As the summer break has ended, it’s time for your little ones to head back to school. And if you’re a parent of a young kid, you cannot send your kids to school without proper back-to-school supplies. After all, children need a lot of supplies to help them engage in lessons. However, trying to figure out what your kids need for the school year is a tiresome affair. You’ll most definitely need to sit down and make a list of the right supplies.

From uniforms to stationery to lunch boxes and more, you need to shop for various items. And chances are you might miss out on a few items. So to keep your back-to-school shopping less stressful, we’ve compiled a list of supplies for all your needs. No matter what age you are shopping for, our list of essentials has everything covered. Check out the list below and get the best items on hand and help your young ones gear up for their academic year.

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Organizational Supplies


back to school supplies

School Bag, AED: 89

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The most important item to feature on our list is backpacks. They aid students to stay organized by providing an easy-to-carry bag for their school supplies. They can easily carry books, stationary, lunch boxes, and other personal items. So, once your kid starts kindergarten, you’ll want to invest in one quality number.

As there is a wide variety of backpacks available, you can choose one based on the quality, brand, type, and suitable fit.

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Supply case

Supply case

Eazy Kids Pencil Box, AED:19

Supply cases allow children to keep their school supplies like pencils, pens, art supplies, etc, organized. Besides that, their practicality allows kids to transport the supplies from their home to school and vice versa. Having a good supply case or pouch also ensures the safety of the supplies and prevents any kind of damage.

So, settle on the most suitable model like this multifunctional supply case suitable for both school and home use.

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Lunch box

Lunch box

3-Grid Lunch Box, AED: 65

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Aside from backpacks and school supplies, when your kids leave for school, you probably ensure to send them off with a lunch box packed with their favorite food and snacks. While picking a lunch box likely depends on various factors, lunches and snacks are best contained in heatproof, leakproof, and lightweight boxes.

You may also want to invest in something made from premium food-grade material like this pink number. Suitable for both adults and children, this lunch box comes with three compartments, a strong lock, and a double-layer design. 

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Water bottle

Water bottle

Trixie – Stainless Steel Bottle, AED: 119

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As kids remain active throughout the day, they don’t even realize when they are dehydrated. As a parent, it’s important to make sure that they stay fresh and hydrated all the time. And having a water bottle at hand all the time is a way to ensure that they drink enough water, especially on hot days.

Thus, it’s crucial to invest in a good water bottle. Look for bottles that don’t leak, are easy to clean, and hold enough water to last an entire day.

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General School Supplies

Pencil & Pen

pencil for kids

Maxi Neon Triangular Graphite Pencil, AED: 14


School supply globally consists of pens and pencils. They make the base foundation of the writing process in school. Additionally, pencils and pens help in the development of the fine motor skills of your kids. So, having a reliable number in your kid’s school supply is a must. Available in attractive colors, this set of graphite pencils is a perfect choice. Grab these premium quality pencils at a discounted rate by using the exclusive “RAK15”.

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notebook for kids

Marvel Spiderman Secret Notebook, AED: 40.5


In the wake time when educational institutes are making use of electrical devices, notebooks offer several educational benefits. Children start using a notebook at an early age. From penning down their thoughts, and feelings to recording facts in writing and sketches, a notebook is a necessity for every task. To save on your notebook purchase use these codes.

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Erasers for kids

Tiger Tribe Unicorn Erasers, AED: 18.75

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Who says back to school has to be plain and boring? Get your kids these cute and colorful unicorn erasers and make the learning and writing process more fun. This set of 4 unicorn erasers is an ideal component for drawing and writing at home and school. Packed in a little rainbow magic gift box, these erasers also make a great gift for your little ones. To browse for more erasers for any age click here. Use the code “BF97” and get 10% off your purchase.

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Pencil sharpener

Sharpner for kids

Smily Kiddos Sharpener, AED: 22.5

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When it comes to keeping writing tools sharp, a portable sharpener is a must-have school supply. For school opt for a smaller and safe option and for the home you can consider an electric one. Some sharpener like this blue number comes with dust storage, which can be cleaned regularly.

As this product has a small motor gadget installed in it, it’s not suitable for kids under 3 years. It also has a safety slot for various functions. Besides, its eccentric design is bound to seize every kid’s attention.

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Folder for kids

GRETAL A4 Paper Accordion Document Organize Folder, AED: 15

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Help your kids to keep their paper works like loose sheets, artwork, projects, and classwork safe and organized in a paper or plastic folder. Made of high-quality material, this plastic folder is perfect for school use. It contains 5 expandable pockets and a tab position for organized labels. Additionally, you can grab this at the price of just AED 15. For extra discount use the code “BKS15OFF” and get 15% off your purchase.

Art Supplies


Crayons for kids

Multicolor Triangular Crayons, AED: 14.66


A box of colorful crayons is an amazing way to bring artistry and creativity to your little ones. It is a way to improve their creative mind and motor skills. For small hands to hold, opt for a set of crayons in standard colors on a thinner side, like this set. Easy to use, this set of colorful crayons is wear-resistant and durable, suitable for delicate hands. In addition to crayons, you can also pick out a set of colored pencils

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Highlighters for kids

ZEYAR Highlighter, AED: 56

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Studying oftentimes could get tough, especially when students are preparing for exams that require them to go through numerous pages of study materials.  This is when highlighters come in handy. Using highlighters to mark the important points and information is a problem-solving technique. Doing so saves time and makes studying more enjoyable. So, get them a quality set right away!

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Scissors for kids

Children Safety Craft Scissors, AED: 7.19

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Children in lower grades like preschool are mostly taught art and crafts, which often involve cutting papers with scissors. However, you need not be worried about it. You can get them a blunt one made with plastic like the one above for safety. Besides, you can also opt for rounded-tip scissors. And if your child is left-handed, there are pairs designated for them.

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Smock for kids

Long Sleeve Art Smock for Kids, AED: 29.35

A smock aids to keep your child’s clothes clean during arts and crafts. It is an essential item, especially for kids in kindergartens and nurseries. A smock at hand allows children to play without the fear of getting their outfits messy. 

College dorm essentials

Shopping for college dorm essentials is different than shopping for kids in school. Apart from the back-to-school supplies mentioned above, college students also need other necessary supplies for their dorm. The list includes some of the items like a comforter, bedding, toiletries, a mini fridge, coffee maker, etc. You can browse for the essentials here. To save on your college dorm essentials use these exclusive codes:




Some students require devices like calculators, which run on AA or AAA batteries. As batteries have a specific limit, it’s essential to provide them with a backup, so that their work doesn’t get hindered. So, we recommend purchasing a pack of long-lasting batteries, just in case your child needs it.

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Face Mask & Hand sanitizer

To help maintain hygiene, it’s important to supply your kids with sanitary liquids and face masks. Especially, after the world is still reeling from the aftereffect of the pandemic, it’s important to maintain precautions. Plus, these items can also prevent the spread of germs that may lead to colds and flu.

Tech gear

Tech has become an essential component of learning for both in-person and at-home learning. Students in higher grades mostly need a laptop or tablet for various purposes. In addition to that, the list also consists of gadgets like headphones, chargers, graphing calculators, blue light glasses, portable keyboards, and more. Items like scanners won’t be necessary for every age group, but they’ll be of service for students in high school and college Besides, all these gears also make great gifts.

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