For personal safety, it’s important to stay home and avoid all forms of contact as we know. However, there are times when you can’t possibly avoid it. So you need your bag essentials such as masks and sanitizers. But is it enough? We’re here to guide you with some personal protection with these sanitizing gadgets you have to have this quarantine.

Wondering why sanitizing gadgets? Here’s the answer.

Why do you need sanitizing gadgets?

Why you need it- sanitizing products

Your masks and sanitizers might be of some help to protect you from direct contact with the virus. Your masks help avoid direct entry of the virus into your mouth or nasal cavity while your sanitizers help protect your hands. But what about the other items that you carry around?

You never know, you might just be carrying a home cell phone or a watch that might have the virus stuck on it! Sounds a bit too much right? But believe me, there are countless numbers of people who took all the best precautions and yet got infected. This is a risk you cannot take.

According to a study, the virus is capable of surviving for

  • 2 to 8 hours on aluminum
  • 2 days on steel
  • 4 days on glass
  • 4 days on wood
  • 5 days on plastic
  • 5 days on metal

And keeping in mind that your phones, watches, your equipment, and other essentials that you carry around are mostly composed of the above,  sanitizing gadgets cannot be compromised on. And with technology and science kicking in, we’re all lucky to have access to the best and most advanced varieties of sanitizing products and sterilizing essentials for the safety of ourselves as well as everyone else around us.

Sanitizing gadgets from Aliexpress

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Solar UV Light Toothbrush Sterilizer

Tooth brush holder- sanitizing gadgets

AED 175.28

This UV light toothbrush sterilizer comes with a double tape and is easy to mount. Powered by solar energy it requires no batteries, making it more economically efficient.

The infrared intelligence sterilization system ensures effective sterilizing. It does not operate when a person is within 1.5 meters to avoid harmful UV light effects. Use this for sterilizing your brushes and also for keeping your toiletries.

USB Chargeable Handheld Mobile sanitizerMobile hand stereilizer - sanitizing gadgets

AED 92.97

This handheld UV mobile sterilizer from AliExpress is USB chargeable. This device can be used to kill bacteria from all sorts of surfaces like your phones, masks, watches, and more.

The hand sterilizer has a UVC lamp and LED lights. The lights turn off automatically after 2 minutes. The power consumption of the device is up to 5 W which is very less. So get hold of this right now.

LED’s UV Sterilizer Box 20 LED's UV Sterilizer Box - santizer and sterilizer


AED 80.23

This LED UV sterilizer comes with a USB port for charging. Use this to sterilize your accessories, your makeup brushes and other small things. Easy to use and handle. Moreover, the UV sterilization lights have a longer life and high bactericidal ability. This in turn means, safety for yourself and your family guaranteed. Buy it from AliExpress today.

UV disinfection lamp – sanitizing gadgetsUV disinfection lamp-sterilization and sanitization

AED 56.58

A UV lamp that can sterilize, disinfect, remove mites as well as deodorize. What else would you ever want? Easy to carry and handle, this disinfection lamp can be used to disinfect anything from your clothes, mobiles to your wardrobes and cabinets.

Disinfect with the click of a button. However, keep note that the sterilization range is 5 m and it might be harmful to stay within that range for too long. The device uses 185nm ozone sterilization and is perfect for you only on AliExpress.

Sanitizing gadgets from Amazon

Check out the following products from Amazon. Use the Amazon Promo codes to save a little more.

Philips Avent SCF285/01 3 In 1 Electric Sterilizer

Philips avent bottle sterilizer- bottle sterilizer

AED 360.09

This bottle sterilizer has a 3-in-1 modular design which occupies less space and provides more on the inside. The sterilization is through natural steam and it kills up to 99.9% of germs. Furthermore, the sterilized items remain sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid is unopened.

The sterilizing takes place for up to six minutes after which the machine automatically shuts off.

Mini Nano Sanitizer Sprayer Dispenser Machine

Mini Nano Sanitizer Sprayer Dispenser Machine - sanitizer spray

AED 39

This nano sanitizer sprays from amazon. ae is very easy to use and even easier to carry around. Al you need to do is fill the 20ml-large water tank. Push down the switch and automatically you get a nice mist. Charge it once and it will last for up to 50 sprays.

Nano Steam Gun Spray Machine – sanitizing gadgets

Sanitizing gun- sanitizing gadgets

AED 246.95

The Nano steam gun is perfect for sanitizing your clothes, shoes, and home, office, or car equipment. Fill the water tank and watch as the Nano spray port gives out a large amount of fog instantly. Most importantly, it can reduce the liquid to nanometre size so that it can penetrate the smallest spaces and do its job efficiently. This one is from amazon. ae.

UV LED Sterilizing Box For Mobile Phone, Glasses, WatchesPhone sanitizer- sanitizing gadgets

AED 379

This box has 8 pcs UV + LED combined light beads. They offer wide wavelength coverage at 260-280mm. The reflective glass in the bottom reflects the UV-C light to keep the items healthy from every angle. Cleaning takes only 180s after which it shuts off automatically. This one’s from Ubuy. Buy these sanitizing gadgets and feel safer.

4 In 1 Baby Milk Bottle Sterilizer And Warmer

4 In 1 Baby Milk Bottle Sterilizer And Warmer- baby bottle stereilizer

AED 199

The health of your baby is very futile and most important. It is your top priority to keep your baby safe from bacterial and viruses. Do it with this sterilizer and bottle warmer.

This multifunction bottle sterilizer serves the function of heating, warming, sterilizing, and storing. The bottle warmer is space-saving and heats your baby’s food quickly. This one is from amazon. ae.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 400Ml

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 400Ml - sanitizer dispenser

AED 49

To avoid second cross-infection, this item comes with a built-in smart sensor so that the sanitizer comes out automatically. Eliminate all the countertop miss with the drip Stop technology. The tank has a capacity of 400ml. The device is multifunctional as it can be used for soap, lotions, sanitizer and more. This is from amazon. ae.

Be conscious and be safe with these sterilizing and sanitizing products. These are a must-have in this time when the world is fighting an invisible enemy. Keep the safety of your family and yourself as your topmost priority.

Also, learn how to make DIY sanitizers and how to keep optimistic during these times.

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