Summer is almost over and fall is soon approaching. The change of season demands an update to your outfit as well. And we all know that an outfit is never complete without the right pair of shoes. So we bring you the best fall-fashion-trendy shoes that are in for 2022. CouponCodesME has spotted five major style themes when it comes to footwear this fall. You will keep finding recurring patterns of the same in all of the major shoe picks. Check out the following themes.

Style Themes for Fall 2022

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  1. Rounded Toe
  2. Chunky Rubber Platform
  3. Light Neutral
  4. Pop of Colour
  5. Laid-Back Vibe

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Here are our top picks!

Lug Soled Chelsea Boots with a rounded toe

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Chelsea Boot is one of the most fall-appropriate shoes to throw on to achieve that polished look. It is easy to style and looks great especially when you’re dressing it up. However, there is a little twist in 2022. Instead of the angular toe and comparatively thinner sole that had been reigning for a long time, we noticed a lot of soft edges to the structure and a chunkier rubber platform. These came to be known as the “Lug Soled Boots”.

The super cool thing about it is that you can dress it either way. Dressing it down is going to look equally put-together as dressing it up. Plus the dark colors have been replaced by light neutrals like the one featured above. Check out the Platform Chelsea Boot from H&M priced at 219 AED.

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Dad/Retro Shoes

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The pair of shoes that your dad, uncle or grandpa used to wear to run errands is the pair of shoes you can rock this fall. These kicks are seen mostly paired with feminine pieces to balance out the masculine energy that the shoe imbibe. 2022 is all about that retro look.

You can pair them with a nice floral midi/long skirt, a thin woven sweater and lots of dainty jewelry. However, you can still wear them with pants and trousers of lighter fabric too. Anyway, it’s a versatile item as you can never go wrong with this pair of dad/retro shoes. Check out the New Balance kicks from Noon @359 AED.

Over the Knees/Knee-High Leather Boots

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The suede knee-high boots of last fall season are here with a change in their material. This time it comes in leather material that goes as high as up to your knees or beyond. It is going to give you that industrial look perfect to slay that street style. A lot of gorgeous women are wearing them with pieces like skirts/biker shorts, tanks and oversized blazers or a shacket. Have look at the one from noon priced at 494 AED.

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“Ugly “shoe with socks

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That pair of footwear which everyone called ‘Ugly” is going to rule the street style fashion this fall 2021. A little chilly weather of fall demands a little warmer complementary piece. You guessed it right. This combination looks uber-trendy and striking in an effortless manner with a pair of socks.

The laidback vibe that it brings along goes quintessentially well with the athleisure clothing trend that made its way to 2022 from 2021. Check out this Mango slip-on from Sivvi @129 AED. Here is a little style “inspo” to have a look at.

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School Girl Loafers

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The school girl loafers are here this fall too as it was there in the last season. These loafers are super chic yet casual at the same time. These two can be paired with socks to play that cute back-to-school kinda energy. However, you can wear them in more like an office or 9-5 look with a pair of trousers that hits right above your ankle. 

Colorful Printed Boots

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To break the monotony caused by the pandemic, fall fashion 2022 is right here to save your life. A pop of color especially when it comes to accessories like shoes and bags is a total-in. When it comes to Chelsea boots, the black-colored leather has been replaced by bright and vibrant colors and patterns. Such as classic red, green, zebra or cow print. Check out Asos’s Zebra Print Boots to achieve that high-end fashion priced only at 400 AED.

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These were the most spot-on fashion shoe trends that are going to stay and rock this fall 2022. If you found this content relevant, kindly follow CouponCodesME for information-loaded articles on similar topics. You can follow our social media handles to get further updates and great deals. Have a great week ahead!

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