Tired of not getting your hair to stay the way you want it to after a shower? What you need is a good hair dryer to help you set your mane and style it in various ways. If you are looking for an ideal hair dryer to purchase, you have come to the right page. However, it is a known fact that there is no shortage of good to best hair dryers in the market. Therefore, what makes these Top 5 dryers from Amazon. ae different from the rest? To know, just keep reading.

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Hair DryerPrice
Remington D3190
273.40 AED.
Infintypro by Conair
175 AED
Revlon Pro Collection 20X Better Grip Turbo Hair Dryer
239 AED
Drybar Buttercup
720.92 AED
Dyson Supersonic
1400 AED

1. Remington D3190

best hair dryer

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Price: 273.40 AED

Remington D3190 does wonders to protect your hair from potential damage so that you can have healthy and silky-smooth hair. Especially if you have short, fine, and thin hair. It provides thrice the intensity of protection as compared to the other hair dryers. It is owing to its top-notch damage protection coating technology. Moreover, it also comes with three powerful combinations of ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline technology to ensure faster hair drying.

Finally, its features include a cold shot button, three heat settings, two speeds, and two attachments. The attachments have two options. The first is the diffuser and a concentrator that will work amazingly to fit your styling demands. It is lightweight and heats up the perfect amount to make your hair smooth. It performs excellently for the amount you’re paying, i.e. 273.40 AED. So book yours now.

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2. Infintypro by Conair

best hair dryer

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Price: 175 AED

You will be surprised to find out that this blow dryer is multi-functional. In other words, you can blow out the dust from the drawers and lockers, and other appliances. Infinitypro has a high wattage motor which will ensure that you can adjust the dryer to give out the desired amount of heat to provide you the best services ever. It offers quick drying with its majestic AC motors.

It also ensures minimum damage of hair owing to its infrared heat that is uniformly distributed. The ionic technology leaves your hair shiny with 75 percent less frizz. There are rocker switches with three heat levels and two speeds and a cold shot button to lock it curls and waves. Finally, it comes with a diffuser and a concentrator. 

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3. Revlon Pro Collection 20X Better Grip Turbo Hair Dryer

best hair dryer

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Price: 239 AED

Revlon Pro Collection 20X Better Grip Turbo Hair Dryer is a compact hair dryer and extremely lightweight and portable for travel purposes. It has a regular wattage of 1875 watts that has several stages of heat produced and thus you are one in control. You can decide the amount of heat you want to use depending on your personal preference or the texture of your hair. This hair dryer is definitely worth buying not only for the price you’re paying but also for the phenomenal performance that it offers.

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4. Drybar Buttercup

best hair dryer

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Price: 720.92 AED

Drybar Buttercup features an ultra-powerful 1875W motor and ionic technology that provides a shiny with minimum frizz within the time span of 10 minutes. It gives a neck-to-neck competition to other professional hair dryers. It also comes with a wave heater that ensures uniform distribution of heat. This is so far the most suitable hairdryer for all hair types and textures.

When it comes to nozzles it has two main options. One with a wider and the other with a narrower nozzle for a greater concentration of airflow. The wider nozzle is ideal for longer and thicker hair because it focuses on the airflow on a wider area. On the other hand, the narrow nozzle is perfect for the bangs and fringes. Moreover, there are three heat and two power settings that provide the desired blowout. This too is extremely lightweight and comfortable to hold.

5. Dyson Supersonic

best hair dryer

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Price: 1400 AED

This is not your regular hairdryer. It is one of the most talked-about hairdryers in the market. Dyson Supersonic has a high-power motor that blows a massive gush of hair that is definitely going to dry your hair efficiently. Despite that, it makes sure to protect your hair from any kind of damage so that your hair retains its natural shine. It measures its air temperature around 20 times per second to keep the temperature in check.

It comes with four heat settings and three-speed settings along with easy-to-handle magnetic attachments. You have three main options such as smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator, and a diffuser. This hairdryer is also equipped with a heat shield technology; therefore, you need to worry about burning your hands while coming in contact with the attachment surfaces. It is an extremely lightweight device where the convention is located in the head whereas the motor is in the handle. Much to your delight, it is not noisy as it is customized to create only one inaudible frequency.

So, these were our best five recommendations. For similar content make sure to follow CouponCodesME and also follow our social media handles to get updates on the latest products and offers. Until next time.

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