There is a massive end-of-season sale on sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma. It is a good opportunity to get your workout essentials for 2020 sorted. Professional athletes maximize their output in the field with the help of gear and footwear specifically designed for them. While you might not get your own custom-fit gears, and Amazon. ae can still provide you with some high-quality items.

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Workout essentials to help you boost your performance

These items are specifically made for professional athletes to help them perform at the highest level.  With the support of these workout essentials, you can improve your performance, prevent injuries and boost the chances of smashing your 2020 goals.

Track pants

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Nike fleece glitter pants (

Track pants are one of the most essential parts of clothing that you need to own. Not only are they versatile, but they are also very comfortable. You can wear it to the gym while training, during long drives, or just casually while you are chilling at home. The fact that it gives your lower body free and fluid mobility along with comfort will have ample positive effects on your training. Moreover, sweat pants have become fashionable over the years and you can sport it casually without much care. Go for those tracks that are tapered at the bottom and a little loose around the groin. For women, the Nike fleece glitter pants perfectly fit the bill and for men, Puma athletics pants are a good option.

Running shoes

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Nike running shoes (Pinterest)

When choosing your running shoes, first of all, think about where you will be running. If you run on a road you need something with a lot of cushioning to absorb all the jerks of the hard surface. If you are going on the treadmill, you should go for a flatter sole and a lower heel drop that mimics barefoot running. To avoid injuries while running, you also need to be aware of the term ‘pronation’. It is simply the degree to which the arch of your foot collapses upon impact. Under-pronators require more cushioning and stability. Over-pronators will want to avoid that extra cushioning, in which case basic phylon soles would be a better pick. Those with a neutral arch are lucky enough to be able to pick just about any Nike running shoe. Our pick for the best shoe that provides added comfort and support when running on any terrain is the Nike epic react fly knit. It is a breathable shoe that is ideal for both the treadmill and the road.



Jordan Hoodies from

Wearing something like a hoodie helps trap the heat in and warm up your muscles faster and keeps them warm.  If your muscles are cold when you workout, you have a chance of pulling an injury if you do swift exercises or sprints. Moreover, you don’t need to be an athlete in order to appreciate a Nike hoodie. Whether you are training all year round or just keen to look sporty with a casual off-duty look, a Nike hoodie can keep out the elements. For women, the Puma tz hoodie (from Amazon) would look great and for men, the Jordan Jumpman hoodie from Nike is a great addition to your wardrobe.



Adidas Alpha Skin, Luis Suarez (Pinterest)

Nearly every experienced athlete knows the importance of good compressional tights. These tights are designed to promote blood circulation and improve the oxygenation of muscle tissue, which can enhance athletic performance during bouts of exercise. Depending upon the technology you choose, it is also an armor from the elements outside. The Climachill tech from Adidas will keep your body from overheating in hot conditions along with providing UPF 50+ protection. You will find that you can train longer and feel better afterward thanks to the high-quality compression tights from Adidas. Both for female and male, the alpha skin collection would be the best way to go when looking for tights.  On a side note if you are a guy you should also wear a pair of shorts on top of your tights.

Kit bags

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Kit bags are a very important aspect of any training but it always seems to go under the radar. You can carry all your workout essentials like water sippers, protein shakes, training shoes and towels in it. These things might seem small but it greatly improves your performance while training. For example, staying hydrated while training regulates your body temperature and helps transfer nutrients to give you energy. This helps you train more efficiently. It is also very important to consume your protein shake immediately after your workout. You’re supplying your muscles with the amino acids they need to repair and grow, precisely when they benefit the most. The sooner you can consume protein following your workout, the better. All these small things contribute greatly while you reach out for your greater goal, so keep them in mind.

Inspiration from a professional Nike athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo (Pinterest)

As a professional athlete and a role model, there are a few who set their bars higher than Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if you are not a fan of the Portuguese footballer, one cannot help but admire his work ethic and professionalism. Of course, we may not be professional athletes like him. However, if he can reach the pinnacle of football through sheer hard work, why can’t we make a few sacrifices and be the best versions of ourselves? With support from Nike, you can turn your dreams into reality.

“We don’t want to tell our dreams we want to show them” – Christiano Ronaldo.