The holy festival of Eid Al Adha or Eid ul Adha is a few months away and we bring you the most unique eid gift ideas.

Eid Al Adha, also known as the “Feast of sacrifice” falls on June 17 this year. It is one of Islam’s most important holidays, with celebrations typically lasting three to four days. Millions of Muslims celebrate the holiday across the globe in various ways. Traditionally, on this day a symbolic animal sacrifice is made which is divided and shared equally among friends and family.

Apart from that, communal prayers, charitable donations, and giving gifts are also performed during the holy celebration. And, as loved ones reunite to observe the sacred celebration, exchanging gifts is a ritual. Addition to, presenting gifts is also a simple gesture of conveying your affection. Hence, to mark the divine occasion of Eid Al Adha, we have curated a list of unique eid gift ideas for your loved ones. So if you’re scouring for excellent eid gifts for friends and family, give this article a quick read.

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Eid Al Adha 2024: unique gift ideas for your friends and family

Whether you’re celebrating the Eid-al-Adha festival at home, visiting relatives, or planning a weekend getaway with friends, one thing you cannot forget about is an eid gift. As Eid is just around the corner, there are so many things on everyone’s minds. Typically, cash is usually given as a token of a gift. However, with time people often opt for something more personalized and exciting.

So if you’re scouring the stores for thoughtful gifts, we have got you as always. Scroll down to explore our basic guide to unique eid gifts for family and friends.

Be it for your family, friends, or colleagues, we have something for everyone.

Eid deals

1. Box of sweet treats

eid gift ideas

Premium Arabic Sweets Box, AED: 109

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As sweets and chocolates are a crucial part of any festivity, a box of sweet treats makes an amazing Eid gift. Whether you’re reuniting with your relatives or are invited to a traditional feast, gift something thoughtful that the host will appreciate. Besides that, sweets and chocolates are something that even the kids will appreciate.

Aside from the eid chocolate box and sweets gifting a box full of traditional local delicacies make a perfect treat for any occasion. You can also opt for a box filled with healthy treats like nuts and dry fruits. For an extra personal touch, you can also DIY and prepare a customized Eid gift basket or a hamper.

2. Toys for kids

LEGO Friends Mobile Tiny House 41735 – 785 Pieces, AED: 238.94

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Eid Al- Adha is just a couple of days away and more than you, your kids might be more excited. Part of the reason for their excitement is because they are gifted ‘Eidi’, which is a monetary gift tucked inside money envelopes. However, this season you can try something different, and instead of giving them just a token amount of cash, buy something exciting for your little ones.

Especially, if your kids are young, getting money wouldn’t be as exciting as getting a brand new toy. Kids are the happiest when they receive toys as gifts, so this Eid quenches their festive excitement. Options like stuffed toys, Lego, hero figurines, and doll houses make an excellent eid gift for kids. You can even go for education that will help develop and stimulate their learning process. To browse for a wide selection of toys for kids of all ages, visit here.

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3. Clothing Essentials

Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress: AED:699

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Something is refreshing and exciting in the ambiance of festivals. And since ‘Eid’ signifies happiness, you would possibly want to gift something that’s not just pleasing to the eyes but is also worth remembering. So if you’re looking for long-lasting eid gift ideas that will make this Eid classy for your loved ones, then gifting clothing essentials is the best option. Considering purchasing a new pair of shoes? Use an Amazon Fashion Coupon Code to reduce the cost of your purchases.

Clothes come in several style preferences that can be stapled in their wardrobe for many. And each time they wear the item, they will think of you. Additionally, gifting a clothing item also shows how well you know the person. So whether you are looking for an eid gift for wife, husband, mother, father, kids, or any other relatives, choose something in their favorite color. And, since sustainable fashion has massively risen, you can choose something stylish and eco-friendly like this elegant maxi dress from The Giving Movement.

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4. Grooming products for men

eid gifts ides

5 in 1 Multifunctional Trimmer Set for Men, AED: 89.99

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Apart from clothing items, gifting can also revolve around personal care items. So, instead of gifting something boring like a pack of socks, you can settle down for something practical and useful. And even if, the men in your life are fairly picky, just about anyone will appreciate the addition of brand-new products in their grooming arsenal. Items like electric razors, disposable blades, skin care products, and fragrances make perfect Eid gift options. Use a Amazon Electronics Promo Code to save money right now.

