“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has surely changed the way we craft our personal hygiene. There’s no need to go out or have any social interactions because of the quarantine, hence, there is less grooming. Personal hygiene has become even more personal. It is a life-saving strategy.

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Personal hygiene and its importance

Personal Hygiene is the act of taking care of your body by taking a bath, brushing your teeth, washing your hands and clothes, etc. Washing your hands and sanitizing them is of utmost importance to stay safe especially during this period of quarantine in order to kill germs and viruses. Staying clean and healthy uplifts your mood and keeps you positive, while taking showers regularly makes you feel energized and motivated.

Oral hygiene and care

safety and hygiene

Our oral health is very important because there are many bacteria living inside our mouths at a given time. These build up as plaque, tooth decay, and gingivitis which further can lead to various gum diseases. We must all practice good oral hygiene every day for our overall health.

Brushing our teeth with good toothpaste is very important as it contains fluoride to help prevent cavities and dental problems. It is recommended to brush twice a day preferably after eating. A good toothbrush also helps to clean the teeth as it brushes away all the residues and germs from the mouth.

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Learn more about oral health and dental care this year. Don’t overlook your dental health. A good breath matters.

Personal hygiene and grooming

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If you want to be a fit and healthy individual, then personal hygiene is primary. Proper personal hygiene leads to good health. Also, if you have any injuries while performing any physical activities, then proper cleaning and dressing can reduce the risk of infection and pain.

We must keep our body clean and well-groomed as it projects a positive image that reflects on our personalities. Children should be taught the importance of hygiene early on to keep themselves and others healthy while reducing the risk of being bullied at school.

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Learn these grooming tips for men and look your level best.

Home hygiene

home hygiene

Besides personal hygiene, it is super important to keep our houses and surroundings clean too. This can be done in a very specific and effective manner.

Properly dusting the floors followed by mopping with a disinfectant solution. It helps keep the air clean while reducing the risk of getting any diseases. The use of dustbins is important in each room in order to clear the clutter in the room and create a healthy living environment. Hand washes, soaps, and sanitizers can be kept in each basin to help each other stay clean and healthy. The toilets should be kept clean and dry as you can prevent many water-borne diseases like malaria, typhoid, dengue, and even Covid-19.

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This quarantine, level up your hygiene with these great products and tips. Learn how to groom yourself and your house. Get decorating and make it presentable.

Why not declutter your mind? Organize your space and make visible and appealing changes.

It’s important to take precautions for good health. Learn where to find face masks and what to do if you can’t. Sanitizers and face masks have become essentials for everyone. Learn this DIY sanitizer recipe which is just as effective as the bought ones.

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