A stroll through the garden is so relaxing. Imagine, having one inside your own little space. Believe it or not, you can build, grow, and customize greenery inside your house with living, breathing garden supplies.

What is an indoor garden?

Indoor Gardening Supplies

Indoor garden, as the name suggests, is growing little plants and shrubs inside your house. Growing plants in an enclosed area, apartments, office spaces, and even at restaurants have become a common practice, thanks to the benefits, it is not just an ornamental piece.

Benefits of indoor gardening

benefits of indoor gardening

Indoor gardening comes with a plethora of benefits. Though they are overall pleasant and fun to be around, let’s talk about the major ones:

  1. Get your fresh produce: If you love cooking with fresh herbs and spices, you can have your own little herb counter in the kitchen. You can also grow vegetables, with proper indoor garden supplies.
  2. Emotional support: Plants can be your own little therapists to create an ambient aura naturally. Nurturing the plants and seeing them grow will invoke a sense of compassion and care.
  3. Pretty Decor: An anthophilous knows the charm of the colors of blooming flowers. A windowsill full of succulents just adds a vibrant touch to your entire household.
  4. Natural air purifier: As we all know that during the process of photosynthesis, plants take in oxygen and leave out carbon dioxide. In addition to that, many plants also help in the purification of toxins, dust, and germs too.

The benefits go both ways, not just us, plants also benefit from being indoors. There is a favorable control in weather, protection from pests, and an extended growing period in their lives.

Best indoor garden supplies to build your own garden

Setting up your own personal indoor garden can sound hectic at first, but it’s worth it. CouponCodesME brings along a list of the must-have best indoor garden supplies from AliExpress. We also offer you the best deals and offers across all sites.

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Seed trays

Seed trays are the first basic indoor garden supply. It is the traditional way to start setting your indoor garden because they are very economical on space and soil. The tray depth is a couple of inches deep so you may need to pick out the seedlings as they grow and get seated into pots.

Best Indoor garden supplies

Price: AED 16.79

Hydroponic soilless pot

Hydroponic is relatively new and an improved option in indoor garden supplies. Here, the plant roots have direct access to the nutrients solution, hence the energy needed for root expansion is conserved. This energy is rather used in the increased rate of growth.

It is observed that hydroponic plants yield higher food production than average soil plants.

Best indoor garden supplies

Indoor garden hydroponic system

Price: AED 337.45


Pressure sprayers are versatile, with the mist droplets they can reach every nook and corner including the crevices of plant parts. It is necessary for pest control, you can spray the minimal and right amount of insecticide to the plant in the essential spots.

Indoor garden sprayer

Bonsai sprinkle bottle


Fertilizers are important not just in indoor garden supplies but in the world gardening front. Plants need to be fertilized, as the soil or the hydroponic system may not provide the essential nutrients for optimum growth.

Indoor garden supplies

Domestic horticulture fertilizer

Fertilizing your garden ensures nutrient requirements of the plants are met.

Watering can

A compact, easy-to-use water can is the best choice. A portable container will be your perfect companion and provide a gentle sprinkle. Such that, your plants are watered but not harmed.

Indoor garden supplies

Long mouth water can

Price: AED 27.44

Hand pruners

A pair of good hand pruners is extremely important in indoor garden supplies. Pruning promotes plant health, it will help you remove dead and infected plant parts. Ensuring the natural shape and vivid growth for your plants.

Indoor garden supplies

Garden grafting pruners

Price: AED 27.70

Vine support

If you love vines and creepers, it is suitable for you to opt for trellis support. Support brackets are an important part of indoor garden supplies for vines. You can choose a pot-sized support bracket or clippers.

Indoor garden supplies

Climbing vine rack

Price: AED 10.29

Enjoy your time in the garden, de-stress yourself in the process. Take care of yourself, stay fit with handy gym tools, homeschool your kids, and give them time to play.

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