This year Eid will begin on April 21st and ends on the evening of April 22nd. Eid marks the end of the month-long fasting in Ramadan. The holy festival mostly centers around big celebration, which usually involves social gathering, festive meals, Eid party, and gift-giving. And when it comes to giving gifts, you cannot overlook kids. Eid gifts are partly the reason why kids love Eid. Traditionally given in the form of cash, giving Eid gifts is a way to show love and appreciation to the kids. However, these days parents and guardians are becoming more creative in coming up with great Eid gift ideas for their children.

So, if you are having a hard time choosing a gift for eid, worry not we have you covered. Here are the ten best Eid gifts ideas for your kids they will love.

The 10 best Eid gifts for your kids they will surely love

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1. Building block

eid gifts for kids

Shreyas 100 Piece Super Strong Magnetic Building Blocks Construction, AED: 149

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Block play is not just a fun activity, but it’s also an excellent method to enhance a child’s brain development, creative thinking, and motor skills. Free play is necessary for self-learning. However, children will benefit more from playing with other kids and learning teamwork and cooperation.

Empower your children in the learning roots of problem-solving skills through the power of building blocks. Suitable for both boys and girls, this set of magnetic tiles set makes a perfect Eid gift for kids. They can build different designs and 3D structures for hours and never get bored. It is built strong with smooth rounded corners and secured with rivets. It also comes with an instruction book.

Games like puzzles, chess, and leggo also make an excellent gift for children.

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2. Coloring & Painting Set

eid gifts for kids

180 Pieces Kids Deluxe Artist Drawing & Painting Set For Kids, AED: 43.99

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Coloring and drawing are other ways to promote the active minds of kids, which help in refining fine motor skills, focus, creativity, and imagination. It is a fun indoor activity that comprises educational elements matching the interests and abilities of the children. It keeps them engaged and helps them to calm their minds and refocus.

Ideal for both boys and girls and children of all ages, this coloring and drawing art set has all the art supplies. It is light and portable with a convenient carrying case so that your kids can take it with them to wherever their imagination lies. So, gift your children more than just kids’ toys this Eid.

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3. Skateboard

eid gifts for kids

Skateboard 22″ Mini Cruiser AED 101.91

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Skateboards make a cool kids’ gift not just for Eid but also for various other occasions. Whether your kid is a skateboarder or not, it doesn’t. As a parent, it can be a little overwhelming regarding safety, however, it’s never too demanding for kids to pick up new hobbies, because they’re quick learners. They just need a little nudge of encouragement, and they are good to go.

Choosing the right skateboard can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a skateboard. This mini cruiser skateboard is an excellent pick designed for kids of all ages. The skateboard deck is crafted with high-quality polypropylene material, which gives it durability and anti-ski functions. It features a vibrant graphic design and LED light-up wheels for a nice effect.

Don’t forget to gear up your little ones with safety gear. And, if you are not a skateboard fan, there are plentiful options such as hoverboards, scooters, and roller skates.

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4. Prayer mat 

eid gifts for kids

Kids Prayer Mat Padded, Kids Prayer Rug, AED:45

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If you want to gift a traditional Ramadan gift to your children, prayer mats are an ideal pick. Kids will love to own their salah (prayer) mats with distinctive designs according to their preferences. It is necessary to encourage learning the roots of Islamic traditions for children from a young age. And gifting them a salah mat of their own will be a good inducement. The Islamic gift holds a meaningful essence, and your little ones will always cherish it.

This prayer mat is a perfect rug for the kid. It’s padded with a sponge which provides comfort for children while praying. Its specially designed for children to keep them interested, motivated, and connected to Salah. The vibrant and attractive color adds more beauty to the prayer mat.

Apart from the prayer mat, the Ramadan journal and Ramadan calendar also make good Eid gifts for kids.

