It’s finally that time of year again— Diwali, one of the most fun-filled festivals we all look forward to! The lights, music, and sweets radiate a lot of positive energy. At the same time, there is so much one needs to figure out on how to make each Diwali memorable. Shopping for this light-filled festival is one of the most tiring yet exciting aspects of this season. Therefore, in order to honor this beautiful festival of light, CouponCodesME brings to you 10 Diwali essentials you should definitely add to your celebrations in 2021.

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Diwali Essentials for 2021

1. Curtain String Lights

diwali essentials 2021

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The festival of lights can never be complete if glitters and sparkles aren’t the vibes. Light the atmosphere with these gorgeous curtain string lights at your home and dazzle the passersby while they walk across your house on the streets. Once you add these pleasant-looking curtain strings to your Diwali decoration, it is certain that it is definitely going to turn heads and make your house the center of attraction. A little bit of Flex doesn’t hurt anyone. Does it?

Price:30.65 AED

2. LED Starry Night Lamp

diwali essentials 2021

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Not only should you dazzle the passersby but yourself and your family members as well with these LED Starry Night Lamp this Diwali. The surreal energy radiated by these lamps is definitely going to elevate the feel of your festive season this 2021. Do check it out.

Price:12.39  AED

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3. Bhai Dooj Thali Set

diwali essentials 2021

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Everyone knows how essential it is for you to equip yourself with all the Bhaidooj Essentials so that you reap your rewards as sisters. Let your brothers know how special they are for you by taking that extra step to celebrate Bhai Dooj with these gorgeous thali sets. Definitely give it a try.

Price:79 AED

4. Lord Ganesha’s Statue

diwali essentials 2021

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The blessings of Lord Ganesha are definitely going to be upon you this Diwali. In order to honor his magnanimous influence over one’s well-being, adding his statue to your altar sounds almost mandatory. Check this beautiful masterpiece and add extra beauty to your mini-temple.

Price:64.99 AED

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5. Diwali Readymade Rangoli

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We all know how hectic it can be for all the caretakers of the house especially during any festive season. And Diwali is no different. Save yourself a lot of time and energy by purchasing this readymade Rangoli set. By doing so you can devote your precious resources to taking care of the guests and enjoying the moment. 

Price:749 AED

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6. LED Diya Set

diwali essentials 2021

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Well, Diwali, which derived its name from the Deepawali has its deep roots in the origin of the concept of “Diya”. So how can one not include such a vital element into the Diwali Decor? However, with some advancements in technology, the traditional Diyas have now turned into modern-day LED Diyas which is a total in these days. Be a part of this trend and light up your house with these power-efficient LED days.

Price:59 AED

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7. Diwali Gift Hamper with Sweets

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The terms Festivals and Guests are complementary to one another. Whether it be having guests over or being one of the guests, it is always thoughtful to give and receive gifts. Exchange love and affection in the form of gift hampers with your loved ones this Diwali with these carefully curated gift hampers. As the saying goes, sharing is caring and we all love some extra pamper. Don’t we?

Price:229 AED

8. Motichoor Laddoos

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Just like Guests, Festivals and Sweets also form a great combination, especially when it comes to occasions like Diwali. Add some extra sweetness to your life and of your dear ones with these mouth-watering Motichoor Ladoos. 

Price:59 AED

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9. Scented Diffuser

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Price:25 AED

Why should Diwali be a treat only to the eyes and not your other senses? Elevate the aroma of your atmosphere this Diwali 2021 with these calming Lavender laden diffusers. But we may have to warn you that the guests may refuse to leave your house despite the party is over. Because the aroma can get them hooked. *winks*

10. Earthen Diyas

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We did include the power-efficient LED Diyas but what’s Diwali without a traditional touch to it? That being said, you should consider getting hold of these Earthen Diyas for that authentic experience. Have a look at it.

These were our top 10 Diwali essentials to get your hands on this 2021. For similar content, make sure to follow CouponCodesME. Also, don’t forget to follow our social media handles to get more updates on the latest deals, offers, and products. Hope you have a great Diwali experience.

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