The season of love has finally dawned upon us and it comes with a full week of celebrations. Starting with Rose Day on the 7th of February, it builds up all the way to Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. When it comes to relationships, every small gesture counts and goes a long way towards expressing your true feelings to your other half.

Traditionally, only the 14th of February was celebrated as Valentine’s Day. But over the years, the whole week prior to the special day is being celebrated as Valentine’s Week. It can be quite confusing at times. So to help you out, CouponCodesME brings to you all you need to know about Valentine’s Week.

Valentine’s Week

Rose Day

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Valentine’s Week begins with Rose Day on the 7th of February, ever wondered why? Roses have always been used to show affection, peace and most importantly, red roses are a symbol of romance since times immemorial. Roses, love, and Valentine’s day have been interlinked since the 14th Century. It was only more popularised by the idioms and verses in Hamlet written by Shakespeare in the 16th Century. Since then, giving roses on the 7th of February has become an integral part of Valentine’s week.

The classic red bouquet is often the best choice to convey a clear message of love.

Propose Day

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The rose day is then followed by the propose day on the 8th of February. It is the day that you confess your love to the person who has captivated your heart. This day is not only for singles to confess their love to their crush but also for couples. You can once again create the magic by proposing and confessing your feelings to your other half. There is nothing more romantic and touching than an old-school handwritten letter that lets your other half know why they are so special to you.

Chocolate Day

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If you thought that the connection between love and chocolate was a fairly new one, not so fast. The first recorded link between chocolate and desire dates all the way back to the Aztecs. The infamous emperor Montezuma was rumored to have popped cocoa beans in order to fuel his romantic rendezvous. Cocoa is a powerful mood enhancer and it can have a huge psychological and emotional effect on people. It is not only a way to show love but also a way to rekindle friendships, express your apologies and delight. So, it’s no wonder that chocolate has its own day to be celebrated in the season of love.

Teddy Day

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Celebrated four days before Valentine’s Day, Teddy Day is the best day to bring that sheepish smile to the face of your lover. You can celebrate this day by gifting a teddy to your other half that is symbolic of your love. This small gesture will keep reminding your other half of your tender love even when you are not around. Why a teddy? Well usually teddy bears can be a girl’s best friend and even if they are not, your other half will not mind receiving an adorable and cuddly bear.

This Valentines Day dress up like a Teddy Bear for your lover and watch them beam wide. Choose from the cozy winter collection at the best fashion brands such as New Balance, Namshi, and  6th Street.

Promise Day

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The Promise Day is one of the most symbolic days of valentine’s week. It signifies the importance of commitment between two people. On this day you can make promises to each other on matters that are important to you. Relationships are built on commitments and promises so you should work through thick and thin on keeping them. You must have begun your Valentine’s Week with flowering roses, then a lovely proposal followed by chocolates and teddy bears. But all of this would be a waste if you don’t conclude your week with a perfect promise.

Hug Day

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The 12th of February is marked as the Hug Day in Valentine’s Week and it is indeed very special. Hugging is an important expression of love and is the perfect way to share warmth and love. A heartfelt hug has the power to fix any bad situation and put an instant smile on the receiver’s face. Once again, this is a small gesture but hugging your partner on this special day can be very symbolic of your love. A heartfelt hug helps in healing loneliness, isolation, anger, frustration, and the likes of them. It helps strengthen mental well-being and helps balance out the nervous system as well. So, this is a habit that you should practice throughout the year and not only on Valentine’s Day. Far away from your loved ones and can’t hug them? A candle from Bath & Body Works might do the trick. Hurry to the website because you can buy one and get one for yourself this Valentines Week.

Kiss Day

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The 13th of February is celebrated as Kiss Day where couples kiss each other to show affection. Kisses are the most intimate way of sharing love and tenderness. But have you ever wondered why? Or how did humans start the act of kissing? There are many theories behind that, the first being it all started in the age of the early men. You will also come across other religious theories that suggest kissing is an act that symbolizes spiritual reunion. There is a whole chapter in the Vatsyayana Kamasutra which lavishly describes ways of kissing a lover. A tender kiss on the forehead of a girl means she means the world to the man and can definitely initiate a love-filled relationship you always wanted. This is one day in Valentine’s Week when you can express your emotions in a tender, comforting, and love-filled way.

Valentine’s Day

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Finally, the most-awaited and romantic day of the year arrives on the 14th of February—Valentine’s day. In memory of the martyred priest St. Valentine, this day has been celebrated for centuries as the day of love and romance. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories all emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and most importantly, a romantic figure. Despite his origins still being a mystery, his message of love is eternal and it will be celebrated forever. So, this Valentine’s Day, celebrate your relationship with roses, meaningful gifts, and most of all, true love.