If you are a fan of K-pop then you’re a K-pop fan, but if you are a BTS fan, then you are an ARMY with an ARMY Bomb. Wonder why the BTS fans are called an Army? Well, that’s because it is the acronym for Adorable Representative MC for Youth in the K-pop world. It is the official name for BTS fans.

This Korean boy band consists of seven members namely, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Despite the fact they sing in Korean, their upbeat music and super energetic dance moves have taken the whole world by storm. Even though their language is totally alien to most of their foreign fans, yet they listen to their music on repeat. 

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ARMY: Biggest fandom in the world

Undeniably, ARMY is the biggest fandom in the world right now. This fandom, with its ever-increasing fans, has been raging the internet ever since BTS’s comeback with the music video for ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ from their 2016 album, ‘Wings.’ The Korean boyband has not only won a huge number of Asian award shows but has also set its mark on Hollywood. BTS won the Billboards Music Awards for the Top Social Artist two times in a row in 2018 and 2019.   

BTS has been topping the charts on Youtube ever since 2016. For instance, when their song ‘Boy With Love’ was released last year, the video got viewed 74 million times within 24 hours breaking the record for the most viewed video in 24 hours. With their intriguing theories for the ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ album, like ‘Save Me’ and I’m Fine, their ARMYs are dominating the fandom world.

Bts theory


Even during the lockdown, BTS stay connected with their fans via live chats on Weverse or Vlive app. On June 14, 2020, the boys went live with their virtual concert, ‘Bang Bang Con,’ dedicating their music to all the ARMY around the world. They do so much for their beloved fans, and the ARMYs’ too were ready with their ARMY bomb for the concert. This pretty much explains why the ARMYs are the biggest fandom in the world.

What is an ARMY Bomb?

ARMY Bombs are basically the official lightsticks used by fans mainly at concerts or live events, like Bang Bang Con, where BTS performs. It is used to represent an ARMY’s support. So, basically having one is like saying you are an official superfan of BTS. The ARMY bomb has had four versions over the years.

The ARMY Bomb changes colors and that gives the effect of a beautiful rainbow during concerts. It can also be used as a torchlight if one wishes to. The ARMY Bomb typically looks like a torch because it isn’t too big or small and it is pretty easy to carry along as well.

ARMYs undertake several projects to surprise their idols. They customize these ARMY bombs by wrapping them in colored pieces of cloth giving rise to projects some examples being the purple ocean project in 2016

BTS fan


and the speak yourself project in 2019.




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ARMY bomb version 3

BTS ARMY Bomb Ver.3


The ARMY Bomb (Ver 3) comes with a black sleek body along with the BTS logo printed on it. It also has a key chain strap attached to the base. The globe is white and bright and it all comes inside this beautiful black box. Furthermore, you can operate this ARMY bomb for 5 hours on the go. Get this bomb on Amazon to stan your idols for 5 consecutive hours!

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ARMY bomb version 4


BTS Bomb Light Stick K-pop Ver. 3 Bluetooth Concert Lamp

ARMY Bomb Version 4 comes with the Bluetooth feature. It will help you connect it to your phone and change the color according to your choice. The light button is upgraded in this version and the handle is equipped with a silver anti-fall strap. It is the latest ARMY bomb and was released recently in April 2020 You can get this for yourself or your friends before the stock runs out!

The package comes with 1 light stick, 1 transparent BTS sticker.

AED 425.19

BT21 Plushie

BTS merch


BTS started this adorable BT21 merch back in 2017. Sketched out by the members themselves, we have 8 amazingly cute plushies dedicated to ARMY. They are namely Tata, Chimmy, RJ, Mang, Shooky, Koya, Cooky, and Van. If you are a die-hard ARMY then you must’ve watched the video on the creation of BT21 characters.

You can get one of these cute little plushies to add up to your collection of BTS merchandise or to start one.

AED 68.

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BTS photo clips and fairy lights

BTS merch


It’s time for BTS comeback means that it’s time to re-decorate your room with BTS polaroids and posters. Fuel the ARMY within you with these BTS fairy photo clips and fairy lights. Hang these on your bedroom walls to make them look extra beautiful. You can get them on Amazon.

AED 95.00

BTS Doll

BTS merch


This is a must-have in your room if you are a die-hard ARMY and are a fan of the Idol era. Mattel launched BTS dolls in 2019 after the Idol music video was released. Inspired by the look of the BTS members in Idol, these dolls represent them in miniature forms. You can get a doll representing your bias to keep it on your side table. You can get doll versions of RM, Jin, Suga. J.Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Hurry up and get yours soon!

AED 106

BTS Hoodie

BTS merch


Get this beautiful BTS hoodie to enjoy being a part of one of the most extensive fandoms. With its unique pink shade and printed BTS logo, you can pair it up with almost anything be it jean shorts or ripped jeans. You could even insist your ARMY friends buy these and wear them on group outings or even BTS concerts in the future! You can get these amazingly printed hoodies on Amazon.

AED 125.00

BT21 Airpod Case

BTS merch


Get this adorable BT21 tata AirPods case with a keychain if you are a  BTS V stan. V had designed Tata to be lovable and unique from the other characters. No wonder it is in the shape of a heart! Spread your bias’s love by getting this merchandise from amazon.

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Dynamite album


As you can see in the above picture only the word “AMI” is in lowercase. In this way, be it Award show speeches or their new comeback Dynamite, BTS has always included ARMY wherever possible. It is time to return the favor, ARMY! You can do so by supporting the appreciable group of highly talented boys by buying their merch. Pick some from our top suggestions to get the hype!

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