Ramadan 2024 is set to commence on March 10th, and it’s considered the most sacred month for Muslims, falling on the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. One of the five pillars of Islam, fasting, is required from sunrise to sunset and is obligatory for all Muslims. It’s crucial to prioritize good health and nourishment during this time. The pre-dawn meal is called Suhoor or Sehri, and the evening meal that breaks the fast is called Iftar. Adhering to these mealtimes is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet throughout the month.

So, to be prepared for the next day of fasting, it is critical to eat well between iftar and suhoor. Not just that, healthy behaviors are also very crucial throughout the holy month to avoid falling sick, gaining, or losing weight. Here are some Ramadan health tips that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.

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Tips for a healthy & refreshing Ramadan 

Fasting is a common practice in almost all religious traditions, and it can typically be done safely. If you have any health conditions, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, you should take professional consultation before starting. We’ve outlined a few basic methods to help you feel healthy and fit while fasting in this post.

Stay hydrated

ramadan health tips

Even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink fluid multiple times throughout the night. Thirst is a symptom that your body is dehydrated. Caffeinated beverages can dehydrate you so choosing fluids that don’t include Caffeine (a lot of it) can be helpful. Remember that breaking your fast with water during Iftar is not only customary. But it also guarantees that you get the most hydration into your body before getting distracted by food.

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Eat a variety of food

ramadan healhty diet tips

In the evening, consider eating a variety of things. Fasting, if done right, is the number one Ramadan health tip for this season. But your body requires proper nutrition now more than ever to compensate the body for fasting. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and healthy fat (fat derived from plants, such as olive oil and nuts) are all essential for providing your body with all of the nutrients it requires.

Avoid diving into junk food when you break your fast and try eating at a slower pace. That’s how you know when you are actually full and don’t end up overeating.

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Monitor the portion size of meals

ramadan healthy diet tips

It takes around 20 minutes for the body to recognize that it has had enough to eat. As a result, don’t overeat during Iftar. Eating thoughtfully and listening for when your hunger is truly satisfied is key. This helps put less stress on your body and offers you more energy than consuming large amounts of food all at once.

Healthy Ramadan food for Suhoor

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Suhoor should be a nutritious supper that gives you enough energy to see you through until Iftar. Choose the correct foods to keep you going during your fast. Eating complex carbs throughout the day, such as fruits and vegetables, beans, chickpeas, and lentils, will give you a steady supply of energy. With your lunch, include low-fat dairy products like labneh or laban, as well as healthy fats like avocado, unsalted almonds, salmon, olives, and olive oil.

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Underrated Ramadan Health Tip: Moving Your Body

ramadan health tips

Despite the fact that fasting can be rather very demanding on one’s physical health, avoid becoming fully sedentary. If you usually work out in the morning, try switching to the evening after you’ve broken your fast to observe how your body reacts. During the day strenuous exercise is not recommended because you can quickly get dehydrated. Consider modest steps like short, easy walks or a few stretches that can help you stay energized throughout the day.

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Find what works for you

ramadan health tips

It is important to know what works for you and your body; your eating habits, sleeping patterns, and more, especially if you have dealt with Covid in the past few months or year (or have any other health issues). Analyze your portions, what food suits you best, the amount of exercise needed, and so on.

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Trust your body and how it feels

ramadan healthy food tips

Each person is unique, and varied eating styles may make them feel better. If these techniques don’t help you fast, talk to a nutritionist or other healthcare specialist for additional personalized advice based on your unique situation. Don’t neglect the small complexities you face thinking it’s just the Ramadan blues, better to take precaution first than cure, and last but not least.

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Remember to celebrate and show gratitude

ramamdan tips for healthy body


Ramadan is one of the most auspicious and long celebrated festivals of Islam, remember to show gratitude and have a positive outlook on this joyous and holy month so that you are able to enjoy it.  Share your joy and blessings with others and to add more to it, don’t forget to check out CouponCodesME for top Ramadan discounts and offers from the leading brands in the Middle East like Noon, Carrefour, Amazon, Namshi, and more.

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