The beauty industry is one of the most influential industries so far. It is projected to reach $463.5 billion by 2027 as stated by the Allied market research. The new adulting audiences are changing the ways of the world and so is the face of beauty. These days, makeup is not just for the outer appearance, it is a medium of expression! Boy, girl, young, or old these makeup brands take everyone under their umbrella, leaving no one behind.

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Best makeup brands with something more to offer

1. Milk Makeup

Best makeup brands

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Makeup these days are inclusive, not just catering to one particular demographic. It is taking a more non-gender-specific approach. As younger generations are giving up on traditional norms, newer brands such as Milk makeup are here to pave the way. Milk Makeup believes in personal style and experimentation is the ultimate form of self-expression. Campaigns like #Livethelook redefine the way makeup and beauty are perceived.

Furthermore, Milk makeup opts to package and sell gender-fluid products that focus on specific skin concerns or conditions instead. One product that made Milk Makeup go revolutionary is the Hydro Grip primer. A shot of blue agave extract helps form an invisible layer to lock in makeup for up to 12 hours, perfect for everyday base makeup. It leaves your skin nourished and smooth throughout the day. At Amazon, you can shop for the best-selling Milk Makeup products and get ready to flaunt your upgraded makeup game!

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2. Rare Beauty

Best makeup brands

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Mental health with beauty and makeup? Sounds pretty absurd. Well, Rare Beauty is here with its rare blend! Founded by Selena Gomez, who needs no introduction, perfectly sums up the brand by saying “Rare Beauty can be more than a beauty brand—it can make an impact”. It helps individuals to celebrate their uniqueness. Not just that, the brand heavily involves reducing the stigma of mental health. With Mental health 101, Selena wanted to create a safe space where people could come together to connect on their mental health journey through beauty. The Rare Beauty soft pinch liquid blush is something you need to add to your makeup bag from Sephora for a beautiful soft makeup look.

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3. Huda BeautyBest makeup brands

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One brand that shows how the face of beauty has shifted over the years is Huda Beauty. At a time when influencer/blogger-owned makeup brands are quite prominent, Huda Kattan stands as a pioneer. Huda beauty perfectly blends fun with sophistication, providing you with something new each time. All the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes have a new theme that blows everyone’s minds. Especially, the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde that takes infinity and beyond. Containing 18 intergalactic shades with 4 innovative textures this eyeshadow palette is a rare masterpiece! Shop Huda Beauty at Sephora!

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4. Fenty Beauty

5 best makeup brands

Rihanna and her music need no introduction. Ever since she first started as a music artist, she has influenced millions of people with her charisma and music. And now she’s here to change the view on beauty. With her brand Fenty Beauty, Rihanna has already done something the makeup industry was lagging, inclusivity! Her 40-shade-range foundation line started a revolution, and we can’t get enough! Worrying about foundation and concealers that match your skin tone and undertones should be the least of your worry. Furthermore, get your hands on some revolutionary makeup products that Fenty Beauty has to offer from Sephora UAE.

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5. Morphe 

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Before Social Media took over, brands spent a lot of money on advertisement. Their promotion was key back then. But nowadays as everyone’s on their phone and shop mostly online, brand awareness and promotion have completely changed. One brand whose online presence is unbeatable is Morphe. It’s a brand for the Instagram generation. You can get killer looks without killing your budget. The eye-catching thing that makes Morphe unique is its collaborations with Instagramers and Youtubers.

Some of the best-selling products from Morphe are the ones that they have collaborated with YouTubers like Jaclyn Hill, James Charles, and more. Amongst all, the James Charles palette stole the show. Everyone around the globe went nuts over it as their favorite makeup influencer finally had something to offer! The Rainbow-themed eyeshadow palette is the ultimate makeup must-have. Moreover, from neutral shades to more eye-popping bright colors, this palette is phenomenal for a reason. Morphe is available in the Middle East at FeelUnique.

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Makeup brands

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As we are shifting to more modern ideologies, makeup brands are updating their approach to beauty. From having more men in makeup campaigns to giving importance to sustainability and focusing on our environment, these brands certainly deserve all your attention.