Travel scenes have forever changed since the Covid-19 pandemic started where traveling isn’t anymore about just traveling, finding flights and hotels in the right price range. Rather it’s about being safe while doing so especially now since the cases are on the rise again. Whether you are going on a vacation, staycation, solo or with friends and family one needs to stay prepared for the journey ahead. 

Ever found yourself struggling with low mobile battery, a terrible headache or an aching neck followed by many other issues which are common during travelling? Then you’ve come across the right article. We at CouponCodesME bring forth the 10 Travel Essentials You Must Carry In 2022. 

  1. N-95 Face Masks

n95 mask

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First and the foremost thing is definitely using a proper face mask i.e. the 9-95 Masks which are proven to be more than 95% efficient at filtering out harmful particles making them one of the most effective  travel essential kits to have on oneself. Do not make the mistake of wearing cheap and printed face masks just for the sake of. Get this from Amazon at AED 38.64 only  to travel safe and healthy this new year.

2. A medical Kit

first aid kit amazon uae

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At times like these, carrying a first aid medical kit while traveling should be mandatory as a first aid kit can help you manage common health problems faced during traveling like headaches, indigestion, common cold, cuts and more plus it saves you the cost of expensive medicines especially if you are traveling abroad. Get this kit from Amazon at AED 38 only for a feel-good travel experience.

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3. Power Bank Charger

power bank

Ensure that your communication never runs out and also keep your followers updated on the gram while traveling with the help of a Power Bank to keep your mobile phone’s battery on the go. Its usage has significantly grown in the past few years as they provide a very convenient, efficient and easy way to charge devices. Remember that power banks are ONLY allowed to be carried in the in-hand luggage and not the checked-in luggage for flights. Grab the 10,000 MAH Power Bank from Carrefour at AED 149 only.

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4. Disinfecting Wipes

dettol disinfectant wipes

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Often neglected while traveling, Keeping high-touch surfaces that have the most germs clean is very important. Surfaces and articles which are used and touched often like tables, mobile phones etc. Carry a pack or two with you each time you travel to be on the cleaner and safer side. The Dettol Antibacterial Wipes retail for AED 29.30 only where you can also avail extra discounts at checkout via CouponCodesME.

5. Travel Neck Pillow

travel neck pillow

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A must-have for people who travel for long hours frequently and can fall asleep anywhere. A Travel Neck Pillow helps you keep your neck and head upright helping you with the body posture, snoring and any other difficulty preventing you from a good sleep. Get this Neck Pillow from Noon at AED 36 only to ensure you have a healthy spine and a happy mood when you arrive at your destination.

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6. Steel Travel Mug

stainless steel mug

This new year when you travel, help reduce waste and be a conscious traveler when you opt for a travel mug. Enjoy your tea, coffee, cold drinks and water with the ease of refilling it on the go. Perfect for workcations, hiking, road trips and more. At AED 69 only, get this Stainless Steel Travel Mug from Carrefouruae, also avail of great discounts at checkout when you shop via CouponCodesME.

7. Toilet Seat Sanitizers

pee safe toilet seat sanitizer

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This one is especially for female travelers who are always on the go. It’s difficult to find a clean and hygienic washroom for women. With this Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer from Amazon at AED 15 only, it becomes easier to protect yourself from any likely infections while traveling. 

8. Travel Luggage Lock

travel luggage lock

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Amidst ways to keep yourself safe, don’t forget that the safety of your luggage matters too. Prevent your luggage from being opened without your consent, save it from baggage handlers or security personnel to root through your stuff. Travel safely and leave the baggage of worry behind with this 3 PieceTravel Luggage Lock from Noon at AED 59 only.

9. Travel Shoe Bags 

travel shoe back

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Ditch the last-minute habit of looking for spare plastic bags right before packing your luggage and opt for easy-to-use Travel Shoe Bags. They are perfect for packing your shoes, can be used to pack any other necessities and to separate the wet, dirty clothes from the dry and clean ones as well, grab them at AED 20.95 only from Amazon.

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10. Hand Sanitizers

hand sanitizer travel sized

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Last but not the least, it’s the most common travel essential which everyone needs to have and that is Hand Sanitizers. Make sure you get the one that has more than 70% of alcohol which has proven to be more effective. Keep this Hand Sanitizer spray from Noon handy at AED 9.60 only. Don’t forget to check out CouponCodesME to avail some great discounts using our promo codes at checkout.

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Traveling during a pandemic isn’t an easy job but we hope with this list of travel essentials that we have complied for you readers, it gets a tad bit easier and of course a lot safer. We know traveling can also be pretty expensive but worry not, CouponCodesME has the best deals for you from the top brands including the airlines and travel industry as well. Plus when you download CouponBot; A google extension that helps you automatically find the best deals when you shop traveling becomes much more affordable, fun and safe.

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