With COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic, it has been advised repeatedly to practice social distancing. Considering all schools, colleges, malls, and entertainment venues are being shut down, it is best suggested you stay home and self-quarantine.

However, just staying indoors does not necessarily guarantee one hundred percent safety. You still have to be on your toes when it comes to taking precautions. Also, staying indoors does not mean you have to compromise on your fitness. Do keep in mind the pros and cons you might face while staying at home for such a long time.

CouponCodesME presents to you some items available on amazon. ae and kul.com that we think will/might be necessary during all your days of staying in.


Quarantine Measures CouponCodesMe

Fever being one of the common symptoms of Coronavirus Disease, having a thermometer handy is a must. Keep a constant check on your body temperature and seek medical help if at any point in time your body temperature rises during this period of self-quarantine. Digital thermometers provide fast and accurate readings as opposed to conventional mercury thermometers. Get this Digital Body Thermometer from amazon. ae for both children and adults for precisely accurate fever measurements.

Weighing Scale

Quarantine Measures CouponCodesMe

Social distancing means not even going to the gym. However, this doesn’t mean you neglect your health and fitness. Home workouts can be effective to a certain extent but with all the indoor staying, it’s a sure thing you won’t be able to get all the workouts you normally do while going to the gym. Keep a weighing scale at home to keep a track of your weight so you know when to up your home workout game or check on your meal portions. Get a weighing scale of your choice from kul.com.

Hand Sanitizers, Anti-Bacterial Sprays, and Washes

Quarantine Measures CouponCodesMe

It has been advised time and again to wash our hands with soap and water as often as possible. We tend to touch parts of our face with our hands, knowingly or unknowingly most of the time. Using sanitizers as well as washing your hands with soap/handwash containing alcohol kills viruses that may be on your hands. Anti-bacterial handwash gently cleanses hands of dirt, impurities, and harmful germs. Get your stock of handwash, soaps, and sanitizers up-to-date from kul.com and stay safe.

Workout Essentials

Quarantine Measures CouponCodesMe

For all you gym-goers and fitness freaks, self-quarantine must be such a suffocating period for you. As much as being indoors is necessary right now, you don’t need to compromise on your workouts and fitness routine. You can have your home gym with all the equipment delivered to your doorstep. From treadmills to yoga mats to dumbbells, amazon. ae has it all covered for you.

Foot Massager

Quarantine Measures CouponCodesMe

Even if you are working from home, don’t beat yourself up during the time you have to relax. All those long hours you spent commuting, you can now use for self-rejuvenation. For starters, you can get a foot massager to work on those achy heels, toes, arches, and ankles. Massaging the feet can help relax the entire body and can result in reduced back pain. Foot massagers often work on the nerves in the feet that run to other areas of the body. Get this Generic Foot Massager from kul.com for AED 280 and enjoy a nice massage. It helps in detoxification of the body and also treats headaches and fatigue. It comes with a remote control to change programs and speed.

Nintendo Switch Games

Quarantine Measures CouponCodesMe

Worried about getting bored during this period of self-quarantine? Fret not! Nintendo Switch has a whole host of games and software aimed at getting you off the couch. How about staying safe, playing games, and having a workout at the same time? Available on amazon. ae, Nintendo Switch Games are motion-based, so you can move while you play. Studies have shown that intense games on the Wii even burn calories.

Eat healthy, stay indoors and stay safe!