Self care is important, we cannot stress it enough! The hectic work schedule or daily task always tend to come in between your beauty regime. Those are important as well, so we decided why not have a balance? We found effortless beauty products for you to try out, to make it easier, faster and much more fun for you.

Effortless beauty products that you should absolutely try!

Beauty routine

When we say “effortless beauty products”, we mean efficient, time saving and satisfying products. There will no point if it makes your wallet uneasy, right? Here at CouponCodesME, we have the best deals, we can offer!

We have lined up the products for you, from Feelunique, a wholesome supplier for your sustainable skincare and beauty essentials. FYI, you can used the code FEU99 to get 10% off everything!

1. Overnight face mask

Effortless beauty products

Face masks have this one con, that we all dread. You can’t laugh, speak clearly, or else it will crack. An overnight face mask is the best! You can slap it on your face, go to sleep, wake up and wash it off.  It’s that easy.

Our pick is the Oh K! Overnight Hydration Sleep Mask. You will be waking up to bright, smooth and healthy-looking skin. Price: AED 29.

2. Nose strips

Effortless beauty products

Remove your blackheads and cleanse your nose pores while you do your daily morning routine. Just rinse the nose trip, place it on your nose, let it dry and pull it off.

No more face scrub or exfoliator for those stubborn blackheads. Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips are the true effortless beauty products that we vouch for. Price: AED 45.

3. Shampoo and scalp massager

Effortless beauty products

A good hair and scalp massage is the best way to relax. Why should your fingers go through the oily and aching phase while your scalp relaxes? God forbid if you have done a fresh manicure.

To solve this unwanted situation, we have the Kent Shampoo and Scalp Massage Brush. You can use it to get the shampoo to your roots as well!

Price: AED 14

4. Pimple and acne patch

Effortless beauty products

Serum, masks and acne treatments are effective but take quite a lot of time to fit in a daily makeup routine. When you wake up and there is one pimple saying Ohayo back to you, you can’t simply pull out a 10 step skincare routine.

Acne and pimple patches are the best effortless beauty products in this case! They are highly adhesive hydrocolloid patch which blends into the skin color. Your acne will disappear without a scar. Our pick is the COSRX AC Collection Acne Patch. It has Centella Asiatica, which will soothe and calm your skin. Price: AED 37

5. Sheet mask

Effortless beauty products

You have heard of sheet masks, well, who hasn’t? They have been everyone’s favorite, rightfully so. Your skin gets hydrated, moisturized and brightened in less than 15 mins.

You just need to lie down and relax. The active ingredients such as amino acids and flavonoids are here to take care of your skin. Unwind your stress from a hectic day with Oh K! Hydrating Bamboo Water Sheet Mask. Price: AED 16

6. Hydrating mist

Effortless beauty products

Give yourself a pump of freshness and hydration throughout the day. You can perk up tired-looking skin, prep your skin for face makeup, set your makeup or just have a boost of freshness anytime you like.

Our pick is the Milani Rosewater Hydrating Mist. Price: AED 74

7. Hair detangler

Effortless beauty products

No more pain cry and no more broken hair strands. Your hair will instantly turn brushable with a hair detangler. Detanglers are effortless beauty products which soften hair, smooth frizz and prevent breakage and damage.

Our choice is the Rahua Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier. It is scented with tropical passion fruit and mango. Smell like a snack and flip your gorgeous hair.

Hope you liked our list of effortless beauty products for you to try on. Enjoy the efficient method of doing your daily beauty regime. Don’t forget to show your skin, a little bit of love with skin hydration products.  Get in touch with me at