Valentine’s Day, a day when people celebrate love, share feelings, and spend time with their special ones is just around the corner. Have people who mean the world to you and wondering how you can make them feel extra loved this year? CouponCodesME brings you the best Valentine’s Day ideas for your special someone, the sweetest gifts you can give them, and how to make them feel extra special.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

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It is believed that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of the Christian martyr known as Saint Valentine. The holiday has evolved into a rather significant cultural, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many parts of the world which follows a week-long celebration and ends on the 14th of February.

The origin of Valentine’s Week

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Couples enjoying their time on Valentine’s Day.

In addition, no one truly knows what the truth is about Valentine’s Day, and none of the hypotheses examine it thoroughly. Even historians disagree about the specific customs from which the modern occasion draws inspiration in today’s world which is so widely popular globally.

The story behind Valentine’s Week/Day was a decent day on the calendar that turned into mid-February on an old Roman timetable called Lupercalia. Some antique collectors think this is what Valentine’s Day is all about affection. Lupercalia praised aging and may have remembered the custom in which people competed by choosing names from containers. In ancient Greece, people celebrated the Midwinter Festival to commemorate the marriage of the god Zeus and his goddess Hera thus following a week-long celebration of love in various ways.

What is Valentine’s Week?

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Couples on Rose Day during the Valentine’s Week.

The famous Valentine’s Week/Day is a time of year to pour out love, gifts and affection to our loved and special ones. Valentine’s Day is on February 14th every year, but the celebration of love begins a week earlier. It starts on February 7th and ends on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. These days have a special meaning and significance. So, if you keep forgetting what day it is, don’t worry! we have you covered.

Name of EventDayDate of Festival
Rose Day Monday7 February 2022
Propose Day Tuesday8 February 2022
Chocolate Day Wednesday9 February 2022
Teddy Day Thursday 10 February 2022
Promise Day Friday 11 February 2022
Hug Day Saturday 12 February 2022
Kiss Day Sunday13 February 2022
Valentines Day Monday14 February 2022

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Valentine’s Day in UAE

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Valentine’s Day dinner set up.

Now that this tradition is something that is widely followed, there are a lot of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the UAE. From romantic dining to fun adventurous day outs, Shopping together, Going out for brunch and more. Expressing your love in UAE is never boring and to compromise for. 

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Valentine’s Day gifts for her

With less than two weeks remaining for the day of love, it can get pretty stressful to choose something for her especially when we know how particular women are about their choices. With CouponCodeME’s list of the best gifts for her, you’ll discover trends that will dazzle the woman you love.

Customized Gifts

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Nothing beats the allure of a unique and innovative personalized gift that can leave a lasting impression on the hearts of your loved ones. To prepare a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one: mugs, pillows, photo frames, pretty wall lamps and more. Check out ferns N petals to get that perfect customized gift for your special one this Valentine’s Day

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Gift Hampers

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A gift basket is a great choice to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day and make it special for her. Food baskets, chocolate baskets, beauty baskets, home spas and more. Women love anything related to beauty and self-care more than anything, hence Bath & Body Works is one of the perfect solutions to get all things self-care-related for the special woman in your life.

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Jewelry Sets 

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If you are planning to buy a nostalgic and timeless Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, you should choose an exquisite accessory. From earrings, bracelets and necklaces to rings, you’ll find a wide variety of jewelry that you can give your significant other on the 14th as an expression of love. Swarovski remains to be one of the epitomes of love when it comes to gifting jewelry, get special offers and extra 5% Off when you shop from CouponCodesME.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Grooming Kits 

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Men and grooming kits go hand in hand, it’s one of the most loved items by men especially the ones who are beard fanatics.  As men have started to become more concerned about their looks and hygiene in recent times it has also proved that grooming boosts one’s confidence and personality. Get the special man in your life a grooming kit from the wide range at Amazon.

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Tech Gifts

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As the perfect gift for tech enthusiasts which most men are, there are plenty of cool new technology gadgets on the market that will please anyone. Whether you’re a tech nerd or someone who doesn’t consider yourself the most gadget-savvy person, there are some cool new electronics to give you. 

Cologne Perfume

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When we talk about perfumes and cologne, men’s cologne doesn’t get much justice. There are a lot of men out there who love cologne and are big on smelling nice and sexy. This Valentine’s Day gift your man cologne to elevate the love in the air.

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We hope this blog cleared your doubts on Valentine’s Day and made it easier for you to choose gift items for your special one. CouponCodesME has all the top brands from the Middle East and globally with amazing discounts and offers when you shop using our voucher code.

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