The holy month of Ramadan is just a few days away and we believe that there is no better time to get started than right now by getting into the creative zone. Let’s explore the Ramadan decorations for your home for this auspicious, beautiful, and rewarding observance.

One of the main reasons Muslim mothers and families decorate their homes is to help their children learn about and appreciate the significance of the month, as well as to develop a love for the blessed month in their hearts.

You can give your home a festive vibe by decorating it during Ramadan. It also helps one to form some type of spiritual connection with one’s religion & Allah in the month of Ramadan by creating peaceful and soothing vibrations that will reflect in your actions. We at CouponCodesME are here to help you with the best decorative ideas for this special month so it creates the ultimate bliss and ambiance. From Islamic home decor items to wall decorations, hanging decorations, fairy lights, and more, our list covers everything you need.


  1. Ramadan Wooden Lantern

Ramadan decor

Ramadan Ornament Wooden Lantern Hanging Plaque Sign

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Which part of your home do you like to decorate first for Ramadan? Starting in the living room is what most families do as everyone congregates in the living room, and it is often the most focal, lively point of one’s home, so start there. Wish your family and friends “Happy Ramadan” with this beautiful Ramadan Kareem wooden sign which will also add a touch of beauty and enhance the ambiance of your whole living space.

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2. Ramadan Ornamental Lamps

Ramadan decor


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During special occasions such as Ramadan, ornamental lamps can be a fantastic addition to any household. These decorative products can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, with some Muslim countries even using lanterns to celebrate the start of the month. By hanging ornamental lanterns on your doors and windows, you can fill your home with love and joy during this sacred time. Plus, they also make for stunning outdoor decorations.

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3. Ramadan Decorations: Cushions Cover

Ramadan Decorations Eid Cushion: AED:49

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Enhance the joy of the holy month and elevate the ambiance of your home with decorative Ramadan cushion covers. These vibrant covers will add a touch of festivity to your living space, lifting everyone’s spirits throughout the month. Don’t forget to give your couch a makeover with this beautiful set of matching cushion covers, available on Amazon for only AED 49.

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4. Ramadan Themed Serving Tray

ramadan serving tray

Ramadan Themed Serving Tray.

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Planning to host iftar dinners or Eid parties this year? Don’t forget that the little things can make a big difference in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Why not surprise your guests with an exquisite serving tray that is inspired by Ramadan? The tray, which is shaped like a crescent moon, is available on Amazon for only AED 49. It’s not just a practical item, it also serves as an excellent table decoration, adding to the overall ambiance of your event. 

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5. Hanging Ramadan String Lights

Ramadan Decor Lights

Ramadan star moon décor lights.

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Complete your Ramadan decoration with these fairy string lights. No festival is incomplete without adding some extra lights to make it more vivid and lively. A festive-looking home will make you smile every time you pass by it or look at it, add that whimsical touch to your home this Ramadan only at AED 33.50 with these Ramadan decorations from Noon. Avail flat 10% Cashback when you shop use code “GCCX” when you shop via CouponCodesME.

6. Decorative Sweet Jars

ramadan decor

Ramadan Sweet Décor Jar.

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Incorporate the Ramadan tradition into your design by showcasing dates in clear glass jars or bowls. Encourage your guests to grab a quick snack as they head to Taraweeh by filling these decorative containers with small cookies, dates, dry fruits, or other treats. You can find these elegant jars on Amazon for just AED 36.99.

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7. Scented Candles

bath and bodyworks scented candle

Scented Candle for Ramadan Décorations.

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Be it for any occasion, candles can never go wrong. You can use scented candles in your living room or your room to create a lovely, scented atmosphere throughout Ramadan. It’s a very fulfilling sensation to watch the candles burn, and it will bring more love, joy, and light into your life just for  for AED 89 from Amazon.

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8. Beautiful Eid Mubarak Wreaths Decorations

ramadan decor items

Ramadan Kareem Front Door Hanging Garland

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A lovely wreath will be a great addition to your Ramadan and Eid décor at home. You may either buy them from an internet gift store or make them yourself at home with fresh flowers and satin ribbons. To raise festive emotions during the auspicious month of Ramadan, hang it on your front door or inside your home. Avail this wreath from Amazon at AED 96.30 only to add a welcoming touch to your home.

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9. Ramadan Countdown Calendar

ramadan decor ideas uae dubai middle east

Ramadan countdown calendar.

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A Ramadan countdown calendar would be a great addition to the decor at your home. It will not only let you know about the dates but can also be a fun activity for the kids at home to count down to the Sahoor and Iftar timings for the whole of Ramadan. Hang it in the living room or in the kitchen to keep the festive and holy spirits alive. Grab this from Amazon at AED 39 only. 

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10. Islamic Wall Paintings

Calligraphy Art Arabic Wall Sticker

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During Ramadan, add Islamic art to your home’s walls, such as calligraphy, paintings, glasswork, pottery, and fabrics. Islamic art is influenced by the cultures of many countries, including Moroccan, Greek, Egyptian, and Indian, and will embellish and fill your home with vibrant colors this Ramadan. 

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