With just about three weeks to go, we have Valentine’s Day around the corner, which means there isn’t much time to decide on what to get and what not to especially when you don’t have much idea on the types of discounts and sales going on. Whether you want to surprise your partner or pamper your own self, Valentine’s Day is all about love in different aspects. 

From Noon to Namshi, Amazon, al giftcards,  Sephora and many more, there’s a lot going on. We at CouponCodesME bring you the top brands from the Middle East to keep on the checklist for Valentine’s Day with amazing offers and discounts you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


1. Noon

noon uae


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Offering up to 80% off on select items sitewide is one of the Middle East’s and especially UAE’s favorite online e-commerce company Noon which needs no further introduction.

Find a variety of gift items for Valentine’s Day to fit any age group, be it for a partner, friend, colleague or yourself (because why not?). Now, avail  up to 86% Off + Extra Up to 10% Cashback when you use the code “NDX2” from CouponCodesME on all orders and don’t forget to check out Noon on CCME for more codes and deals.

2. Ibrahim Al.Qurashi

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Compliment your woman this Valentine’s Day with the exquisite perfume collection at Ibrahim Al.Qurashi. After all, what can be more empowering and sensual to a woman than a good perfume? Offering flat 50% Off on all orders site-wide, you can bag some exotic perfumes at affordable prices during this Valentine’s Day.

3. Namshi

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If you happen to be a trendy, stylish person or have a partner who is one and are looking for something to gift this Valentine’s Day, then Namshi your answer. With the brand leading as one of the Middle East’s top online fashion stores curating a fun, youthful and unique retail experience Namshi is here for your rescue. Avail Up To 80% Off + Extra 20% Off with CouponCodeMe’s voucher “NM406” at check out. Let your shopping meet savings this Valentine’s Day.

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4. Amazon

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The world’s one-stop destination for A-to-Z things; Amazon, which should always be one of the top brands to look into for any occasion. We know it can get confusing with the kind of deals and offers going on at Amazon at all times but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, with up to 70% off on select items of all categories sitewide and more on the list. Visit CouponCodesME to get a detailed list of more than 10 discounts and offers before it’s too late.

5. Swarovski

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Jewelry items and women go hand in hand, especially when it comes to Swarovski. Gift yourself or your special someone a beautiful set of jewelry this Valentine’s Day to make it extra special and memorable. Select from an exquisite range of remix collections by Swarovski and many other timeless designs at up to 25-40% Off + Extra 5% Off from us at CCME using the discount code “CX56” at check out. 

6. al giftcards

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We know it can be difficult to figure out what your favorite person might like as a gift, especially if it is a time like Valentine’s Day but with al giftcards, it’s possible to make gifting one of the easiest things to do. Offering gift cards on top brands in the Middle East with vouchers starting from as low as AED 50. Make this season of love an effortlessly special one with al giftcards.

7. Sivvi

sivvi uae


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Offering a wide range of clothing and accessories for all age groups, Sivvi is the next big brand in the UAE to look out for. For the 14th of Feb grab the deal on Sivvi which has  Up To 80% Off + Up To 20% Off with promo code “SVV191” and other various codes from CouponCodesME offering various discounts because one should never compromise on good clothes and good deals.

8. TicketsToDo


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When it comes to Valentine’s Day we often only think of gifting our significant other with a materialistic gift but not experiences as often. Well! It’s time to change that with TicketsToDo. Go out on a fun day out with your partner or go solo. 

9. Vogacloset



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The modern-day pioneers of fashion and beauty in the Middle East, Vogacloset is the go-to brand for all the fashionable needs one can think of this Valentine’s Day whether it is for date night, a brunch, or a fun day out with your significant other avail up to 85% Off on the top offers and also enjoy Up To 50% Off + Extra 20%-80% Off with our exclusive coupon code “FRN22” will make the month of love a special one.

10. Sephora

sephora uae


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How much makeup is too much makeup? Well, None! One can never get enough of Makeup, especially when it is from Sephora. Last but not least is the brand Sephora not to miss out on. Be it for yourself or the woman in your life who loves makeup, it’s something that comes to use on an everyday basis. So grab up to  5% Off with discount code “SP65” on all exclusive new arrivals in this season of love.

CouponCodesME has hundreds of top brands in the middle east ranging from A to Z which meets all your needs providing the best of coupon codes that offer great deals and discounts. Don’t be too late to get on the bandwagon of love this season, we hope this article helps so you get the best deals and make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one.