“Play is the highest form of research.” –  Albert Einstein.

Let the playtime begin with the best toys for kids! Learning and growing while playing is an essential part of your child’s development. Why gives them any less than the best?

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Your kids deserve the best of everything. So if you’re a new mom, here are the essentials and everything you need to welcome your young one home.

Significance of playtime in a child’s development

toys for kids

First of all, let’s start with understanding why playing is a key role in your child’s development. Playing games includes seeing rules and complying with the situation, even if sometimes it may be just a make-believe scenario. These develop the neuron connections of the brain in the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for thought analysis and decision-making. This helps in the overall development of the child which includes:-

  • Ability to regulate emotions and solve problems.
  • Engaging in activities and building confidence.
  • Developing friendship, making them feel loved, comfortable, and safe.
  • Adding on to their social skills, furthermore helping them in language and communication.
  • Self-awareness leading to care for others and the environment.

The list goes on. To make most of their playtime, they need time, space, and some fun essentials- toys!

Best toys for kids

Now that, you know how important fun time essentials are, let’s introduce you to the best toys for kids in the Middle East.

Ridley’s Tumbling blocks

Best toys for kids in UAE

Get your challenge of choosing between these pretty blocks with this modern take on the Tumbling blocks game. Take your chance and let the dice decide which block will be slid next. Easily one of the best toys for kids, with its challenge and thrill. Let your kid learn how to strategize and win the game!

Price: AED 130.

Floss and Rock’s Magnetic Outer Space Play Set

Best kids toys in UAE

Let your kid’s imagination run wild and visit outer space once in a while. This playing set will be the first step in letting them learn about space. It comes with an interchangeable backdrop and a storyline. There can be numerous stories to be told with 50 magnetic pieces and 2 scenes. For sparking the imagination of young minds, magnetic sets come as the best toys.

Price: AED 105

Ridley’s CDU of 6 No Llamas Game

Best toys in UAE

There’s more than one way to win in Ridley’s “Llama on the loose” game. There are 52 cards and 12 llama tokens, be the first person to collect 3 llama tokens, and win it. The average playtime is 20 mins and you can play with 2-5 members.

Price: AED 80.00

JOJO MAMAN BÉBÉ’s Elephant Shape Puzzle

Best kid toys in uae

The Elephant Shape puzzle comes under the educational section of the best toys for kids. It is an adorable option for the little ones who are learning the numbers for the first time. We all know that puzzles are the classic choice of parents to improve the coordination skills of their young ones.

Price: Aed 70

Kikkerland Astronaut Motion Puzzle Game

Best toys for kids in UAE

Kikkerland’s Astronaut motion puzzle is one of the best toys for kids in the region. Why? Because solving any puzzle has one goal: finding a solution to a problem. It improves the critical thinking and confidence level of the child in solving problems or taking up challenges.

Price: AED 70.

Sunny life’s bath toy

Best toys for kids in UAE

Is the bath time of your kids, a hard time for you? Make a splash with the Sunny life’s Bath toys and let your child play while you scrub them up. Bath toys build fine motor skills as kids like to squeeze, splash, swing, and throw them around.

Price: AED 78

We hope you and your kids have lots of fun with our list of the best toys for kids. Take it a notch higher and set up a playroom for your young ones all under 1000 AED. Caring for your little ones can be stressful, but playtime and fuss-free mealtime are the most important part of your child’s growth.  Do remember that learning is easy for all age groups, and you are doing amazing!