can invite a few friends for her/him from your neighborhood for the company. This improves the communication skill of your child and also helps her/him pick important virtues like sharing, caring, and helping.  It also helps your kid makes friends.

Besides, friendship at a young age has been proven to be more trustworthy in many cases. Children that play together, stay together.

How to set up a playroom within a budget?

Playroom within AED 1000

With coupon codes and best deals of course for a smart shopping experience.

Taking the above points under consideration, CouponCodesME brings you ideas to set up a playroom for your child under 1000 AED.

We have found the best essentials to set up the playroom from Amazon and get your hands on Amazon coupons to use for shopping. Leaving a room to grow, so that you can add other items as you wish.

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Slide and Seesaw

Playroom within AED1000

Amazon. ae


A slide and seesaw is the best combination when it comes to a child’s playroom. Make this your child’s favorite asset in the playroom. Your child can play with this every day.

It is of great use especially if you have two kids. There will be no fights as to who will use the equipment first. One can play on the slide while the other enjoys the swing.

Price: AED 289.95

Play Tent

playroom within 1000 AED

Amazon. ae

Kids are enthusiastic regarding topics like camping and tents. Get your kids a play tent where they can plan their secret missions to imaginary lands or begin a journey to their dreamland. You could even fill this tent with tiny plastic balls to accelerate your child’s excitement.

This tent is easy to assemble and can be used indoor as well as on outdoor picnics.

Foam mat

playroom within AED 1000

Amazon. ae

A floor mat is a must for setting up a playroom. It’s of extreme importance as it acts as a shock absorber in case children fall while playing.

The above-shown Stalwart foam mat is reviewed to be soft, safe, and durable by verified users. It is of the ratio 12.5*12.5. Its jigsaw puzzle appearance maintains the creative aura of the playroom.

Price: AED 226.99

Toy organizer

Playroom within AED 1000

Amazon. ae

A toy organizer is important for you if you want to avoid stepping on those lego pieces and barbie shoes. You can organize your child’s playthings and even teach her/him to handle her toys on her/his own. This way your child will also learn to maintain the decorum of the house and be more responsible.

If you have more than one child then you can use this organizer to label different compartments belonging to each kid. This way your children will not fight with one another over toys.

You can get this on Amazon for 249.00

Kids’ bookshelf

playroom within AED 1000

You can build a tiny knowledge corner with the help of this bookshelf. You can even build a small library with the help of some alphabetical books bedtime stories.

This will help your child develop a love for learning and growing. Activity and origami books will help nurture early creative skills.

Price: AED 79.00

Table and Chair set

Playroom within AED 1000

Amazon. ae

A playroom is incomplete without chairs and a table. You can add this set to the creativity corner of the playroom. This set completes the playroom. You can homeschool your kid on it too!

It encourages the child to get involved in activities like drawing, coloring, and reading. It enhances your child’s learning abilities. Moreover, your child can use this table as her tea-party table in case books do not interest her at times.

Price: AED 239.00

Apart from what’s suggested, you could even decorate your child’s playroom.

Use colorful posters, alphabetical fliers, colorful lights, and hand-made charts to make it look more attractive.

If you were to get all the products listed here, it would exceed AED 1000, but hey! we didn’t want to leave any out. You can choose what’s important and what’s not for your child, we are just glad to be of service.

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