It’s almost given that we derive our inspiration from what’s hottest in trend at the mighty fashion runways. Some of the trends are practical for us to work with while some are not on a day-to-day basis. Winter trends are no different and without further ado, CouponCodesME brings to you all the wearable winter fashion trends of 2021. Let’s just get into it straight away from monochromes to knitted co-ordinated sets, faux leather long coats, and many more.

Hottest WinterTrends for 2021

Here is a sneak peek into the elements that are going to appear recurrently in the fashion trends of winter 2021.

  • Vibrant Statement Pieces – This winter is going to scream out loud with eye-catchy, bold, and vibrant colors just as it was during the fall season.
  • The most popular colors this season are Kelly Green and Mocha Brown.
  • Dark-washed denim is here to replace the lighter-washed denim of previous winter trends.
  • It’s all about balancing the chunky pieces with form-fitting silhouettes.

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1. Faux Leather Long Coats

winter fashion trends 2021

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Price:376 AED

Faux Leather Coats have always been one of the most preferred items to be worn in the winter season. However, last seasons were marked by double-breasted cropped biker jacket style. This winter, you will be noticing the same material but at a longer length, more of that like a trench coat fit. This item was spotted on a lot of fashion runway models as well as celebrities. This coat from Prettylittlething on VogaCloset fits the cup for what we are talking about.

2. Monochrome Co-ordinated knitted Sets

 winter fashion trends 2021

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Original Price:452 AED

Sale Price:294 AED

Another trend that is going to flatter every body type is the knitted monochromatic sets this winter 2021. The knitted sets like cardigans- trousers, cardigans-midiskirts are slaying everywhere. You can pair the one featured above from NastyGal on Vogacloset with the trench coat from the previous item in the list and you’re good to go. You should try it out.

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3. Lug Sole/ Chunky Boots

 winter fashion trends 2021

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Price:219 AED

Lug Sole/Chunky Boots are ruling the fashion hub this 2021 straight from the fall to right into the winter as well. You can style this pair to get that industrial and edgy look. You can also pair these H&M boots with the items listed in the first two positions to create that perfect sophisticated appearance. The color palette of these three items is going to work marvelously with each other. Do have a look at it.

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4. Solid One Piece Unitard

 winter fashion trends 2021

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Price: 99 AED

The solid one-piece form-fitting unitards, all thanks to Kim K was back right from the beginning of this year. It was seen worn by women during the summer and spring. Similarly, unitards have managed to make their way into the fall and now to the winter as well. It forms a perfect base to help you build your outfit from one layer to the other. Plus, it keeps you extra warm as it has little space for the chilly winter breeze to pierce your skin and keeps you sealed from head to toe. This H&M unitard is the jam here.

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5. Statement Jackets – Puffer

 winter fashion trends 2021

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Original Price: 454 AED

Sale Price: 395 AED

Puffer jackets were quite on-trend last season as well. Its versatility and the ability to keep you extra warm have also led to its resurgence in this winter of 2021. However, the only difference we’ve noticed is the shift in colors and patterns. Jackets this season are found to be more vibrant colors and patterned as well if you’re into flamboyant fashion. The one in Kelly Green featured above from VogaCloset is what your winter fashion wardrobe is craving. Check it out.

6. Darker Washed Denim Jeans

winter fashion trends 2021Buy Now

Price: 349 AED

The light-washed denim jeans of last season have been quickly restored by darker ones. From denim jackets to denim pants, everything we see on the street style this season is marked by darker tones. Here is the one from Levis on 6th Street that you should have a look at.

7. Hobo Bags

winter fashion trends 2021

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Price:118 AED

These bags are extremely versatile as it is neither too big nor too small for you to style. These bags are super in this season and hence have made it to the list.  Have a glance.

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8. Sheer Patterned Tights

winter fashion trends 2021

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Price:29 AED

You can show off your legs without having to freeze your bones to death as tights are back on-trend. We have spotted patterned tights a lot this season so you can join the bandwagon. As long as anything that keeps you warm and makes you look chic, we are here for it.

9. Knee-High Spacious Boots

winter fashion trends 2021

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Original Price: 799 AED 

Sale Price:480 AED

The skin-tight knee-high boots are replaced by spacious ones which look equally chic yet edgy at the same time. Check out the one from H&M and slay yourself with these pairs of boots.

These were our top 9 picks of “Winter Fashion Trends 2021” you can try them for yourself. For similar content make sure to follow CouponCodesME. Also, don’t forget to use the promo codes and discount deals to save more on your purchase. Moreover, follow our social media handles to get further updates on the latest products as well as codes and offers. Until next time.

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