Having a sibling means having a best friend for life. Growing up can never be a dull moment when you have brothers and sisters around. From Tom & Jerry like relationships to always having each other’s back, this bond is special and unbreakable in all its essence. National Sibling’s Day is celebrated on the 10th of April each year. So it’s the perfect time to show your sibling that extra love and gratitude you have for them. We at CouponCodesME are here to help you with it. No matter how annoying they get, check out our list of perfect gift ideas to present your sibling with and grow your bond a little stronger each passing year.

Perfect Gift Ideas For Siblings Day

1. For Your Gamer Sibling

siblings day gift uae

Is there anything else a gaming enthusiast loves more than getting something to do with gaming? We think not! This sibling’s day surprise your brother or sister (who said females can’t be gamers?) with the latest gaming products from Noon . Get up to 30% Off plus an extra flat 10% Off when you use our promo code “MK76” at check out and create a win-win situation for both. If you have the budget for it, go ahead with a gaming laptop. Why wait till Christmas?

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2. For Your Makeup Lover Sibling

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Make-up-addict siblings are not uncommon. Most of us have that one sibling who can never have too many beauty products. So for them, it’s always safe to opt for gifts such as eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, sheet masks, and any beauty care items. Sephora is offering up to 30% off on select products wide plus you get a deal of a flat 5% off from CouponCodesME. Use the promo code “NEW96” at checkout. 

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3. For Your Gymaholic Sibling

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From protein shakes to gym apparel and gym equipment, there are a plethora of gifts you can give to your gym-going sibling. It would be one of the most useful things as it concerns one’s health and would make a positive impact on their life. Sun & Sand Sports is offering up to 60% Off on products sitewide. Also, grab an extra 30% Off with promo code “CCME” at check out. Get your bond at a stronger and healthier level this National Siblings Day with some of the must-have products every fitness enthusiast should own.

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4. For Your Nerdy-Bookish sibling

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A thing about readers is that it doesn’t take much to make them happy but a nice book on something which interests them. It could be fiction, sci-fi, or self-improvement. Books are the ultimate way to make them happy (it’s also a great source of knowledge and upskilling).  And the best thing is that it doesn’t cost much. From paperback to hardcover, Amazon has all types of books available with offers up to 60% off & a flat 10% off when you use the code “HSBC100” by CCME. Here are the best books to read this year.

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5. For Your Fashionista Sibling

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Do you remember stealing your siblings’ clothes as a teenager? Do you still do it? That’s probably because most of us have that one sibling who has always been a fashionista with the most trendy clothes around. They live and breathe fashion and to make up for all the times you have worn their clothes, Namshi is offering a flat 20% off their site-wide collection of the latest fashion apparel and accessory.  Use the code “NM59” at check out to avail of this offer. Check out the 10 fashion trends that are going major this year.

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6. For Your Techie Sibling

dubai siblings day gift ideas

If your sibling is easily intrigued by the latest technical discoveries and gadgets, don’t hesitate to buy them something related to it. Often time, one doesn’t expect anything related to tech as a gift (especially if they’re siblings) because it’s expensive. But if you are willing to go out of your way then gifting items like Mobile phones, Smart Watches, laptops, and more are always a great choice. Noon is offering up to 60% off on all things tech and an additional 10% off with our exclusive promo code “MK76”.

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7. For Your Culinarian Sibling

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How lucky are you if you have a sibling who is into culinary and cooks the most delicious meals? This is the perfect occasion to thank them for it with a gift that would be useful to them for cooking. Could be an air fryer, baking essentials, cast iron pan, and many more essential cooking items. Check out the vast range of culinary essentials from Amazon at up to 70% off. Also get a flat 10% off when you shop using your HSBC card with our promo code “HSBC100” at checkout.

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7. For  Your Adventurous Sibling

national siblings day gift

For the “wanderlust” sibling in our life, the one who likes to watch more sunsets than Netflix, what would be better than gifting them with an adventure to go on this National Siblings Day and maybe you could hop along as well? All this is possible with the help of a single click on TicketsToDo ; an emerging online travel platform operating in the UAE  and internationally. Give your sibling the freedom to choose the type of adventure they would like to go on when you opt for the TicketsToDo e-gift card present from algiftcards.

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8. A Gift Card For Your Sibling

al giftcards

Gift yours today from al giftcards

If you are still confused about what to gift your sibling and don’t want to take the risk of your gift being liked by them or not, then e-gift cards are the best solution for it. With algiftcards, you can choose from budget-friendly gifting plans. These start from AED 50 onwards from the top brands in the Middle East. Make this sibling’s day a memorable and unique affair with algiftcards.

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