The entire world can fit in your palm. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Well, if you told someone 50 years ago, that you could easily see what a person is doing on the other side of the world, they would probably freak out. That’s how amazing these little daily use devices called Smartphones are. Now, what if we tell you that you can further level up the whole experience by adding a few Smartphone accessories to your arsenal?

CouponCodesME brings you essential Smartphone accessories you should own. Consider us your friend as we bring along the good news. Think about the accessories as investments, and let us help you save! Use the deal, discounts, and promo codes to save on major brands.

Daily use Smartphone accessories you should try

Smartphone accessories

Smartphones are pretty great devices. You get a heavy operating system that can help you use millions of apps and games. Now, that can be enhanced with these smartphone accessories from Amazon. You can save up to 50% using Amazon UAE offers and get free delivery of over AED 100.

1. Camera lens attachment

smartphone accessories

DSLR, what? Get all the right shots with your phone. Adding a Smartphone camera lens is the much-needed smartphone accessory to get phone photography to the next level. Your Instagram feed won’t need any filters now! Our pick is the 9-in-1 phone camera lens kit with every lens you need.

Price: AED 134.37. Buy it here.

2. USB OTG flash drive

Smartphone accessories

Is low storage a pest to you? How much do you need? 32GB? 64GB? 128GB? How about 1TB? Store every memory of your phone in a USB flash drive. We chose the top-end SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe. Move your files from USB Type-C smartphones, tablets and Macs, and USB Type-A computers.

Price: AED 540.00

3. Smartphone Stylus

smartphone accessories

If you have butterfingers or *ahem* big fingers, then a phone stylus is exactly what you need. You can easily increase the accuracy of typing and swiping on your smartphone. If you still think styli aren’t a good option to opt for, remember the time, you couldn’t copy a text buried in a message.

Try this Active Stylus Digital Pen for Touch Screens. Price: AED52

4. Gaming controllers

smartphone accessories

Oh boy! We are more than excited to introduce you to this masterpiece. I can hear all the gamers going “YES!” You can convert your phone into a gaming setup in an instant. Plug and play. You can even connect VR glasses via Bluetooth to get a wholesome experience. Smartphone accessories are sure to get ahead of time!

We found the Mocute 050 Bluetooth Joysticks Wireless Game Controller. Price: AED 69

5. Pocket projector

smartphone accessories

Perfect for treating yourself to a movie night. You can take it on trips, like camping for a night out, have fun with it. Pocket projectors are compact and easy to use smartphone accessories. Students can make the most out of it, for presentation and school work.

This Mini Mobile Phone Projector can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Price: AED 2,209.76

6. Charging pads

smartphone accessories

NO CORDS! That’s the one reason enough to get a wireless charging pad. How can you experience the efficiency of your smartphone when you have to fumble with wires all the time? God forbid, if the pin breaks, you need to buy one again. Not just that, it has universal compatibility, more durable and much safer connections.

Our pick is the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad. Price: AED 129

7. Folding keyboard

smartphone accessories

Convenience at its finest! This foldable keyboard will be a boon to you if you travel a lot or just prefer to work on your phone. This iClever Wireless Tri-Folding Keyboard has foldable full standard-size keys and three colors for you to choose the backdrop from.

Buy it here. Price: AED 293.90

8. Eyepiece adapter

smartphone accessories

Okay get this, an eyepiece adapter to connect your phone to a telescope, microscope, or binoculars and get a clear shot! Now, that’s amazing. All the photographers, if this isn’t on your smartphone accessories list, we don’t know what else will.

We choose the Celestron Basic Smartphone Adapter for you to try. Buy it here. Price: AED 150

Now, get those smartphone accessories to match your smartphone game! Know more about the best deals going on and check in on our blog. Get the latest updates about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, with us.