Online food & grocery delivery services have no doubt gained massive popularity over the past few years. This industry’s market size is expected to grow from  $115.07 billion in 2020 to over $150 billion by 2022. Especially during the pandemic, which has lasted over two years, we are seeing an increase of almost 8% in the UAE region. According to stats, at least four in five people have opted for the online delivery service of food and grocery more than twice.

Whether you are a busy parent, a student or a working professional, the ability to order anything we need is just at the click of our fingers. Online delivery service for food and groceries has made our lives so much more convenient, efficient and hassle-free.

In this article, we will take you through the detailed benefits of online food delivery and grocery shopping. Read on to find out why you should consider it most of the time.

Benefits of Online Food & Grocery Delivery

online food delivery

1. The Convenience Factor

The top benefit of ordering food and groceries online is the convenience of ordering from the comfort of our own homes. You can even get things on the go with the flexibility of doing it at any time of the day. When certain cravings kick in or if you need groceries, there’s no need to plan your days to visit the supermarket. Especially right now when there are lockdowns imposed with social distancing norms!

2. Budget Shopping

Studies have proved that there are higher chances of spending more when shopping at a physical store. Of course, one cannot keep count and see the total amount in the cart unlike when doing it online. Here, the total price of the items is instantly displayed to us which in return helps us to shop without exceeding our budget. 

3. Easy Price Comparison

Adding to the above point, another benefit that comes with budget shopping is the money one can save with price comparison. When you order food and shop groceries online, it’s easy to compare prices. You can also check out various discounts and offers and go on to find the best one that fits your budget. Not just that, you can also build shopping carts on various sites and go with the one which is the cheapest.

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4. Ordering For Your Loved Ones

This is probably the most underrated yet one of the best things about online deliveries. You can place an order for food and groceries for your loved ones from anywhere in the world. Or even if you just want to surprise them with this lovely gesture. Order for your partner’s favorite Pizza or deliver the monthly grocery at your parents’ place with just a click. Showing that you care is a lot easier, thanks to this.

Order with Talabat

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5.  Shop without any pressure

Studies have shown that on a weekly basis an average person visits the supermarket 1-2 times and spends more than 40 minutes shopping where 70% of the people end up buying unnecessary stuff or forget to get the main articles whilst in a hurry. With online shopping, you can eliminate the risk of pressure you feel when people are packed in the aisle or around you at the counter and shop hassle-free at your own pace.

6. A Quick Rescue 

On days when you have sudden guests come over or have to host a party but don’t have anyone to help you with, that’s when online food delivery comes to the rescue, within minutes you can place an order and feel tension-free. There’s no need to panic and worry about meeting the expectations of your guests when you can easily leave it up to the delivery services.

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7. Shop by History

Have you ever found yourself at a restaurant or a departmental store and not being able to remember what you ordered or bought the last time? Well with online shopping one of the best features is the ability to use the shopping cart history to make repeat purchases which will save you energy and a lot of time.

8. Check Deals and Coupons Online

Online food and grocery shopping will have you its deals, coupons and offers to notify you every now and then. You needn’t have to worry about making it in time to the store for the sale or looking for the coupons you had. Make use of the online in-app vouchers, especially coupon sites like CouponCodesME where you can get the best deals on top brands using our codes to make great savings on online shopping and delivery.

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