Quarantine Ramadan 2020 will be celebrated like never before, literally!

Ramadan, being the holiest month, instills the emotions of charity, spirituality, and humanity. With the quarantine, you’re getting an exclusive family celebration so why not make the most of it?

CouponCodesME brings you everything you need to know about the quarantine Ramadan 2020.

Know the dates

The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim Calendar which lasts roughly for 30 days. This year, Ramadan is observed from April 23 to May 23.

Keep your palate entertained

“Sawm” or fasting, is one of the practices in Ramadan celebrations. During the holy month, abstinence from food and water during the daylight hours is deemed necessary. It teaches the practice of discipline, self-control, and sacrifice. The sense of charity and generosity is instilled by the self-restraint of fasting.

The meal routine is changed into two main meals, the suhoor, and iftaar, there you can get two mouthwatering delights to indulge in.

Suhoor, a light meal is eaten before dawn and comprises of food items that are nutritious and healthy. A meal that can keep you energized throughout the day.


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Iftaar, a meal to break the fast for the day. Iftaar is shared between friends and families, treated as a huge feast!


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A dinner party with your loved ones, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Sharing your meals, with stories and laughter echoing around the table. What more do we need?

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Charity is considered as one of the pillars of Islam. In a time like this, where the lockdown affects every sect of the society, especially the less privileged, remember to give back.

Ramadan celebrations charity

Give out to your heart’s content and help those in need, be in listening to the woes or giving out to those who need it.

Recitation of Quran

Quran holds a dear place among the hearts of Muslims as the Holy Scripture. Recitation of the Quran is a part of the celebration of Ramadan.

Recitation of Quran








The whole Ramadan celebration revolves around the theme of the Crescent moon. As the Holy month is between the period of one crescent moon to the another.

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Dress and show up to impress

You have a whole month to create some unforgettable memories. Remember to capture these moments with your loved ones and enjoy every single bit of it!

You are not allowed to let this amazing time pass with boring clothes. Have a personal photoshoot, go all out (in your home) and post them on your Social Media.

Ramadan celebrations wardrobe

Give your friends and family who are far, an optimistic approach towards this quarantine. Show the love and support to those who couldn’t be a part of your Ramadan celebrations.

With your hair flowing, skin glowing, and makeup done, put on your best OOTD and get dressed to impress.

Be safe, stay fit and enjoy this quarantine Ramadan celebrations with your family. We wish you the best of everything during this holy month, hoping for the generosity and happiness this time brings forth.