It’s the holly jolly Christmas season and it’s never too early to start preparing. From Christmas decorations to Christmas lights, ethical gifts, and more, there are a lot of things to look into and we always bring you the best and most affordable ways to celebrate any occasion.

From decor to gifts and everything else you need this season, we bring you the best of ideas to make this year merrier than ever with these sustainable affordable Christmas celebration ideas. Find with us the trending deals and verified coupon codes that you can use to make maximum savings on your shopping.

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Sustainable & Affordable Ways to Celebrate Christmas in 2022

Make the Best of Your Christmas Decor

Decorating your Christmas tree and your home is the most exciting part of this occasion and sometimes expensive too if you don’t plan properly. We bring you sustainable & affordable ways to make your space lit and beautiful on a budget.

Reuse Your Christmas Tree or Use a Real Tree

Still, have your pine from last year stored away? Use it this year too! Reusing is not only a great way of saving money but also sustainable for the planet. If not, you should go for a real Christmas tree over artificial ones or at least those made of recycled plastic. We also suggest you invest in an enduring Christmas tree this year that you can use over and over again for the upcoming years too.

sustainable christmas ideas

Artificial Christmas Tree, AED 224

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ACE has a decent collection of Christmas trees you definitely need to check out. We’ve picked this artificial Christmas tree that will definitely add to the holiday cheer at your home or workplace. It is made from PVC & steel and is sturdy enough to last many more years to come. This Christmas tree comes with luxuriously bushy leaves & branches, strong enough to hold a lot of decorations. Use the code “CCME” and get 10% off sitewide!

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Use Paper or Wooden Ornaments

sustainable christmas ideas

Check Out the Range

Paper garlands and wooden Christmas tree decor look just as good as those flashy plastic ones, except they don’t hurt anyone. They’re light, cheaper as well as eco-friendly. AliExpress has the cutest paper decor for the Christmas season that would melt your heart. From hanging bulbs to flowers, stars, snowflakes, and more, they’re all non-polluting and recyclable.

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DIY Your Ornaments

DIY is always a great idea & it’s time to let your creativity shine! You can have a sustainable, affordable Christmas with decor made all by yourself. Find all the inspiration you need to bring out the artist in you and deck your space and your tree with some amazing decor you create to have an eco-friendly Christmas this time. You could also use these as a Christmas present since it is one of the best sustainable gift ideas. Besides, what could be a prouder moment for you than to flaunt the results of your innovations? Amazon has a range of DIY decor that you can purchase to create with your ideas and aesthetics.

sustainable christmas ideas

12-Piece Wooden DIY Ornaments, AED 48

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This 12-Piece Wooden Christmas Ornaments cut-out from Amazon is something you can use according to your taste and color palette.

Check out these DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas by Country Living and try the ones that suit your needs and skills best!

Food & Drinks: Buy Only What is Necessary

The key to having a sustainable & affordable Christmas celebration is not overestimating & overspending. Make a list of the number of guests you’re inviting and prepare accordingly. Do not buy way more than what is required so that there’s no waste of food or expenses at the end of it.

While you could make the best use of the crockery and cutlery you already own, in case you need extras, you can buy paper cups, plates, and wooden cutlery. These are our top picks from Amazon.

affordable christmas ideas

150-Pack Paper Food Trays, AED 110

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affordable christmas ideas

Pack of 200 Mixed Cutlery Sets, AED 37

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Last but not the least, you need to dispose of any wasteproperlyr. Plastic garbage bags break down into more toxic elements over time, thus polluting the entire ecosystem. Go for biodegradable garbage bags made of sustainable materials such as this one from Carrefour as an eco-friendly solution.

affordable christmas ideas

Pack of 30 Biodegradable Garbage Bags, AED 8

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Games to Keep Everyone Entertained

What is Christmas without a little fun and games? Keep your loved ones entertained by maintaining the tradition of Christmas games such as Christmas Movies Bingo, Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Christmas Pictionary, Hide-n-Seek, and others. We love this Ring Toss Game Available on Amazon that can be played by both adults and children.

affordable christmas ideas

Ring Toss Christmas Game, AED 80

Affordable Gifts & Sustainable Cards

Gifting is the essence of this season and an expression of love and affection amongst dear ones. It’s exciting to give and receive a sustainable Christmas gift but the most difficult part is when it comes to picking items for everyone. Based on their tastes and preferences, it can be quite a task to have the perfect gift idea for each one of them. An alternative to this would be gift cards— a perfectly safe gift for the giver as well as the receiver.

Gift Cards— The most perfect gift ever

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Give your loved ones a gift card this year so that they can pick whatever they need with it. al giftcards has the widest range of gift cards from all top brands online. The best part about this online gift card store is that they offer cards in various denominations catering to every budget type. So, you can please your dear ones with a great gift this time, that too within your budget.

Buy Gift Cards from al giftcards

Greeting Cards that Last a Lifetime

What do you normally do with a Christmas card once the occasion is over? Toss it away? This year, why not give cards that you can still toss in the garden?

Plantable cards are the new way of greeting, they are literally paper made of recycled material with seeds embedded into it. When these are placed in soil and watered, they will germinate into seedlings. Eventually, the paper will decompose and leave the seedlings to grow into mature plants. A fine way to keep the good vibes from Christmas going, isn’t it?

sustainable christmas ideas

Pack of 9 Plantable Cards, AED 69

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These plantable cards available on Amazon are embedded with tiny seeds and are a sustainable option. All that the gift recipient needs to do once the occasion is over is soak the card overnight. Tear it up the next day, plant under a thin layer of soil, and water gently and regularly until seedlings sprout.

Use Paper Gift Wrap or Don’t Wrap at All

Paper over plastic, anytime! Say no to shiny, sparkly wrapping paper that looks pretty for a moment but is eventually harmful. Opt for paper gift bags and eco-friendly wrapping paper that are equally pretty. These paper wraps & bags from noon are perfect for your Christmas gifts.

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12-Piece Paper Bags Set, AED 18


sustainable christmas ideas

20-Sheets Plain Wrapping Paper, AED 15

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CouponCodesME team wishes you and your family a sustainable, affordable Christmas this year!

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