The cons of lockdown and quarantine are no news but if you think of it optimistically, this creates the perfect opportunity for you to stay home and relax while working productively. Besides, you can still keep your work-from-home outfits on point by wearing stylish yet comfortable clothes. Dress up during work time even at home.

We at CouponCodesMe will tell you why it is amazing to work from home for a change. Also, we present to you the “Dress to Go Nowhere” range from VogaCloset to help you work comfortably and stay motivated at home. Use our code “CCME” to avail flat 30% off on all items.

Work from home perks and ethics

Work from home CouponCodesMe

Working from home might have felt strange initially since you’re not used to carrying out your professional duties in a home environment. But come to think of it, working from home has so many benefits. Starting with comfort to the flexibility of schedule to breaks-when-you-want to hot homemade meals during lunchtime, the list can go on for quite a bit.

The point is, just because you’re working from home does not mean you need to literally give up on all your work ethics. The schedule may be flexible but don’t let this make you lose your discipline. Start your work on time just as you would do at your official workplace. Also, while you sure can work at home in the same pair of sweats every day, wouldn’t it be fun to still dress up for work? This would make you feel like you’re really working, thus motivating you to complete your work on time and be more productive.

We’ve picked out 10 of our favorite outfits from this range to help you work efficiently and comfortably from home!

1. Knitted Lounge Set

Work from home CouponCodesMe

What could be more comfortable than sweatshirts and joggers? No one can argue on sweatshirts being one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing. The best part about these loose, long-sleeved, collarless tops is that they are suitable for all ages. Also, joggers are lightweight and super comfortable. This Jogger Knit Set features a loose-fit top and comfy joggers in a stone knit material.

2. Culottes & Top Set

Work from home CouponCodesMe

For a not-so-casual feel, you could go for this Ribbed Knitted Culottes & Top Set. It is comfortable but at the same time not too casual— perfect for working from home with the workplace feels. Get it here.

3. High Neck Top

Work from home CouponCodesMe

A lot of meetings and conferences are taking place over video calls, especially now that everyone’s reporting from home. Even if you are attending these from home, you might want to make it more formal. For your official video calls, you could go for this Soft Rib High Neck Top and Wide Leg Trousers. High necks can be good formal wear. Thus, perfect for your online meetings. Moreover, this one is loose-fitted and makes for a comfortable piece to wear at home.

4. Rainbow Marl Lounge Set

Work from home CouponCodesMe

Well, Rainbow Day is over, but you can still feel colorful in this Rainbow Striped Lounge Set. Give up on your quarantine blues and work efficiently from home in this pretty set. Get it here.

5. Maternity Smock Lounge Set

Work from home CouponCodesMe

For the would-be Moms working from home, bask in the comfort of this cool set. Made of viscose and elastane, this lightweight material will give you just enough room for that extra bump. Get it here.

6. Neck Duster and Midi Skirt

Work from home CouponCodesMe

While you can easily get away with sweatshirts and joggers, you can still put in a little effort and look polished for all those virtual office parties. Get this Cowl Neck Duster and Midi Skirt Co-ord and be ready for the online parties. You want to look stylish but not too over-the-top because you’re literally partying from home.

7. Maternity Bodycon Co-ord Set

Work from home CouponCodesMe

For the would-be moms, this great bodycon dress with a throw-on would be a great set for online office get-togethers and parties. Get it here.

8. Knit Sweater and Pants Lounge Set

Work from home CouponCodesMe

A business-casual look will also keep you motivated and help you feel productive while working from home. This Knit Sweater and Pants Lounge Set is good enough to give you that “above-the-desk look”. While the Knit Sweater makes you feel sort of formal, the loose-fitting pants give you that luxury of working from home.

9. Peplum Lounge Set

Work from home CouponCodesMe

Put aside your jeans and go for something more-stretch like these leggings. Lounge leggings are great since they’re not too compressive but rather provide a good amount of stretch. The boohoo soft lounge set comes with a pretty peplum top to make you feel sophisticated.

10. Tie Waist Lounge Jumpsuit

Work from home CouponCodesMe

Last but not the least, nothing can make you feel fancy and keep you comfy at the same time as a cool lounge jumpsuit. These onesies can fast become a work-from-home staple and a must-add to your wardrobe.

Vogacloset brings you the best styles. Shoes clothes and accessories for your perfect fashionable work experience.

You can mix and match all these outfits according to your style and mood. Don’t let the quarantine and social distancing keep you from working stylishly yet comfortably from home! Also for a better experience why not set up your personal home office?

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