Love, affection, and sacrifice, are something every parent learns. Along with that, you will also realize that having a baby is expensive. It may cost you your life’s savings! Ain’t that a shame? Today we will help you gather your accounts and have some baby care saving listed. 

A recent study states that parents spend almost 60% of their income on the child annually. Sometimes even more. Besides the life values, the most important lesson is budgeting, and you need to nail it.

Little savings a day can go a long way. You don’t need to compromise, just tweak, adjust and be smart about your baby care decisions.

Let’s get you into baby care saving

Baby care saving

Agreed, it can be tough. It is definitely challenging. Who doesn’t want the best for their kids? But giving the best doesn’t mean spending thousands. Be smart about giving the best, without burning a hole in your bank account.

1. Get the essentials on sale (preferably online)

Online shopping

First things first- baby care essentials come on top of the list. Diapers, wet wipes, tissues, and cloth diapers you will need for years. It is advisable to buy in bulk as it saves you time, energy, and money.

You can always opt for baby products from top e-commerce sites such as Mothercare, and Mumzworld. Moreover, online shopping is a 21st-century boon for baby care saving and constant attention for your child.

2. Use Coupon codes

Baby care saving

Shopping online benefits are growing, you can get instant deals and discounts in the form of coupons and codes. You can visit top coupon sites to avail of codes, such as CouponcodesME, and VoucherCodesUAE giving you deals discounts across the Middle East.

You can also visit and let the bot find the best deals. You get access to hundreds of coupons right away. Chat with ChatBots and get the perfect coupon for you instantly!

3. Homemade baby food is the best!

Baby food

Preparing baby food at home is the best option for you. Both in the baby care saving and nutrition criteria. The weaning period, that is, when your child moves on from breastfeeding to a more solid food base intake. You need to take care of the nutrient value of the food.

Formulas and packaged food items may seem easy, but investing in a steamer and baby food processor is the best! You can always checkout baby feeding essentials for a fuzz-free mealtime.

4. Comfort > Style

Baby care saving

Baby’s clothing items are cute but not worth a lot! You can buy them a whole wardrobe but they outgrow them real fast.

Comfortable clothes will be better for your baby than fancy, expensive, and uncomfortably stylish attire. You can always dress your baby up regally on important occasions, and when taking pictures, but on a day-to-day basis, get your baby something comfortable and affordable to wear.

5. Gather your allies from local mom groups

Baby care saving

Nothing can be more comforting than to know that you have someone who shares the motherhood journey! You should try and connect with new moms in your community and be a part of a bigger group.

You can share tips, discuss ideas, and plan a swap party. Right now, you can discuss how to make your kid’s staycation fun. The baby care products that you are considering discarding may come in handy for some mothers.

The items they are planning on throwing away maybe the item you are looking for, and vice versa. This way, you are not only saving your money but also promoting a sustainable environment. Which is important for your child’s future.

6. Start homeschooling!


Recent events regarding the pandemic and the guidelines, make you realize that your kid needs your help! Homeschooling at a young age can be the perfect solution. When your child is old enough for school, he/she won’t need extra classes or merit!

This method works according to your child’s convenience. You can take advantage of highly efficient and effective teaching methods. Take your lead with perfect ways to homeschool your child. 

7. Educational toys are better

Baby care saving

Playtime is an essential part of your child’s growth. You can’t compromise on that! Yes, hand-me-downs are an option, but getting the right toys is important too.

Educational toys are a better option in the lot. As, it can help them in developing motor function, reasoning, logical skills, and memory enhancement. It is not exactly a save, but a good investment.

An amazing experience of parenthood awaits you. We hope you save the most important memories. Also, while you’re at it, invest in smart baby gadgets for the security of your child. 

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