The sun’s out and so will the kids from school for their summer break.  Like every other parent, you must be looking for ways to keep them busy during this hot and humid time with fun summer activities. The kids are probably most ecstatic about not having to wake up so early and about not having to do any school work. Everyone is seeking enjoyable activities they can do as a family and new experiences they may have.

 Don’t let your kids get bored during the summer break. Get them moving and staying creative with these top 10 summer activities for children of all age groups. With all of these exciting activities, the entire family will be able to play and create memories this summer.

1. Fun Pool Days

summer activities for kids dubai uae middle east

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What’s the first thing which comes to your mind when you think about summer and kids? We can’t think of anything other than fun pool days. The most sought-after activity that is easy, fun, and doesn’t require you to get out of the house. Kiddie Pools/Inflatable pools are a great way to let the children “splish-splash” and have the time of their lives during peak summers. 

The best thing is that even you as a parent can be a part of the fun. Order this Family Inflatable Swimming Pool from Amazon at just AED 139.99 only. You can also avail the Eid Sale with up to 50% Off on select items. Additionally, you get an extra 25% when you use the code “PRIME25” at checkout.

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2. Adventurous Day Out

Dubai green planet

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In UAE the summer climate outdoors can be quite challenging. But that doesn’t mean it should stop you and the kids from a fun adventurous day out once in a while.  Don’t be missing out on nature’s splendors!  The Green Planet; A dazzling indoor rainforest, at City Walk, is an engineering and architectural marvel. You can see the wonderful beauty of nature right in the middle of this desert metropolis. It is also home to over 3,000 flora and animals that the kids are sure to love and will be fascinated by. 

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3. Beach Days 

summer activities for kids dubai uae

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What’s a summer break without taking your kids out to the beach? Beach days are one of the best times to explore the outdoors and have some real fun in sand and water. Let this year’s summer at the beach be a little more out of the box. How about hosting a fun Sand Castle building competition amongst the children? Surprise them with a Beach Sand Kit from Amazon at just AED 164.  Here is why we recommend it:

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  • Made from BPA-free recycled plastics
  • Includes all accessories for a happy and memorable beach play

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4. Plant A Garden

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Allowing the kids to assist you in the garden is a great approach to getting them involved. They’ll have a blast digging holes and planting the fruits and vegetables. They will be watering them and looking to see what has grown on a daily basis keeping them interested throughout the summer.

 It’s also a good opportunity to get children to try new things. You might even get them to eat new veggies that they might not have tried otherwise. This Gardening Tools Set  from Amazon for kids is the perfect way to start on a unique and memorable summer activity at just AED 158.38

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5. Invite Friends For A Sleepover

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Can you recall, as a kid much did you love having sleepovers with your friends? Well, now is the time for your child to relive it. This summer, Let your children curate a guest list of a few pals as well as a menu of preferred dishes and snacks. They have the freedom to stay up late playing video games and eating junk food. They will treasure and appreciate these summer memories for the rest of their lives. It also allows children to stay in touch with their friends during the summer.

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6. Blowing Bubbles

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If there’s one thing that goes hand in hand, then that’s kids and bubbles! A classic summer activity associated with children, having a fun backyard playtime in the afternoon hours can be a great activity for the kids. Bubble wands come in all packs of all shapes, sizes, and colors nowadays which can be used for many occasions with the kids. The Oojami 12 Pack Bubble Wand is the perfect fit for days when you as a parent would also want to relive your childhood days with the kids. Retailing at AED 85.37 only on Amazon, grab it before it’s gone. 

7. Making Popsicles

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Summers can get quite cruel with their humidity making us and especially the kids slow on hydration and glucose. A fun way to make sure the children are full of energy and hydrated would be to have a popsicle-making activity once every week. The kids can choose their favorite fruits to add to the popsicle along with any other type of edibles that would go in it. It’s a far better and healthier alternative than the store-bought ones.  

You can get this Eleganted Ice Cream Mold Silicone Popsicle from Amazon at AED. 40.88 only, it comes as a piece of 6 and is in bright colors. For additional discounts on your shopping, use coupon code “PRIME15” and get up to 25% Off on Amazon.

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8. Hula-Hoops

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It takes quite a lot of effort to make the kids do some exercise during the summer, especially in today’s generation where most of them are oftentimes glued to their iPad or TV screens. That’s where the hula-hoops come in. Hooping is also beneficial to one’s cardiovascular health. Children can benefit from playing with hoops in a variety of ways. Gross motor abilities, balance, body awareness, muscle coordination, and rhythm are all aided by it. Apart from the health benefits, hooping is a lot of fun and a great summer activity for the kids.

For just AED 59.00 on Amazon, this two-piece Hula-Hoop set is the perfect kit for your kids to get started on. 

9. Spelling Activity Books

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Just because it’s the summer holidays doesn’t mean that your kids have to fully lose touch with learning, in fact, every parent should incorporate a learning activity based on books which would be of hello when their child is back to school. Spelling game activities are one of the best choices for that, Early reading abilities are developed through the use of fun puzzles that teach letter recognition, word building, and spelling and all this is possible with the Play Poco Spelling Puzzle which has over 150 unique puzzles to learn from.

Grab it on Amazon for AED 19.00 only along with the voucher code “PRIME15” at check out to avail of some extra discounts. 

10. DIY Arts & Crafts 

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Last but the most loved old school summer activity which never goes out of style is DIY arts and crafts. Children’s self-confidence is boosted through arts and craft activities that instill a sense of accomplishment and pride in them. The ability of a child to construct whatever he or she wants also encourages creativity. Get your hands on this amazing DIY Arts & Craft set from Amazon at AED 54.99 only, it comes with 1000 pieces that can be used for home and school projects.

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We hope this article helped you gather enough ideas for the kids to keep them active and busy. While we wish you a happy and fun-filled summer it can be quite challenging meeting expenses for the summer holidays and that’s where you can take the help of CouponBot; a Google chrome extension that helps you get the best deals in the Middle East automatically. Save both time & money this summer and have a good one with the kids.

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