Besides fighting the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are fighting another daily battle; a sedentary lifestyle. While this may not come off as threatening, the long-term effect of an unhealthy body is fatal. But unlike other problems, this one actually has a solution. You don’t have to wait for the gyms to open, simply build a very affordable gym at home using some home workout tools.

It is exceedingly important to maintain healthy standards of living at all times, especially in the presence of the coronavirus that has restrained a major amount of human activity worldwide. Gym products can be quite expensive and visiting the gym on a regular basis would be a risky task to undertake, especially if there are young children in the household.

CouponCodesME brings you 10 of the best budget-friendly and effective workout tools at home available on Amazon. Begin your workout journey towards building healthier standards of living.

Marcy forearm exerciser for men


home workout tools

This Marcy wrist arm flexor helps build bulkier and stronger forearms. Its thickened foam ensures protection against friction to your skin so that there are no bruises on your wrists after exercise. The strong wrist-belt is a great asset to the tool as it ensures a tight grip and effective resistance. 

This is one of the best workout tools to strengthen your arms.

AED 97.65

Covy elastic sit-up and pull-up rope spring


10 must have budget friendly workout tools at home

Lost all hope in burning tummy fat? Well, we have found a product that’s easy and effective on those stubborn belly fat. The Covy Elastic sit–up and pull-up rope targets your stomach area and legs for an overall toned effect.

According to verified users, this product is great because it is durable and portable. You can carry this exercise tool even when you are off for a sleepover. Burn fat not hope!

AED 32.02

Pvc jump rope


10 must have budget friendly workout tools at home

When it comes to hyping the day up with the help of some cool morning exercises and warm-ups, jump ropes are the first equipment that comes to our minds. The best part about such workout tools tool is that they can be used by individuals of all ages. Children, parents, and even grandparents.

It has a non-slip handle and tangle-free adjustable rope that makes it fun to use. Get it for your family today to ensure their health during this time of the pandemic.

AED 123.00

 Amazon basics dumbbell weight

workout tools

What’s more stubborn than belly fat? Arm fat! Dumbbell is one surest way to ensure well-toned arms. The Amazon basics Cast Iron Hex Dumbell is an easy-grip weight, weighing 20 pounds each. Safe and effective, these are comparatively affordable than the rest of the similar dumbbells in the category. It’s any way one of the must-have home workout tools.

AED 84.00

Chic Moda body wraps for women

10 must have budget friendly workout tools at home

Pretty sure you have not heard of this effective tool. If you need more toning for your arms and things then opt for Chic Moda body wraps. It’s just a wrap to be placed in your arms and thighs, the areas that are difficult to work on otherwise. Handy, easy, and affordable, this product is a must-have because you can use it during and after work-out.

AED 121.67

 Life Fit waist trainer

10 must have budget friendly workout tools at home

Life Fit waist trainer is one phenomenal waist wrap that gives a perfect shape to the waist within a few months of usage. This product comes with an anti-slip lining grid that holds the product tight to the waist without letting it slip away. So my working ladies, if you would like to accentuate the already existing beauty within you, without having to spend so much time in exercises, this is the product for you!

AED 40.10-AED 67.87

Wonder arms exerciserhome workout essentials

Regular warm-ups aren’t enough to give a perfect finish to your arms and shoulders? That is no big deal now, CouponCodesME has brought to you Wonder Arms Exerciser, which not only helps you exercise and strengthen your arm muscles but also helps structure your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back. Why go for different products and spend money unnecessarily on equipment when you have this, all in one. 

AED 60.00

Skyland yoga mat

10 must have budget friendly workout tools at home

A perfect exercise routine requires a comfortable and adequately thick yoga mat. We bring to you the Skyland Adult Yoga mat. The Skylex Yoga mat is of the order L 61×W 13×13 cm and easily transportable be it to the yoga classes, gym, park, or the backyard. The Skylex Yoga mat is comparatively cheaper than the other mats, but the quality is still intact. This makes it a must-have home workout tool.

AED 22.00

U home ab wheel

10 must have budget friendly workout tools at home

Been constantly procrastinating to achieve abs as a post quarantine glow-up? Well, you would probably consider this product as the most beneficial tool in your workout room. U Home Multifunctional Ab Wheel is a highly convenient tool that helps you get closer to those tight abs sooner than you can even imagine! You will be astonished to see its results in just a few weeks.

AED 54.90.

Powermax foldable treadmill

10 must have budget friendly workout tools at home

A workout is never complete without burning some calories on the treadmill. We bring you, the Powermax foldable treadmill that helps to keep track of your calories and is really easy to transport, thanks to its foldable nature. Order this product on Amazon to work towards accomplishing a healthy body and a physique fit to be proud of. For a wider range of treadmills check these five best treadmills for a gym-like experience at home.

AED 899.00

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