The World Expo 2020 Dubai finally began on October 1st, 2021 after a year-long waiting, thanks to the pandemic. Nevertheless, you can now check out our best Expo 2020 deals and not miss the wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful city and its marvel.

About Expo 2020

The grand event is going to continue till March 31st, 2022, with 191 countries participating and 200+ restaurants at the venue. Each day will hold up to 60 shows for you to enjoy. The theme of the event is centered around “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future”. It also consists of three principal sub-themes – Sustainability, Opportunity, and Mobility. You can also read more about what to expect at the World Expo 2020 Dubai here. We are a hundred percent sure that a lot of people across the globe are looking forward to experiencing this majestic event. It has only been a week since the expo started, and thank goodness that there are 5 months and 3 weeks more left to make the most out of it.

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Budget-Friendly Travel Itinerary – Best Expo 20 Deals

If you are one of those who prefer traveling on a budget, it might seem quite overwhelming to figure out how to plan out your travel itinerary to Expo 2020. CouponCodesME was aware that such a scenario would come up and hence we have already figured it out for you beforehand. Check out the most budget-friendly itinerary to World Expo 2020 at just AED 450.


Entry Ticket Prices

Best Expo 20 Deals

First things first, let’s just discuss the most important aspect of visiting the event, ie, the ticket pricing. For a budget traveler who wants to have a swift taste of the event, we suggest you go for a standard day pass that would not cost you more than 95 AED per head. You can choose the days you want to visit according to your own preference. Just to let you know there is also an option for a 30-day multi-visit pass of 195 AED and a six-month season pass of 495 AED. Visitors below the age of 18 and above 60 are allowed entry free of charge. Now that’s a very generous move, isn’t it?

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Best of deals on Accommodations

Another important aspect of a touristy venture is to figure out a roof above your head. It is quite true that there are very few options when it comes to accommodations, especially if you are seeking relatively cheaper accommodations at the Expo site. In that case, we have you covered too. The Expo region is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is precisely situated in the South Dubai region and relatively closer to the major International Airports of the region.

Insider Tips

Best Expo 20 Deals


We suggest you choose a place that is equidistant to the tourist places people generally visit. In this case, you want a place that is close enough to the airport as well as the Expo site. Your Google maps skills are going to come in very handy here. However, we suggest you check out ‘Al Barsha’ as it is only 23.3 km away from the Expo site. It has top-rated hotel apartments at prices as low as 255 AED per night. You can do the laundry and catering services on your own and thus save your money. The other cheaper alternatives are Deira, Creek, or Garhoud.

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Best of Local Transport Options

Best Expo 20 Deals

When it comes to budget local commute, Dubai is very efficient. Dubai metros are the cheapest means of transport that will take you a long way in saving up your money. Children are not charged a single penny while the adults won’t have to spend more than 3 AED (at least to the Expo site). Other cheaper alternatives are bus stops and tram stations. Tickets are applicable for all Roads and Transport authority services and passengers will be charged based on the number of zones covered.

On weekdays trains services opens at 5.15 AM whereas on Fridays it is 8 AM.

Taxi services through Careem Apps are available that would charge you around 50 AED, but why take the costlier option when the cheaper alternatives are easily available? Use the codes available on our page to get further discounts on your bookings.

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Affordable Foods and Drinks to try out

Best Expo 20 Deals

There are a plethora of dining options at the World Expo 2020. The event hosts high-end restaurants and cuisines curated by premium world-class chefs. However, with 191 countries participating, each bringing its own set of culture-specific cuisine with 200+ outlets. Therefore, there is very little left to one’s imagination with the range of culinary choices to be explored. You can get affordable street-style foods at places are Filipino Hot Spot Dampa Sea Food Grill and Ravi Restaurant straight out of Pakistan and many more. One can easily find a sumptuous meal @80 AED at the in-house dining court at each of the Pavillions.

You can also have your favorite meals delivered to you by Uber Eats. Use these discount codes for maximum savings.

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You see, money doesn’t have to be a major hurdle to having the best traveling experience. Does it? For similar content make sure to follow CouponCodesME and get updated offers and promo codes to save further on your booking endeavors. Hope you have the most amazing Expo 20 trip to Dubai with our suggestions on Best Expo 20 Deals.

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