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5. Religious Books

eid gift ideas

Stories of the Prophets: Illustrated Manuscripts of Qisas Al-Anbiya

As religious books hold various aspects of culture and religion, they make a great traditional Eid gift.  Books with Islamic moral stories, teachings, and stories about Prophet can be gifted to kids. They are an excellent way to cultivate their young minds with Islamic knowledge and religious sentiments. Islamic books like Qisas Al-Anbiya, Stories of the Prophet in the Holy Quran book, etc can be considered beautiful gifting items. You can easily find these books at any online store. You can also opt for other gifts like an activity book or a traditional prayer mat or a Muslim prayer rug.

6. Charitable gifting

Eid al adha gift ideas

One of the blessings of Eid is that the festival strengthens ties and brings the whole community together as one. Eid is not only an opportunity to fetch a smile to your loved one’s face but also for someone who is in need. And since charitable donations are one of the essences of the festival, helping the lesser fortunes is the best Eid gift one can ever gift. By doing so, the needy and less fortunate will be able to celebrate the eid celebration with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

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7. Electronic gadgets

eid gift ideas


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Gadgets are undoubtedly some of the most sought-after gifting items these days. And no matter what the interest of your loved ones are, there is something perfectly crafted to what they want. So whether you’re shopping for a gadget-obsessed friend or a family member, give them a thrill of surprise. Based on their taste, preferences, and need, you can easily decide what to gift them this Eid.

Tech numbers like Bluetooth speakers, AirPods, wireless headphones, Macbooks, and laptops are some of the top eid gift picks.

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8. Tea and coffee hampers

Vedic Royal Tea Set with Assorted Teas, AED: 520

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Teas and coffee are wonderful tokens of nature prepped with multiple benefits. A box of assorted teas and coffees has been a particularly popular gifting staple, especially during the festive season. They carry a palatable essence filled with wellness and comfort. Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and much more, adopting them into your lifestyle regime is a gift towards mindfulness. So, if you have friends and family members who enjoy drinking tea and coffee, then giving them a gift box or bag full of flavors would be perfect.

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9. Something handmade

handmade eid gift

Handmade Round Cartoon Lamb Wall Decor, AED: 136.63

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If you are into arts and crafts and want something to prepare yourself, then you can always DIY and make a personalized eid gift. You can even involve your little ones to help you to prepare for the occasion. Apart from that, making your gift adds extra value to the gift. Some of the good options would be a DIY eid card, handmade decor items like hanging ornaments, treat bags and boxes, or even gift hampers or baskets.

You can also opt for homemade scented candles or soap, and make them yourselves. If you don’t know how to get started, there are plenty of ideas out there. So, this Eid takes out some spare time and make something creative and thoughtful for your loved ones.

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10. Something Homemade

eid gift ideas

almond babousa. Recipe down below:

Since the holy occasion of Eid is just around the corner, cooking a nice homemade delicacy for your loved ones will add a nice personal touch. Cook something sweet and savory that everyone can enjoy that you can also gift it to your loved ones packed in a treat box or bag. However, make sure that you cook it in bulk so that there is enough for everyone. There are a lot of homemade eid gift ideas. And our eid inspired dessert for you is this easy, almond basbousa recipe that will leave everyone craving for more.

Almond Babousa: Ingredients

200 g butter, melted

400ml condensed milk

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

320g semolina

100 g ground almond

250 ml water

vanilla syrup


First, start by preheating the oven to 190 C. Then mix the butter, condensed milk, and baking powder in a bowl. Add semolina, almond and water then stir until they are well mixed. Pour the mixture into a baking tin, and bake it for 35 mins. Remove the basbousa from the oven and pour vanilla syrup over it. Refrigerate it until it cools down. You can then cut it into slices and garnish it with freshly chopped almond flakes or choco chips. For gifting, store it in an airtight container.

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Gifting is an important tradition that has been part of Islamic culture. It’s never a good idea to show up empty-handed at someone’s home for a festive feast or eid party. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, even a small gift like a flower box, flower bouquets, or sweets for the kids of the hosts will be much appreciated. You can even send gifts to your distant relatives if you can’t visit them. We hope that our list of eid gift ideas helped you get some idea of what to get for your loved ones. Whatever, you decide to pick, make sure to spread joy and enthusiasm. Happy Eid Al-Adha!