Now that the schools and colleges are closing down temporarily, there’s going to be a lot of staying-indoors.

Children especially are advised to stay away from crowded places and busy areas. However, this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your little ones’ education, co-curricular activities and personal growth. There are so many ways to educate them at home and cater to their needs which otherwise is provided in institutions.

CouponCodesMe presents to you ways your child can have fun at home while learning and growing at the same time. offers products that cater to all your needs as a mother for your kids. Besides, homeschooling is a wonderful way to educate your children and a lot of parents opt for this system of education even otherwise.

Perks of Homeschooling

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The first and foremost advantage of this method of teaching the kids is the fact that you don’t have to wait for a particular period to start. You can start the class as and when you like or according to you or your child’s convenience. Children can learn better when taught in an open environment rather than being locked up inside classrooms. Moreover, it is more efficient because of the low student to teacher ratio where enough attention is given to a single child. Also, if the student understands a lesson right away, you won’t have to wait for others to catch up and you can just move on right away. You can take advantage of highly efficient and effective teaching methods. Thus, homeschooling is not limited the way schools and classrooms are.

From French to Arabic to English or reference books to dictionaries and encyclopedias, has it all covered for you. We’ve picked out the ones we think would be necessary to keep your little one/s busy growing and learning at home.

Brain Quest Series

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Brain Quest (Grade 4), mumzworld

The brain quest workbooks are something you need to have while teaching your child at home. They are a whole year of curriculum-based exercises and activities in one fun book. Starting from Pre-Kindergarten up to grade 6, these workbooks are available in different levels according to your child’s age and ability. They are jam-packed with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject. The workbooks’ lively layout and easy-to-follow explanations make learning fun, interactive and concrete. The prices range from AED 46 to AED 63 depending on different levels.


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Encyclopedia, mumzworld

They are basically warehouses for knowledge. A general encyclopedia provides information on a wide range of subjects. A lot of times, information provided on the internet is not correct or biased. But encyclopedias with a reputation provide legitimate information from scholarly sources as well as experts that you can verify. Mumzworld has a wide range of encyclopedias covering almost all the subjects you could possibly think about. For starters, you could pick this one out. The Encyclopedia of Knowledge is a giant guide to everything children have ever wanted to know. It is split into eight sections and provides detailed information on topics like the Universe, Planet Earth, Life on Earth, People, Countries, History, Science and Technology. Priced at AED 116, it sure is a product worth investing in.

Books for Parents

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Parent guide, mumzworld

For busy parents who are not used to being home or having your child home too much can be challenging. You could be having a hard time managing things along with taking care of your child/children. While school-age and adolescents are not so hard to deal with, it is the toddlers and preschoolers that really need care and attention. To help you with this, there are a lot of books written by specialists and experts that guide you on how to raise your child efficiently and without making it a challenge. How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way is an up-to-date guide on Montessori parenting, packed with brand new advice on children’s use of digital media and the neuroscience of child development. Priced at AED 78, it summarizes each of Montessori’s child-centered methods— thus a fine parenting guide.

Educational CDs and DVDs

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Art DVD, mumzworld

In a digital era like this, infants have access to digital goods from even before they can speak. Technology has made life so much easier and schooling gets better with teaching children via projectors, smart boards and screens. Making your children indulge only in educative books makes learning boring and monotonous. You can engage your child in various forms of art such as painting, literature, music, dance, drama and so on. Teaching through arts can help present difficult concepts visually, making them easier to understand. Drawing and painting is one of the major forms of art and are important in young children’s education and growth. It can help your children express their emotions and feelings through the use of colors and pencils. This video will teach your child about the colors, textures, mediums and more. Priced at AED 40, it is the first video series that can help stimulate cognitive development.