The holy month of Ramadan is here— a month of heightened devotion and worship. The celebrations are no doubt, going to be different this year because of the lockdown. But come to think of it, being home all day actually gives you the perfect opportunity to get your space ready to welcome this holy month. From working on your interior decors to preparing your Suhoor and Iftar meals, you have ample time this year to take care of yourself, your family, and your home.

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Clean up and organize

Ramadan preparations CouponCodesMe

First of all, before you decorate your home for this holy month or start any sort of preparation, be sure to declutter and organize. A clean and tidy home automatically destresses you— bringing out the cheerful, festive mood. Don’t let the lockdown dampen your festive mood. You can still have a wonderful time at home with your family during this holy month of worshipping and celebration.

Decorate your homes

Ramadan preparations CouponCodesMe

The decoration and look of a house can play a vital role in enhancing the mood of people. Proper decoration instantly brightens up one’s mood. The crescent moon, stars, and lantern are important symbols of Ramadan. Use these to decorate your space and acknowledge this holy month of fasting, devotion, spiritual reflection, and self-improvement. You can make your own paper lanterns or get some ornamental ones and hang them around the house.

You can also decorate your homes with wall stickers, string lights, Ramadan ornaments, and banners. Choose from an array of Ramadan decorations from Amazon.

Besides other parts of your house, it is the dining table that often becomes the center of attraction because of the huge feasts prepared post-fasting. Get your table ready for Ramadan with these pretty products from Pottery Barn.

Stock up and plan for Suhoor and Iftar

Ramadan preparations CouponCodesMe

Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam. Ramadan is known as the holy month of fasting when Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise till sunset. However, before and after fasting, two important meals are consumed. Suhoor is the meal consumed early in the morning before dawn. This is the first and only meal of the day before sunset and often comprises food that leaves you full during the whole day. Fresh and dry fruits, oatmeal, eggs, and dairy products are popularly consumed for Suhoor.

Iftar is the meal consumed after sunset, once the fast is broken. Traditionally, the fast is broken by consuming dates and water. This is then followed by a proper dinner consisting of grains, nuts, beans and pulses, vegetables, non-veg meals, fruits, sweets, and dessert. Once the fast is broken, the body can rejuvenate and gain energy from the food and drinks consumed thereafter.

Plan on consuming as well as serving healthy meals. Preparing in advance will help you get through without stress. Stock up your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer with all the items you think you might need to prepare the delicious Suhoor and Iftar meals, available at the Amazon pantry.

Give gifts and charity

Ramadan preparations CouponCodesMe

Giving gifts is a part of every occasion. While you may not be able to present the gifts to your dear ones personally this time, you can still have them delivered right to their doorstep. This would make for an even better surprise! Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to please your loved ones this Ramadan. You can also check out the best of Ramadan deals from your favorite brands.

Furthermore, charity is considered as one of the five pillars of Islam, so don’t forget to help out those in need. It is important to reflect upon and show compassion for the poor and less fortunate ones. Besides, carrying out charitable deeds is one of the most honorable ways to worship.

Get Ramadan-ready

Ramadan preparations CouponCodesMe

While getting your houses prepped up, stocking up on food, and deciding on your gifts, you might be left panicking about your outfits. Fret not! There are quick ways to make fashion and festivals happen for you.

Take care of your skin

Ramadan preparations CouponCodesMe

With the meal preps and outfits all on point, let’s move on to taking care of your skin. Summer is already fast approaching and the long hours of fasting demand extra attention for your skin now. Follow the basic steps to keep your skin soft, smooth, and radiant.

With all these done why not get into some decorations. Decorate your living room with the best living room designs and get your garden settled. Welcome your guests at a perfect house and be the best host.

Having kept in mind all these, we hope you have a safe and wonderful time indoors. Ramadan Kareem from all of us at CouponCodesME!