The ease in restrictions to slow the pace of the pandemic has begun. UAE, Jordan, and Iran are among those, who have partially lifted the lockdown restrictions. With strict guidelines on social distancing, some restrictions remain. One of which is children under 12 and people over the age of 60 from visiting shops and malls.

As the educational institutions and playschools are closed until further notice, there are not many options to entertain the kids. So, we found out, the essentials for fun kids’ activities for them to enjoy their summer staycation.

Before that, there are certain questions, such as “where can you take your kids, if anywhere at all? Or Why is the restrictions for kids under 12 only? Well, as are here to explain.”

Is COVID-19 dangerous for children?

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The research on COVID-19 is still going on. Relatively, the case number of children is less than adults. It was observed that the virus seems to cause a milder infection in children compared to adults. Though, cases are reporting severe symptoms in kids even after several weeks of infection. The symptoms may include fever, cough, belly pain, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, and dizziness.

Kids with other infections can have a harder time dealing with this virus. Make sure your kid is properly vaccinated.

Not just physically, COVID-19 has an adverse psychological effect on the kids too. They are likely to be experiencing worry, anxiety, and fear. With schools closed as of necessary measure, they have less opportunity to be with their peers, they lose the sense of stimulation. Hence, the social support for proper mental well-being is disrupted. Introducing fun kid activities during the lockdown in your child’s daily routine can be a positive trigger.

Where can you take your kids, if they are allowed out at all?

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Can a parent take the kid outside their home? Yes. Kids are permitted to leave home but only if they stay within the neighborhood. Parents accompany the kids for one to two hours at most. They must take the right precaution and strict social distancing measures.

Though the authorities have mentioned that children under the game of three shouldn’t go outside, if the parents could ensure their safety, then it is okay. Parents are advised to have self-quarantine precautionary measures to keep them and their children safe and healthy.

Summer staycation: fun kid activities during the pandemic

Having your kids around all day must have been tiring on you. Children demand constant attention and space to play. Now, the pandemic has constricted their playground to their bedroom, you have to come up with fun kid activities during lockdown to keep them engaged.

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It’s playtime!

Kid activities during lockdown

Playtime is one of the major parts of kids’ activities during the lockdown. With less to no contact between their friends and schoolmates, children may lose their social skills. Playtime allows kids to use their creativity and directly develops their imagination, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play becomes important to healthy brain development.

If you’re looking for toys for their playtime, Namshi has the best toys for kids in the Middle East.

Have a splash in the pool!

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Use the summer staycation to have a poolside party with your kids. Teach them how to swim! Swimming is not just fun, it comes along with many health benefits. Swimming keeps your child’s heart and lungs healthy. It also increased stamina and improves strength and flexibility. Along with it, balance and posture can be highly improved with these kids’ activities during the lockdown.

For beginners, we recommend the Sunny life Zebra Pool Floats.

Kid activities during lockdown

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Homeschooling can be fun

Kid activities during lockdown

Hey! Homeschooling is fun and efficient if you want it to be. Good homeschooling directly depends upon the parents. Right now, all the educational institutions are closed and there are only so many online classes that can do. Don’t compromise on your child’s growth and development.

Use the perfect ways to homeschool your kids in this dire state and turn learning into fun kid activities during the lockdown. Not just your kids, Almentor makes e-learning easier for any age group. (Learn more).

Play dress up!

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First of all, it’s summer, everybody deserves a revamp in their closet. Playing dress-up adds to the kid’s activities during lockdown because it isn’t just fun, it is an important activity. The kids use their imagination, gain confidence, and increase their vocabulary skills. Role-play and dramatic dress-up help kids develop an idea of how the real world works.

If you’re looking for a summer outfit for your kid, Namshi has a wide range of summer staycation outfits, you will like.

Check out the outdoor summer essentials, you need if you’re stuck at home. Be patient, the kids are missing many things, and they are fidgety. Relax, it will pass, till then, enjoy every moment with them. You never know when they grow up.