Makeup is like art— the more you dabble, the more you learn. With this art, there are no boundaries, age, gender or color. Only your satisfaction and perfection is heightened. Yes, we know, if you’re here, you’re most likely to not know some products but that also means you want to learn! That’s more important than anything. We are here to help you find the right makeup products and the perfect beginner’s makeup guide to let you start on this journey! CouponCodesME brings this beginner’s makeup guide for you to test on and show us the looks you create!

Beginner’s makeup guide: What products to use and how?

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The first rule in the beginner’s makeup guide is to buy makeup products from trusted brands. Cheap products are full of harmful synthetic chemicals that could easily cause long-lasting skin conditions.

Of course! We don’t mean you have to go for boujee or very high-end products. You can use drugstore brands as well! For today, we will be uncovering hidden gems stored in

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Base makeup products:

1. Primer

Beginner's makeup guide

Primer is the first step of the beginner’s makeup guide. This will create an even base for further makeup application. Oil control diminishes pores and protection against free radicals. In short, it’s your first line of defense!

There are primers with both dewy and matte finish. You can choose according to your skin type. For beginners, our pick is the K7L Face Primer.

2. Foundation

Beginner's makeup guide

Foundations have a huge range of coverage as well as shade. So, relax, you can find your perfect match. Basically, foundations even outs your complexion throughout your face. You can hide acne, freckles or other blemishes with a full coverage foundation.

Our choice would be the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation.

Tip: try to match the color of the neck.

3. Concealer

Beginner's makeup guide

Concealer is designed to… conceal! You guessed it right. Sometimes the foundation fails to hide dark circles and blemishes. Then, the concealer comes into play!

Concealers come in a range of coverage and finishes, so you can choose according to your skin type. Our pick is the Maybelline New York Fit me concealer. Buy it here.

4. Contour

Beginner's makeup guide

Contour Revolution – Sculpting Palette

Contouring time! Contours help to chisel and show off your facial features. The typical areas to contour are the cheekbones, forehead and nose. These give off an illusion of shadow with the cool, brownish-greyish undertone.

Powder contours are easier and much sorted out in the beginner’s makeup guide. Liquid and crème formulas give off more natural color, so you can try them out later or use both.

Our pick is the Wow Beauty Forward Contour Revolution – Sculpting Palette.

5. Bronzer

Beginner's makeup guide

If you like a sunkissed glow, then a bronzer is the right product. It is quite similar to contour in applications, but it is more natural-looking. The warm undertones can help you achieve the fake tan of a nice vacay!

Try the Benefit Hoola lite as your bronze.

6. Highlighter

Beginner's makeup guide

You can highlight the high points of your face, with a glowing finish. Highlighters have a shimmery formula, which can range from dewy to a blinding finish!

They come in either powder, cream or liquid form. For beginners, the powder is the easiest one to follow, but gel highlighters can be a good choice with better pay off Our pick is the Maybelline New York Chrome Jelly Highlighter.

7. Setting powder

Beginner's makeup guide

Setting powder is used to “set” your makeup in place. Wake and bake in the beauty world are based on setting powder. The “bake” is usually for your under eyes, such that, it has a brightening finish and the concealer stays in place.

It either has a translucent or skin tone color. The powder is easy to apply and prevents your makeup to crease. Try out Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder to literally bake your skin. Buy it here.

8. Blush

Beginner's makeup guide

Blush creates the blushing, flushed look. It is either a cream, powder or liquid-based product. The powder is the easiest, like most products.

Try Benefit Georgia BOP Mini, to be as sweet as Georgia peach.

Tip: always apply it after foundation and powder.

Eye makeup products

Beginner's makeup guide

You can find the best eye and brow makeup from Faces, right here.

1. Eyeshadow primer

Eyeshadow primers are the base for eyeshadow applications. You can do without it, for daily use. It helps in helping the color popping all day long and even saves you from tinting from high pigmented products.

2. Eyeshadow

Here comes the most colorful part of the beginner’s makeup guide. Eyeshadows are colored powder in every color imaginable. Matte, shimmer, glitter, or duo-chrome (you can have two colors depending on the light).

You can blend and create any look you desire with the eyeshadow palettes with different themes.

Tip: Always check the pigment payoff. The higher the pigment concentration, the lesser the product will be used and it will last you longer.

3. Eyeliner: Liquid, gel, pencil

Eyeliners are used to define and flatter the shape of your eyes. It is used on the contours of your eye, delivering a more aesthetic and pretty look.

They come in liquid, gel and pencil form. The liquid and gel eyeliners are easy to apply to the outer lid of the eye. Whereas, the pencil eyeliner can be used on the lower lid.

4. Mascara

Mascara helps in the thickening and lengthening of lashes. They create a fuller and better look of eyelashes. Adding a little drama and grace to your daily routine!

Brow products

1. Brow pencil

Brow pencil basically helps you create your desired brow shape in a more natural look. They come in a classic pencil look or a waxy formula.

Tip: finer the tip, the more precise is your application.

2. Brow gel

Brow gel keeps your unruly brow hair in place. You can use a translucent brow gel or opt for some colored ones. The tinted brow gel adds definition and thickness to your brows.

3. Brow powder

After figuring out the definite flattering brow shape with your brow pencil, the brow powder helps to fill it out. You can fill up the sparse areas where the brow hairs are lesser.

Tip: Use brow powder which has color closer to your hair color

Lip products

Beginner's makeup guide

You can find the lip products from the best brands on Faces, here. Find the perfect match for yourself and give your lips the love they deserve.

1. Lipstick

Lipsticks provide color and protection to your lips. Most of the lipsticks have a hydration effect as well. The classic lipsticks come in a bullet form solid stick style.

In recent years, liquid lipsticks have made their mark. They are easier to apply with a soft brush and last longer than the classic lipsticks.

2. Lip gloss

An intense shine lip product, which gives a plumping effect to your lips. It can be translucent as well as tinted.

3. Lipliner

Lipliners are used to contour the lips to give a fuller pout. You can also use to line your lips to prevent bleeding of the lipstick. It will make the application of lipstick much easier and efficient.

Hope you loved our beginner’s makeup guide and we wish that you feel as flawless as your makeup! Now practice those skills more and have fun! There you go. Now get your makeup right and get that perfect selfie with these must-have smartphone accessories.