You know what’s the best thing about places with summer-y or warm climate?  You get to soak some sun, get that fresh tan, and experiment with the latest accessories.  Just because you are spared of layers of clothing does not mean a square piece of cotton outfit is enough. Accessorize so that you can turn anything basic into a statement. CouponCodesME presents the latest accessories trend for men. How many of these would you want to flaunt?

9.  Small Shoulder/ Cross Body Bags

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Ever since Joey made a proud fashion statement by carrying his man-purse, shoulder bags have been slowly rising in popularity. Although in 2021 , it’s miniature version has caught the attention of the millennials and in fact people of all ages.

The fact that shoulder bags are a pretty common piece of accessory in the day to day lifestyle, solidifies its value for being extremely versatile. It gives off a sense of sophistication while allowing the carrier to be free of bland and boring briefcases and computer bags.

 Whether you can thrown on a shoulder bag anywhere or to casual date, having a shoulder bag with you is not at all a bad choice.

Our pick: This H&M mini shoulder bag is extremely fashionable on every fit.

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8. Necklaces 

accessories for men

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Who said only women can experiment with Necklaces? Well, this is a new age. Gone are those days when jewelries were considered a sign of femininity. Who else can serve as a better ‘inspiration’ other than our favorite Harry Styles? You must have seen him rocking a minimalistic to a bold statement neck piece every now and then on award shows or even on a simple stroll to the closest park. All thanks to the paparrazi! 

However, because it’s summer we suggest you to go for light weight options if you’re going for a metallic one. But, who are we to say anything? You just do you. Get creative and experiment with necklaces that suits your style and personality.

Our pick: Head to H&M to grab this masterpiece-

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7. Bracelets

accessories for men 

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Be it beaded, link(chain), or a cuff, bracelets are a ‘total in’ this summer 2021. It elevates your casual outfit and gives you a casual-laid back, effortless look. You can pair it with a simple plain T-shirt and a cargo pant. If you are on the flamboyant side, printed floral t-shirts paired with with a beaded bracelet will add the right amount of ‘bohemian vibe’ to your outfit.

Our pick: You can check out the bracelet from with a discount code given below:

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5. Woven Belt

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When you are wearing some sleek beige shorts for those sunny days, wearing the same bland leather belt will not look as good as you hope it would. This is where woven belts come to play. These belts add a flash of texture to a pair of shorts in summer. They look exceptionally good with a linen suit too.

There are different types of Woven Belts like ones with zig-zag patterns, colored woven belts, and solid-colored ones. Each giving off a different aesthetic to your overall summer style.

Our pick: This Jack & Jones woven belt from will be perfect for your casual meet and greets with your friends and family.

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4. A Travel Wallet 

Best summer accessories for men: Staying fashionable in scorching heat.

Whether you are catching a flight to go to see the beautiful beaches of Maldives or to the serene Alps of Switzerland, a Travel Wallet is the best summer accessory for you to carry as it can hold essentials like flight tickets, banknotes, and spare change. This is a wonderful addition to your collection that will make sure you feel extremely organized.

Travel Wallets come in sophisticated looks or hidden travel wallets that can be easily tucked to your belt. The best ones are the ones that can stay neatly hidden.

You can get this spacious travel wallet on Amazon.

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3. Canvas Strap Watches

Best summer accessories for men

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Be it formal summer fits or casual fits, casual strap watches are the way to go. Giving off a beautiful look to your style as well as having its own aesthetic that fits the summer weather. Since there are different variations of canvas strap watches, you can find watches that will go well with your woven belt.

While playing tennis or playing golf, these lightweight watches are perfect for any occasion.

Our pick: This fashionable Akribos XXIV strap watch on to finesse all your get-togethers.

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2. Designed Pocket Squares

Best summer accessories for men: Staying fashionable in scorching heat.

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While wearing a formal suit for your summer business trips, you won’t get the chance to wear full-on floral shirts so designed pocket squares with floral designs or abstract designs is a subtle yet genius way. Leave aside the bland matte colored pocket squares which don’t give off any eye-catching views.

Embody the relaxed summer look and use this chance to get some flavor and tang to your tailored look.

Our pick: The Imperialist Ville Pocket Square from Amazon is perfect for your vacations while looking laid back while having that stylistic touch to your fit.

imperialist pocket square

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1. Summer Hats

Summer Hats are the easiest and the simplest summer accessory to add some style to your fit and stay cool in the heat. Straw laced hats like Panama hats or Fedora hats are the perfect choices to give the most dashing look on the beach. With this added to your outfit, it’s going to head-turner.  Summer hats not only protect you from potential heatstroke, but it also gives a touch of sophistication to your relaxed look.

If you’re worried about looking like an elder man, go casual. Wear a simple T-shirt, which will lower the stuffy formal look. Wear a darker color which gives off a golden-age vibe. The trousers should be made of thin and light fabric, choose a darker color if you want to remove the vintage look of the summer hat. You can also pair it with a chino short. It’s in trend these days.

Our pick: This straw summer hat from H&M will making you give off that striking look among the crowd.

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With this article, We hope you are now ready to take on the summer season with a “storm.”

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