“I will do it later”— a phrase we’re so familiar with. Every once in a while we tend to make excuses for laziness and take a break. You do deserve it, but don’t let it turn into a habit. We are here to help you break your procrastination habits with simple tips and effective products. So, get ready to live to your full potential, ’cause you know you can.

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Break your procrastination habits: What it is, what to do, and which type are you?

break your procrastination habits

“Procrastination”: This heavy word is derived from the Latin word, “procrastinatus”. Where pro means “forward” and crastinus means “of tomorrow”. Pretty ironic isn’t it? It is often confused with laziness, but it is not entirely true. Procrastination is the habit of choosing more enjoyable or fun activities rather than getting done with an important task. Whereas laziness is totally avoiding any act or having zero will to complete any task at hand.

In the long run, the effects are dangerous. You will notice the loss of your true potential and the value of your time. Hence, it is necessary to break your procrastination habits before it becomes a lifestyle.

What are the Four types of Procrastinators?

Break your procrastination habits

First of all, everyone procrastinates, even the most hardworking and self-driven individuals. Drawing a line and differentiating types isn’t always right but there are some signs that differ. If you notice, it is easier to replace or find a solution, before your excuse turns into a habit. So, can you see yourself in any of the following?

1. Seeker (always finding something new)

Seekers are innovative minds who love pursuing new ideas and ventures. Which is actually awesome, except when they do not stick to their plans. They get excited about new projects but readily discard them or simply stop paying attention. The “Shiny Object Syndrome” is a self-destructing trait found in this type. If you fit this type, you are always looking tired.

Cons: Quick burn-outs due to undertaking multiple projects at the same time. Struggling with completion of the project.

How to overcome: Quick decision-making ability, creative and planning the best action route. It is easy to overcome by simply sticking to a plan and writing others down. Do it one step at a time.

2. Self-guilt tripper

Now, we know some people who tend to go extra hard on themselves, when they don’t do something. As a result, they may not sleep, eat or go out and basically burn out for the rest of the week. The harsh cycle continues while they push their work to the weekend again. You know they are tired, they know they are tired but nope, they will never accept that they overworked themselves.

Cons: The mental and physical exhaustion coupled with self-doubt is a dangerous combination.

How to overcome: You can overcome it by just taking a break or a walk. Don’t come at me saying, “You don’t have time to rest”.

3. Over-Achiever

Referring to the busybodies who have their day packed with meetings, schedules, and follow-ups. As we know, the busiest people are the most productive. But, when the busyness becomes an excuse to avoid duties and work post-meeting, then that’s where the procrastination habit kicks in.

Cons: Avoid duties and Complaining that they are always “so busy”. Finding more irregularities to avoid your own shortcomings.

How to overcome: Time management and strategic planning. You just need to stick to getting it done even after the planning phase.

4. Pressure cookers

Me and you, we both have witnessed this one type of procrastinator in every field, who just “Works very well under pressure”. Exactly like how a pressure cooker can cook only under intense pressure, they tend to minimize the time given to them. The dreading loom of not having enough time, makes them work. We are not sure how it works, but how will they deliver high-quality results with 11th hour saves?

Cons: You will never see your work as a duty, and more like a task. Taking forever to get started is your biggest challenge.

How to overcome: Just think about when you are going to finish your job. Not when you are going to start it. It will help you take the stress off and delay the silvering of your hair.

Simple products to break your procrastination habits

break your procrastination habits

We have chosen some simple products from Amazon, the one-stop destination for all your shopping needs. Use the code “FASHION” to get 20% off on your first order to break your procrastination habits. You can avail of other codes and deals from the Amazon Coupons, and save while you shop.

1. Rubik 30 mins sand timer

Break your procrastination habits

This 30 mins Sand timer will definitely add to your Pinterest office mood board. Keep yourself disciplined and manage your time accordingly.

Price: AED 35

2. Digital timer

Digital timer

If you are someone who likes more specific time boundaries, the digital timer will help you achieve that sprint. Let the countdown do its work.

Price: AED 23.59

3. Travel mug

Break your procrastination habits

Now, you may need that strong hit of caffeine, whether you decide to work from the desk or your bed. Gift yourself an insulated travel coffee mug to keep your coffee hot.

Price: AED 48.99

4. Multifunctional LED desk lamp

Multifunctional Desk lamp

Be it at the dawn of the day or after office hours, don’t let the hustle stop. Get yourself a multifunctional LED desk lamp. Break your procrastination habits and make the best of the time you have.

Price: AED 118.99

5. Adjustable Desk converter

Adjustable Desk converter

Take a break in between and get some exercise while you work. You can use the adjustable desk converter to either work sitting or standing. You can do it!

Price: AED 499.99

6. Reusable Silicone Memo

Break your procrastination habits

Take notes, keep track and get your work down. Get the reusable, waterproof silicone memo pad to note every task.

Price: AED 77.82


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