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5. Smartwatches

eid gifts for kids

Generic Waterproof Smart Watch For Kids Pink, AED:60

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In the world of gadgets, smartwatches are a perfect smartphone substitute. They deliver most of the mobile device roles but in a safe space. Most smartwatches function with activity-tracking features, which motivates children to engage in outdoor activities in an unrestricted manner. They also provide a sense of reassurance to the parents and guardians as it acts as a GPS tracker that helps in locating children. So, if your kids are bored of kids’ toys and want something distinctive, then smartwatches are the perfect gift for eid.

This particular smartwatch has a quick dial with 7 kinds of puzzle games. It also has a camera, calculator, music player, and SOS button on the side for emergency purposes.

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6. Activity Books

eid gifts for kids

Lavish My First Learning Bag – Set of 10 Activity Books for Kids, AED:45

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Learning doesn’t always have to be monotonous. And as wonderful as books can be, sometimes they can also be unexciting. Activity books are an excellent way to make the reading experience fun, which is essential for improving their academic strength. They make the learning process fun through various tasks, which helps refine comprehension skills, concentration skills, coordination, and confidence.

If you want to gift an activity book but don’t know which one to pick, this activity bag has your back. It is supplied with 10 kids’ books full of fun activities.

Keeping the learning process in mind writing is another skill-refining method. And that’s when journals come in handy. Journaling can assist children to explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through writing. You will find some of the best journals for kids in the market designed precisely to help navigate them.

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7. Night Lamp

eid gifts for kids

Multifunctional Star Projector Night Lamp for Boys and Girls, AED: 96

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Night lamps cater to an amicable atmosphere for children and help make bedtime more thrilling. Children are scared of the darkness, and it’s necessary to provide them with a sense of safety and security as they sleep at night. The night light will fill in that responsibility and be their companion as your little helper. Children will no longer fear the darkness when the night light illuminates their room with bright light. They also make a perfect eid gift for your kid

Before purchasing a night light for your kids, a few things like brightness, bulb type, sensor, design, etc, needs consideration. Like this night light lamp comes with 3 upgraded LED bulbs(white, blue, and yellow), it projects a wide range of brighter light. It has six modes of film(starry sky and emits six different light modes. It’ll make your child feel like they are lying under the night sky filled with shining stars.

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8. Chocolate box

eid gifts for kids

Customized EID Chocolate Box, AED: 159

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Celebrations are bland without sweetness, and what’s better than a box full of sweet treats to gift your kids on eid. Children love chocolates as they are sweet and delicious. Some chocolates are rich, creamy, nutty, and full of health benefits. They taste nice and are extremely addicting, which makes them a perfect eid treat. So, whether your kids are fans of dark, white, or milk chocolate, gift them a box of sweet treats they will surely enjoy eating.

This customized eid treat box by ferns and petals consists of hazelnut milk chocolate with white chocolate letters. It is a perfect eid gift box to gift your loved ones. And if the idea of gifting a chocolate box doesn’t suit your taste, you can opt for a gift basket or gift bag. Make them more special by adding eid cards with a sweet handwritten message.

9. Bags

eid gifts for kids

Fashion Children School Bags, AED: 45

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Bags make such a great gift, ideal for long-term usage, especially for school kids. They are comfortable and spacious and can easily store all your kid’s daily necessities. Apart from this, bags help keep your child’s belongings safe from external damage. The market is full of bags in various sizes, designs, colors, durability, etc, so be sure to pick the right one keeping your child’s taste in mind before purchasing.

Available in four different colors, this bag is a perfect choice. Crafted from oxford fabric, it is comfortable, durable, and stylish.

10. Gadgets

eid gifts for kifs

The latest gadgets always make for a splendid gift in a technology-dominated world. No matter your child’s interests and preferences, there is always a gadget they wish to have. And it’s a full guarantee that kids will sneer after receiving something as cool as a hi-tech device. Whether you want to go for a big purchase or small, you’ll find some of the finest and latest tech gifts. Be it a professional gaming headset or a brand new laptop or the latest camera, you’ll find everything you’re looking for. 

In concluding the list of eid gift ideas, we hope that you found the perfect gift idea to gift your kids on the auspicious occasion of Eid. Celebrate the holy festival in a safe and joyous environment with your loved ones. Happy Ramadan Kareem! Happy Eid!

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